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lingerie is hot..i have a red hot teddy i wear when my man comes home from work...we have such hot sex ..yes it comes off but adds spice to our sex life
When we ( I ) get very horny I will put on thigh highs with shear panties! And as I put on his or her thigh highs I give a suck for each leg that get covered with hose. After we each get a blow job. We go to the adult book store and play. We each come home with lots of cum on our panties and hose from other guys. What a turn on. We will even share the cum! KissKissHug
Love to dress up for that special gal..,
Well I am a CDer of lingerie and have been for a long time. After my divorce it is hard to find a woman who enjoys this too as most feel its only for them to wear ! and if a guy wears lingerie your a freak!|8B I love to wear garters & stockings and always matching lace thong under my jeans, or a lacy boyshort under my shorts. Nothing lkike watching a gal pull my cock out of my lacy panty to give me a BJ , and yes I do love the feel of hands on my hips bieng rode by my gal or guy. So if you read this babe and like it let me know
you know their really is nothing that turns me on than wearing a pair of lace panties an a lace bra under my clothes while i am out in public , it just gets me so hard . but it is so hard to go somewere an buy them cause this is a small town an you see somebody you know all over . still i have always felt like like a bitch that needs to be thrown down an fuck raw ,every time i put them on . who knows some day a man might stop me in the public restroom an do just that.;):-P;)
Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley - Bi - Crossdresser Iso MF Couples or Single Females who enjoy me while in Lingerie! Flower
Lingerie is great...on a man or a woman! It is a big turn on!
love to cam with others who enjoy it also
Me too baby
Lingerie on Bisexual PlaygroundLingerie on Bisexual PlaygroundLingerie on Bisexual PlaygroundLingerie on Bisexual Playground

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