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He Fingered My Wife

He Fingered My Wife on Bisexual PlaygroundHe Fingered My Wife on Bisexual Playground
I love to watch my wife getting her soft, wet pussy licked by another woman this makes me cum harder than anything else I love to be licked and fingered while my husband masturbates his long fat cock
I am a married good looking white guy, I love having my ass played with and am interested in having a woman fuck my ass with a strap-on. I'm to scared to ask my wife to do this, because I don't won't her to think I'm gay. I'm definitely NOT GAY, the thought of being with a man turns me off, I don't want or crave a mans dick. I am comfortable enough with my manhood to know that I like my ass licked, fingered, and penetrated by woman because it feels good
I love being fingered
I'm shy. I love being fingered. Like rough sex
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Hook up. Have my pussy fingered and eaten
I am a bisexual and have had 2 experiences fro this site 1 good 1 bad.i have had my dick sucked and sucked dick have been fingered and have been rimmed and have rimmed.i just chalked up the bad experience to he didn't want to even talk he was on me so fast i couldn't breath.he sucked my cock i sucked him he fingered me an came on my chest.the good experience was a lot of fun we spent time getting to know each other and when we got together there was no jumping on me immediately.we sucked each other i rimmed his ass we fingered each other and came repeatedly.the next month his wife joined i was never so turned on ,her presence was so sexual and she loved watching us suck each other off it was a great time they have since moved and hopefully i can find another man or couple
My best friend from 7th grade master bate with each other. I regret not sucking him... I’ve had a threesome with him and his wife. He was stroking me while I fingered his wife
My wife watched me getting fucked and his wife too , they stopped playing with each and just fingered themselfs , it felt good because he had already fucked her my wife
my first was enbarrasing , my second was fun and exciting, right after I milked him dry he started on me and fingered my ass it felt so good having my ass fingered while my dick being sucked ! Kiss
Have only fingered and used vibe on myself want to get pegged but wife won t do it for me said if that's what I want i just be gay and she will divorce me
It’s so horny seeing you wife used by other me. I have been cottaging for years ,with my wife’s knowledge. Finally she agreed to a few coming in for drink’s an hour later she was wanting me to show how i sucked cock. A few drinks later she was sucking someone’s cock while she was being fingered. There were eight of them and by the morning they had all cum in pussy at least once. She want’s to know if they’ll come around again


Fingering Women In Public Places
I once fingered a girl at her grandmothers porch. It was fall and cool, we had a blanket to cover us. I was fingering her and talking to her mom standing in front of us. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cool. Funny, Vickie introduced me to my wife Patsy. I;ve never told Patsy about it. Both seemed VERY straight laced, but I fingered Vickie and Patsy before we were married. Nice Memories. Vickie had long red hair, I wish I had seen her pussy. Almost 40 years ago now but fresh in my mind
Bang My Husband
AL couple would love to find bi fem for both to fuck. A chick w/ a strap on to fuck wife. He loves his ass licked and fingered
I love going to the massage parlor.I have one I like to go to and the women are very nice.I went today and the girl who I have had many times got off three times while I ate her pussy. To day for the first time she fingered my asshole and it was great. She blew me and fingered me good. They treat me nice there and I have had two and three girls at a time there.I like eating their pussy after I shoot my load and I like it when they blow me and swap my cum back to me afterwards. I am ready to go back again:-P
Forced Cock Sucking By A Woman
my wife caught me 69ing with another young stud from the gym, she made me suck his dick while she fingered herself, then made me lick her pussy until she came on my face while he fucked me . then strapped me to the coffee table my head hanging off, and ordered him to fuck my throat with his thick cock,every time i gagged on his dick she would grab my cock and jerk my dick fast for 20 seconds. finally he stroked his cock,shooting his cum in my open mouth and on my tongue, while my wife jacked me off he stuffed his spent cock in my mouth forcing me to drink his cum
Women In Short Skirts With No Panties
My buddy and I fingered my wife on a dance floor in Saratoga, California from the front and back at the same time, everyone had a great show It was hot my fingers in her pussy with his at the same time and then watching the others on the dance floor watch what was happening
i like being fingered more than anything =)


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