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Guys in Lingerie Having Sex

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Guys in Lingerie Having Sex on Bisexual PlaygroundGuys in Lingerie Having Sex on Bisexual Playground
Lifelong nylon lingerie fetish. Wear panties every day. Love to dress in slips and nightgowns. Have had a number of lingerie play sessions with other guys with similar interests.
I am a lingerie crossdresser, not neccessary just like it, love to wear lingerie and have sex. I like to satisfy couples, women and men in order. I prefer married men when it is just a guy, giving him the oral relief married guys want and need.
I am a hard working girl, I model and work helping teach life drawing classes and photography. I love lingerie and even like guys to wear lingerie , it is pretty. my fantasy is to be with a girl
42 male cd alpharetta ga, shaved all around good guy and very "open" minded-into lingerie fetish and big breasted fun times-I have an extensive interest in pleasing women and am bi-curious with the right couple-I might challenge that-give me a try ladies-if you like strapon fun with guys who dress and look hot in lingerie-let's hook up!
I am a married closeted crossdresser who likes to wear lingerie. I am attracted to men and women who also enjoy lingerie and are comfortable to express there sensuality in lingerie.
i am a man who loves to wear lingerie...interested in women who like men in lingerie, and men in lingerie who like the same. if all is comfortable, who knows what may happen?
As the years have gone by I am so happy to see more and more men lingerie/crossdressing. As well as more men turning to other men for sex. Girls does this tell you something. I think so. I would love to hear from men who are into lingerie dressing as well as getting their pictures. What a wonderful way for us men to express our sexuality, by lingerie dressing. No not all men that lingerie dress or crossdress are bi or gay. I am bi, bi all means and love being with a man for sex while I am lingerie dressed and or he is also.
Any bi guys into getting a regular panties/nylons/lingerie grp going in the 978? i'd be happy to coordinate if there was enough interest. I'm Brian, 49, bisexual, and into having sex with men with all wearing sexy lingerie.
Cross dressing and wearing lingerie are two different things I am manly looking I just enjoy wearing and looking at mature guys in lingerie
Some of the most fun I had during my years of dressing was shopping. I used to love to go shopping with the girls. Funny thing is, as a guy I hate to shop. I guess it is part of my feminine nature when I dress.
Many times Wendy would go shopping for lingerie - which I absolutely loved - either just the two of or with a couple of her girlfriends. On a few occasions, we would also include one of our boyfriends.
Some of the hottest times were when a few of us girls would take our men with us to Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood. Guys, if you dress, there is absolutely nothing more exciting to shop at these two stores while dressed!! Especially when you have a guy with you!!
To look at the bras/panties, the nightgowns, and other sexy outfits while a guy watches is awesome. It is even better when he or the girls begin choosing outfits and lingerie for you. While shopping, I would constantly visualize myself wearing my new and sexy lingerie that night and would keep an almost perpetual hard-on!!
My first time was with a friend who was very happy to see me dressed up in lingerie and heels.. I love it and I’m sure you’ll be able to do it with your friends and then come over to the party and play with your friend.

I still remember that glorious feeling when I got it opened up and I saw it all on my body like I wanted to look. I went to a different adult store with video booth for me to undress so I just had my lingerie and heels on. I asked the guy if he cared and then he said go ahead. I just got so into the lingerie and heels and being sub. I even had my hands tied up and I was led around with the other guy in my the back of the store. It was a great night
Guys dressed in panties, lingerie, or cross dressing sucking and fucking each other.


Men Wearing Lingerie
Dressing in lingerie makes me very aroused I love the feeling of lingerie and also wearing a thick belted pad
Men That Want To Be Fucked In The Ass
hi guys...i am a submissive cd with a virgin ass...**blushing** if you don't count my "toys".....i have been practicing with an 8in dildo and i think i am ready for the really thing! i REALLY enjoy riding my dildo's and vibrator, but i also want to try doggy style and with my ankles on your shoulders. Please..Please..Please are there any guys in New York who want to pound a tight virgin sissy dressed in lingerie? i am 6' & 201lbs 49yr
Cock Sucking With A Transgender
I do the cross-dressing but really want to just be the guy I am with just let me take over as his nasty slut. I've had several guys (not at once da*nit!) over to my place and I am dressed as nasty as I can be, lingerie, full makeup, fingerless gloves, long red nails, crotchless stockings with garter belt part of them, crotchless panties, very sexy bra, very nice tits I bought, nice blond wig, very hot 5" platform heels, lots of tricks for guys going out dressed. LOVE dressing!
Love hanging out in my briefs and love seeing other guys in theirs ! Classic tighty whities are my favorite, but I love all kinds of underwear. And love ladies in sexy lingerie.
Men That Want To Be Gang Banged
i would love to have a couple hot ladies transforme me into a sissy slut dress me in leather lingerie and offer me to a grope of hung black guys as the take turns fucking my ass and fucking my mouth needing more till i have two 12inch plus fucking my ass and one or two pumping cum down my trout as i beg for more
Black Dick
Any big dick black guys in the Kannapolis Concord Albemarle North Carolina area who would like their dick sucked and then paint my face with cum and then have your way with me dominate me I sometimes like to wear women’s lingerie with garter belt it just makes me feel more like a little cum slut I am let’s get together have some real fun I like to blow and go unless you want to dominate or fuck me in my ass


Hey you guys rock! This is awesome. I am so glad to have found this great site thanks for helping us explorers... well explore! I am learning tons. Looking forward to the first time. Besides that, you guys are down right good looking too! Thanks again! Mike