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Guys Shaving There Balls and Wearing Panties

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Guys Shaving There Balls and Wearing Panties on Bisexual PlaygroundGuys Shaving There Balls and Wearing Panties on Bisexual Playground
good looking 6 3 159pounds married like to have things done to me like trans like panties hose treated like a bitch the thought makes me hot very clean and groomed im get hot thinking of panties and wearing dressing and playing shaving my privates would like to try im clean healthy meet the same very open to most anything
luv wearing sexy panties and pantyhose and shaving my cock and bum crack smooth,and anal play
6' tall, 160 lbs. shaved completely, my g/f loves my shaving, wearing panties in private. ready to explore.
I am energetic and very interested in experimenting more with right person. I love watching porn with fleshlight wearing panties is hot, I love seeing guys wearing panties,speedo,spandex cumming.
love seeing guys&girls wearing panties, I love wearing them myself, would like to find a woman that likes seeing her man in panties&sucking cock&pussy.
I like wearing panties and being exposed wearing panties i enjoy dropping my pants and being pantsed wearing panties
AM looking for other gay guys in the high desert area of calif.i like sucking,being fucked giving both,w/s tit play toys,eating cum ,will try two guys at once where i get fucked and i suck then one ofthem gets fucked then will eat the cum from his ass,also willing to go with couples ,eat pussy eat cum from her pussy suck him while she watches,but mostly want to meet gay guys,iam also into wearing nylons panties and be fucked bareback and spanked and fucked with my legs in the air legs spread wide showing my hole while iam wearing panties and nylons and also willing to make a video of us doing it.Hug
I've been wearing panties, pantyhose and slips for over about 40 years now. I started when I found my moms girdles and such in a dresser down it the basement. (Even got caught wearing a panty girdle.) Later began "borrowing my sister's panties and finally began to accumulate my own. It can be quite a turn on buying women's underwear in a store. Though I usually go to a place that is not real close to home.

I wear panties 24/7 and pantyhose during cooler months. Occasionally I have also worn slips when I've gone out. But I only wear them under my regular clothes. I also like to wear panties under and over the pantyhose. Sometimes more than one pair under and/or over. (I really love wearing panties.) Mostly, I stick to hi-cuts, full briefs and the so-called "boy-leg panties."
I ALWAYS liked my wife shaved, I find the visual stimulation as well as the feeling so much better when her pussy is bald. Like another comment in the forum, I love her lips, and this way I get to see them as well as taste them (yum, yum). I also started shaving 4-5 years ago at the suggestion of a partner. Started by shaving my balls, and just trimming back along my cock. Then, another partner suggested I trim all the hair back, so now I have it quite short, while still shaving my balls. I love the feeling, and apparently so do others. It's tough to stop playing with them when they are nice and smooth, isn't it Scott??
Well..I think a Male in panties is cool...justy have a hard time keepin my undies drawer full when they end up soaked in hydraulic oil...and I am not the one swimming in that stuff all day Laughing
As for what I wear...usually full butt covering panties, unless I am getting *dressed up* which, as some of yall know, is not very often LOL sometimes I end up wearing a Thong with I have no other reg undies to wear. Can greatly depend on my mood as well lol If i wake up feelin blah, its just grannys if i get goin and feelin vivacious, then I may wear a Thong. I dunno..only way to figure out what kind I am wearing, is to come right out n ask ;)

But, I think men wearing panties is cool, can be a turn on as well (depending on my mood)!!

darn I am moody LOL
Hugs Kiss

ps..I think i was even wearing a Thong when we took this pic!!
I love the look and feel of a smooth hairless pubic area. Seems much cleaner, less odor and much nicer for oral sex. I have been shaving since I was a teenager, and use to really be out of the mainstream...but now, it seems shaving has really become popular.
My method for shaving.....on the cock, balls and inside the legs....I use tweezers and pluck it....I know what you are thinking....OUCH! But really, its not that bad, plus it last much longer then shaving, with all the little stubble coming back in a day. The only area that doesn't respond well to plucking, is the main area on tends to get bumps and ingrown hair in that area for some reason...just use my "Venus" on that are...or sometimes my Remington face razor. Laughing
Hi everone all i wear is panties.
YOu should see some reacttions i get when i am shopping or at a bar or just in town shopping when my jeans slide down a little and people behind me relize i have a thong on. I have always enjoyed panties since my preteen years. But when my doctor told me that I had better start wearing support hose every day or I would be dead in a month or less I realised that i did not give a shit if people knew.

You see the one that are available at the medical supply stores are so damn expensive and I was having to drop my jeans ever 30 minutes or so to pull them back up and I quit wearing them.
My doctor bitched me out and told me to just get womens support pantyhose.
So after trial and error with the size thing and trying to wear them with my boxers and briefs they were just damn uncomfortable. I was selling panties and thongs at a swap meet flea market so I decided to try my teen memories of wearing panties and found that I enjoyed the way they felt again.

Now I never wear mens underwear any more for over 14 months now.
Panties and thongs just feel more comfortable.

Some women are turned off and some enjoy me wearing so Ladies let me know what you think about a man in panties?

Thanks everyone for just reading and opinions and emails are greatly appreciated.


Women In Panties
I have a huge panty fetish and have had it since i was young! I think a woman in satin or silk bikini panties is hotter than being naked! I have jerked off in every way possible to panties, sniffing used ones, cumming in and on them, wearing them during sex with males and females, eating pussy thru them, giving guys handjobs and sucking cock thru them etc. ive swapped girlfriends and wifes panties with other men, pictures and videos of women ive dated etc. i really enjoy cumming on them especially while women are wearing them! I also enjoy wearing panties when im at bookstores, theaters, or having bisex with men! Most guys take them off me right away because they arent into them and want my cock or nice tight ass right away! But once in a while i meet men that enjoy them or enjoy the way i get wile wearing them! Im submissive in them and like being raped or being told wat to do by aggressive guy or guys!
Shaving Other Guys Cock And Balls
I have shaved many guys cock and balls and also have mine shaved by others as well. I really enjoy shaving them smooth. If there are any like minded guys here in SW Florida, feel free to contact me and let's see what we can arrange.
Woman That Like Crossdressers
Do women shy away from guys that enjoy wearing panties while they are spun..
Males In Panties
My panty wearing started when I was 9 and I would steal my cousins dirty little girl panties, she was 8. I would take her little girl bras too. Then I decided to work my way up.your my beautiful aunts panties.... and there was the Holy grail of panties... they caught me and I was only allowed to wear panties while I was at their house from that point, then it turned into family fucking in panties... soooo open hot, makes me hard thinking about it
Men In Pantyhose
I live wearing panties and seeing men in panties would love to see men here in panties
Ladies I want to be seen in panties Hug
Males In Panties
The only thing hotter than wearing sexy panties is sucking on a cock while wearing sexy panties:-P


Hey you guys rock! This is awesome. I am so glad to have found this great site thanks for helping us explorers... well explore! I am learning tons. Looking forward to the first time. Besides that, you guys are down right good looking too! Thanks again! Mike