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Hawaii Gays

Im mixed with black and Hispanic. I attended the University of HAWAII where I Defeated the Arizona State Sun Devils for a PAC10 SHERATON HAWAII BOWL CHAMPIONSHIP.
I am a easy going person ,love to meet new friends from all over the country and world. I am an adventurist person, i like to take on challenges but most of all i like competion.. I am also a "pageant" person. I have partiscipated in many of the local ones here in Hawaii, currently Queen of Queens Hawaii, and also did my first National Pageant in 2006 call Continental Elite.. i made top 5 and also won best in bathing suit.division.Ijust finished competing in Universal Showqueen 2007and took 2nd runner-up.. my next quest is Queen Of Hawaii 2007 on august 18, here in honolulu...if you like to get to know me please feel free to drop me a line and we can go from there.. Again mahalo Ms Jerrine Jeffries National Showqueen 2007.
we are open with each other and not just talking.we have had sex with other people before.It started as ceating(i cant spell)then we fought and then talked and found out we were the same.We told each other about the gays and girls i fooled with and gays and girls she fooled with.10 years today 11-04-06 we are both bi have 3 kids love each other + freacking.only girl i had sex with a man(more then once)and watched her have sex with aman .loved every min.(more then once) We are great for bi coulpes.I like to do more with men and so does she
We are a married down to earth couple that has been together for 13 years. We are open minded and really enjoy having fun. Robert is a very dominate person and can seem grumpy until you get to know him. Joyce is a bit shy until she gets to know you then she is a motor mouth. (LOL) We are only looking for some fun and friends. We are not looking to break anyone up and looking for the same respect here. SAFE SEX IS A MUST AT ALL TIMES. We will not play other wise. Right now we are in Hawaii but will be moving soon, not sure where. So if you sould like to chat and not from Hawaii that would be great. We enjoy friendship online as well as off even if we dont connect for sex. Hope to maybe make it to Vegas.
Easy going, easy to meet, very casual, straight forward, straight acting & appearing, and always discreet. Very clean & healthy, and this is very important to me, so I absolutely expect the same in anyone that I get together with ! I'm quite open minded & uninhibited sexually, willing to explore. And, I'm certainly open to meeting all people interested in meeting me, regardless of sexual interests, age, race, nationality, etc. I'm looking to meet others residing in Hawaii for friendship, fun, intimacy and whatever works, or those visiting Hawaii and looking for a nice guy to meet and/or join their play, and of course I'm looking to meet someone for a LTR !
i am gentle businessman,well experienced,matured,sincere,ho nest,hygenic,lovable,jovial,me dium complexioned,some extra pounds,kindhearted,sharing joy and grief mutually and equally.i wish to look the same characteristic goodlooking,charming,beautiful ,slim and slender single gays and gals and lovable young couples for threesome of the same nature.i fantasize gays with extra long dicks(fully shaven) and gals with small rosy pink shaved pussies.
Coconut oil and water works great as An enima. Taste great when you are rimming Like being in hawaii although Coconuts are not indigenous to hawaii l o l.
In your profile. Interests,Description and Getting Together are very short and lacking detail. Interests list something about a wife yet you are listed as bi male and your wife isn't listed???? see what I mean.?
Getting responses that are not from gays when you are single bi male requires blocking comm's from gays. It isn't easy but I have been doing much better after following some advice from members. They do try to help and are great people for the most part, I am also Bi single male, not interested if there is no woman at the table and I make that VERY CLEAR, in my profile, yet I still get gays contacting me. No harm done.
It does seem so odd to me that the mentality of our military commanders have been so fearful of gays and bi peeps. Like one type of people can not control their lust like others? Like heteros are going to be converted to gay? Like gays can't fight? Like they don't want the hetero men to get good BJs, etc. I believe most people have bi tendencies and those that are homophobic have very strong tendencies. I know pussy straight men and very macho gay men. It is quite obvious who most of us would like fighting along side of us. When you got to keep your wits about yourself it would be nice to be more yourself.
its about time only bisexual no gays respecivly we are diferent and we should be lumped in with gays....... people will b screened to a degree.. its for middle class and up.. sorry but it may sound cruel but go make your oun. club.... people will be screned. so as to make sure we have a piecable club and not worry about others. were not that strick. just cautious. soif interested go to
Looking to see if there are any bi groups, parties, orgies, etc. in Hawaii. I live on Kaua'i but can occasionally travel to other islands also. Can enjoy all-male or male-and-female play; prefer groups/parties open to range of ages (over 21), ethnicities, body types, etc. I'm bi male, 63, 6'2" 210 beard, long hair. Open to different styles, from vanilla to more wild. It would be fun to get an on-going group or network going here in Hawaii.
You don't believe in gays getting married? What's it to you if someone wants to get married with another same gender? It's their life, not yours. This ticks me off then anything in the world. If I want to get married to who I please it's non of anyone's business. Stay off of my body, stay out of my bedroom, stay out of my life if anyone disagree with it and doesn't believe in it. Who are they hurting if the gays and lesbians wants to get married with their soulmate? Is this a free country? Ooops, I's now free now that the original Americans was wiped out?:|


Bath House
The only bath house I frequented was coed one in Sasebo, Japan when I was stationed there in the early 70's. However, I noticed you're in Hawaii so here's some info I think might help you out. Being from Hawaii the only bath house I know of is in Waikiki and its called Max's Gym & Private Men's Club. If you email me I'll send you their phone number...
Having been born and raised in Hawaii I know for a fact that there are a lot of good looking men available for the taking if you are interested and know where to look. My best friend that I grew up with still lives there and every time I go home his always willing, ready, and able to welcum me to PARADISE. Sue has also fallen in love with Hawaii and the diversity of good looking men and women that abound on the islands. As BiKauai mentioned in his post you can get the most action on the island of Oahu. Billy
2 Dicks 1 Mouth
straight bi or masculine gays needing to be serviced
2 Dicks 1 Mouth
straight bi or masculine gays needing to be serviced
Chubby Men
I to like big gay and in joy having sex with big gays. I find that they are more caring do more and go for it all for and them self. I would like meet any big men in mid Missouri.
Womens View On Bisexual Males
I would believe that it were two guy and just one woman she may be a little nervous. Mainly does not know how many different men these gays have slept with in the past. So she could not swallow cum giving them a blowjob and they must wear a rubber.


What they like best about the site:  it seems like an open meeting place for singles bi's and gays.