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Just wondering if any ladies would love to fuck the brains out of my hubby while I watch
I Love to watch my husband banging another Female as much as I Love watching him being banged by another Male. Wink
I love watching my man take on guy after guy, nothing held back!
interested in fucking hubby while wife watches
wow, I love all those previous posts. I love watching my man with others.
I would love to watch my husband take it in the ass from another guy, while I suck his cock
Hello we are very new to this site .My Mistress loves to see me with other men and see him cum on my face
Would love to fuck hubby while wife watches and plays with herself then lick her soaked pussy until she can't stand it
i would really like to watch my hubby fuck another woman. just the thought of it gets me all wet.watching how he touches her and pokes her. the faces he makes.
AL couple would love to find bi fem for both to fuck. A chick w/ a strap on to fuck wife. He loves his ass licked and fingered
Looking for a bi woman who wants to eat pussy and bang my husband afterwards!
I love watching my man fuck another woman. I get to fuck her, he gets to fuck her and she gets the best of both worlds. ;)
Nothing hotter than the thought of sensually seducing a sexy man in front of his girl(especially if it's his first time)! making him comfortable and turned on,and both of us putting on a hot sensual show for her.Nice to see some hot couples getting past certain stigmas to fully enjoy sexuality!
Wow, I would like to see you fuck my hubby while I licked both cocks or even just watch. That turns me on.
i love to see husband get fucked by other women. it gets me wet and i like it when she is eat my pussy at the same time.Kiss:-P
i want to watch another woman fuck my man and watch him cum all over her pussy, so i could eat it out of it.:-P
I would love to see a man as well as a woman fuck my hubby, seperately of course. It makes me hot to think about it!
Kiss:-P I love it when my hubby tells me during sex that he needs to be fucked. It turns me on so much.. We wanna meet a woman ( from our local philly area) who is going to fuck my hubby and make him her bitch for the evening while he begs for more. And then he has to eat us both out...!! Isnt he lucky...Any takers?get back at us.. We R Hungry.
We'd love to find a group of men or women to bang his ass.... Any one wanna help?
Its always a big turn on for me to see hubby fucking another woman...then gives me more of the thrill to know hes a happy man..I do anything to make him happy so who all wants him go for it
This is hot; wife would love to watch me take it like a man
I love watching my man giving it to another gets me so wet to know that he is making her feel as wonderful as he does me
i cant wait to see my husband fucking another woman, it makes me wet thinking about it. i know how good he will make her feel,and how hard she will cum,and i would love to lick her wet pussy while hes doing it.this is my biggest turn on!
I am looking for a woman to eat her pussy and then have her fuck my man in the miami, Fl area. Nothing turns me on like the thought of us fucking some girl and plaeasing her......Anyone interested?
My exwife had me get her a straponand i found out i loved being fucked.We went on to our first 3some.We met him and i agreed to try it.She was sucking him as she told me to join her.Igot to watch up close and took his dick in my hand and stroked it .Iwas so hot as it got bigger she pushed my face to his big cock .I became a slut as i took more i wanted to make him cum.She began to talk and tell me how good i looked sucking him Then she started spanking me and told him i needed my as fucked.I was ready Itold him she was right and i crawled on top and got ready .She put his 8'' cock head against my ass .She oiled us up and i set down on it and felt him slip in.I went wild as i bounst up and down.After a bit i felt him begin to cum so i got off and took him in my mouth and got my first tast....
I want to see my husband bang another woman. He makes me feel so good and looks so good doing me! The thought of him making another girl feel the same way, turns me on like crazy. I want to join in but mostly to se him go at it and watch her feel so good. If she wants me, she can have me too!Kiss
im looking for other bi people in las vegas get back to me i want slim trim and sexy
i would love to play!.. i want your husbands cock
Seeking local/nearby couples who want the husband fucked by a gentle bisexual top. I love the idea of a wife watching as I penetrate her husband, Maybe he will be performing orally on her, as I penetrate him from behind? Not necessary for me to play with the wife, but I sure would enjoy it if it happens!!! Branson, Missouri 65616.
Wanting a sexy bi-female to help me fuck my husband. I love to watch him fuck another woman while i eat her at the same time.
id love to find some one to fuck my ass as i fuck my wife
looking for a woman to fuckmy husband in PA
I have a fantasy of being gangbanged by an interracial group of men and women while I Blowjob :-P anyone share this fantasy?
I want to find a woman or a male that wants to eat my husband's cock in the ass while he or she fuck me hard in the ass or pussy. Hug
Looking for an open minded lady to play with hubby and I....we get REAL HOT when another female is involved!!!!!! Orlando area....travelors are more than welcum!!!!Hug
Hello,I am quite new to this site and I want a man and a woman to fuck the hell out of me as I eat the lady out and my husband and other man do me.I would love to experience this ,I am wet just thinking about it.Please eat me,my juicy wet pussy and fuck me long and hard.
