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Maryland Lesbian

Maryland Lesbian on Bisexual PlaygroundMaryland Lesbian on Bisexual Playground
I'm an african american bbw lesbian in the PG Co area of Maryland. Standing 5'11, I have a great sense of humor, love to laugh and have fun. Not about drama... but pure fun. Love to cook,travel,read, poetry,music. Love to go out and have a good time. Not looking for a relationship, just looking for someone who is down to earth,laid back,spontanous and a freak... for occasional get togethers
32yo straight male has a Masters in Psychology from the University of San Francisco. I interned in Santa Rosa, California, a support group for gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth; I worked as a group-home counselor in Sebastopol, California. In addition, with an associate minister's degree in clairvoyance from the Berkeley Psychic Institute, I have performed over two hundred hours of individual and group clairvoyant readings. I lives in Maryland with my beautiful wife and two children.
I don't know yet...I have had anal sex from and woman and loved it. I am not sure if I can go the other way yet. My last relatioship was with a lesbian and I would love to have another lesbian or a lesbian couple. I really enjoyed her with her strap-on and she said I was one of the best between her legs. I am trying to discover who I am now and what I want
im a blonde hair blue eye lesbian looking for lesbian girls for lesbian action i am very HORNY and needs some pussy
I'm a single femme lesbian seeking bi/lesbian women and lesbian couples for adult fun in and out of the bedroom.
We have been together for 9 years and married for almost 8 years... We are looking to spice up our marriage... We are also looking for friends to hang out with near us... We are new to the area... Both we're Born and raised in Maryland and we just moved to PA September 2013... The reason why is because MD is too expensive and it's way cheaper here :-) Jenn is a smoker and Billy's not... We both are social drinkers... Jenn has a daughter and son (from previous relationships) and we both have a daughter and son... We don't get to get out much... Our only friends are basically each other (besides the ones we left behind in Maryland)... If your a couple looking at our profile feel free to friend us but Jenn does not feel comfortable doing another guy... Billy is allow to do another female though... Jenn is Bi-sexual and Billy is straight... It was Jenn's idea to bring another chick into our bedroom :-)
Not that I want to try to make your post all about me nor do I want to make light of your respondant's insensitivity, but...for me this has been very enlightening thread. You see for many years, ever since The Phrank (lesbian folk singer, San Francisco) concert at the Vancouver Folk Music festival many years ago I have wanted to be a lesbian. Yes, between songs, Phrank listed the qualities of a good lesbian and, inspired, I stood up and announced...."I'm a lesbian"!!! but ImediateIy, I was told by thousands that I was not and could never be a lesbian because I'm a man. I could never be a lesbian. I could never be a lesbian...until today. (I'm fighting back tears) Oh, and you're way hot darlin.
I think it's time to bring this back up. I have been getting emails from guys again who say they are lesbian. I just ignore them because I figure they are a waste of time. If they lie outright like that, then chances are the rest of their profile is a lie too.

I want to know why do guys do this? What does it take for some of these guys to understand that unless you have a vagina you cannot be a lesbian?

You have to have the right equipment to be a lesbian. The same for a woman claiming to be gay. She has to have the right equipment as well.

What's done in private no one cares (or shouldn't anyway) But don't come on a site like this where members know you are not a lesbian and expect to make an immediate connection. Be open and honest and you will have better luck!!

Crushed I bet max would look real cute.
My ex-roommate, Marge was a lesbian lawyer and gay rights activist in the Los Angeles Community. She and I shared a home in L.A. and Tacoma, Wa. She had been married and had 2 girls before she realized she was a Lesbian, and most of her lesbian friends were also mothers so they must have had a man in their lives at some point. So the notion of a woman never having sex with a man is very un-probable and is not the case for a large number of women who have been with men or even married. These women are most definitely lesbian and not at all interested in any further sexual dealings with men. There is no explaining the unreasonable if also unyielding prejudice of the woman of whom we speak but it falls under the catagory of ignorance as do all forms of prejudice. It isn't your slaternly behaviour (sic), Vickie, but her own hang-ups which prevented her from seeing the beautiful person you are. Flower
A hillbilly went into a bar, took a seat next to a gorgeous woman. Looking at her closer, he decided he'd like to get to know her, so he moved his barstool closer.

She looked at him and said.."You're wasting your time. I'm a lesbian."
The hillybilly asked, "What is a lesbian?"

The lesbian said, "You see that bargirl over there? If I had her at my place, I'd remove all her clothes."

She then proceeded to tell the hillbilly exactly what she'd do, with what part of her body, and for how long, to the bargirl."

The hillbilly sat stunned for a minute, then moved his stool back to where it was.

In a minute, the lesbian looked at the hillybilly and saw big crocodile tears flowing down his cheeks. "What is the matter with you?" she asked.

The hillbilly looked her and said, "Oh my gosh, I think I'm a lesbian, too!!"
I am 18 years old. looking for an expierenced bi or lesbian girl in the tacoma/pierce county area to have a lesbian experience with. looking for ages 18-21.


69 With Another Woman While Getting Fucked
Why is it hard finding a bi-woman or lesbian couple looking to fuck a single endowed guy? How would I get a lesbian couple to work me out in Maryland? lol.
Women Who Like Bi Men
I am in Maryland and would like to meet bi women or lesbian women who want only to have a man give them oral sex I am not into penetration only to give as much oral sex as you can stand oral means to give to any part of your body that gives you pleasure straight woman are ok too remember that for Maryland bowie Clinton area near by va ok
2 Girls 1 Guy
I am a single guy looking to have encounter with 2 straight , bi or lesbian couple near Maryland. Must be discreet please. I have tried it once and will like to make it a regular lifestyle.
Lesbian Orgies
Im looking for a lesbian or lesbian couple to come play with my fiance and I. Please let me know if your interested :)
Lesbian Need To Try Men For 1st Time
I was with a lesbian once. She never really got into it. She was punishing her partner by sleeping with a male. I felt it was an unique moment, but probably wouldnt do it agian, unless the lesbian really got into it. But if you are not attracted to the opposite sex, you aren't probably going to get into it....I was hoping she would, she was fun to be with otherwise,,,,
Glory Hole Etiquette
my best blow job was at love stuff on route 40 in maryland ,i guess its abberdeen,awesome glory holes,ran into a cpl on sales floor looking at dildos n stuff,his ife wasnt a fox but had that slutty look to her,lol,so i was lookin at dvd,s,as i looked i moved them away making an opening and i showed her my cock,she reached thru n touched it,wow,than i followed them in back to booths,any maryland sluts wanna try this


I think your site is perfect the way it is. I have been on many sites looking for other bisexuals like myself, and I have not had to much luck. I was in a lesbian chat room in yahoo chat and I asked what other sites are available for bisexuals like myself and some kind soul told me about this one. I am so happy I found it because I have already found another bisexual in my area. I find that bisexuals are not really welcome in the straight community and they are not really welcome in the gay community either. So with you and Bill having this site, it really helps people like myself. I have to thank you for providing this for myself and any other bisexual out there seeking a mate. Thanks.