Hi. I'm new to this site but I'm looking for a hot woman to fuck the hell out of my husband while I watch and also :-P each other while he watches or bangs us both. We're located in Tampa, FL. If you're interested please send me an email!!!!!
Hi there. I am new to this site, but I have a fantasy of watching a good looking woman have sex with my husband. I only have 1 rule, no kissing on the lips (those are mine). I likely will not participate, and I am definitely not interested in being with another man or doing any swapping (just so you know). Hope to hear from you.
looking for females to seduce my man. it would be his first time. i have had the pleasure of being with another female while he watched. she wasn't into guys, but did kiss him once and i thought i was going to explode!!! i want at least two females to dominate his world!!! we live close to the ga/tn border. are there any takers?
Love to see another girl ride my hung hubby as I watch. We are in Pa:-D
We are a scranton,pa couple. I'm seeking a lady to join us for a 3sum,or a lady to enjoy my hubbys big cock as I watch.
looking for a girl to have a wild sex with my man. I would please you firs, before you have a sex with my man. i would make you come & scream from pleasure that I would give you. you wont regret it because i want you to enjoy it!!!;)
looking for hot woman to let me eat her pussy and let me watch her fuck my man... if you are interested email me at
anyone in atlanta area wanna hook up?
I constantly make my husband make up stories about women he fucks at work and that is how I get off!
i really want a girl to take care of my man's cock for me. i want you to get all the pleasure you can out of his dick.
looking for men to fuck my hubby
def think it would be hot to find a woman that wanted me to come over and totally take care of her husband ... whatever she wants me to do to him or for him ... do you wnat me to blow him? get fucked? kiss him? whatever you get off on having us do ....
I LOVE sucking dick. I REALLY love women watching me suck their man off, or me being fucked in the ass by another man while his woman watches. I REALLY LOVE a woman fucking me in the ass with a strap on while I suck a good sized dick. I ADORE licking pussy. NO PENILE/VAGINAL PENETRATION. Too bad there doesn't appear to have anyone with similar interests to hook up with a SWBiM in east Tulsa. I've looked for several years. Ran across this site and thought I'd try it.
i would love to be part of a sum. i am new to this but if you are in the philly area looking for a girl to join the party, message me!
want to meet a bicpl in fla ocala/summerfield are for him to bang me and me eat his wife pussy while he is fucking me
im bi and my man is curious i want a man in pasadena area to suduce my man in front of me i will only watch and get my self off but i want him to feel what i feel when he is makein love to me i want him to feel the satasfation of havein a nice firm cock pressin against himanyone interested
I have a beautiful wife and a tiny penis. She loves to pick up well hung black men to pick up my slack. Her main bull has got the biggest and most beautiful black dick. I'm never to go more than 1 min. w/out telling him how much I appreciate his bbc servicing my lovely wife. They love to make fun of my litle cock. She had me panties n t-shirt made (T-shirt says I love to suck black dick, panties say: tiny cock inside. My ass has been fucked by most of her bulls. Thank God for bbc taking up slack for my wife. Thank wifey for making me suck cum from her and for getting me strung out on black dick. We work diligently on strething my faggot ass as wide as it will go. Her goal is for me to have 2 big black cocks stuck up my sissy ass, one in my mouth, one in each hand, and lots more niggers jacking off on me. Thank you baby for letting me be a bbc whore like you. I love black dicks.
White wife would love to watch another female fuck and suck her black husband. Maybe even help pleasure the woman if she would like. Hit us up in the Knoxville, TN area. :-P
mmm i would love to see my hubby fuck another woman n i will play with her too !!! Kiss
To see my husband eat a pretty pussy just as long as I can have some umum
Where the bi women at lets have some fun with my husband hit me up lets go play
This going down n the.d baby (detroit mich) hit me just to hang to see where it goes
Nothing is more sensual for me than looking into the eyes of a lady I just had screaming and she lays there exhausted and I take her husbands manhood and destroy it.
hey were new looking for girls
Looking for a man to go hard on my guy. I'd love to blindfold my boyfriend, tie him to the bed, & let another man (or a woman) do whatever they want to him. This is a huge fantasy for us both.
I crave a woman with a strapon and to tell me to suck cocks and tell me to take his cock in my ass-pussy. yes I need to be banged.
I want to fulfill my fantasy of me watching a hot female seduce my man. He is a brown skinned dude from Guam,and he is wild about white women with red hair,or blonde hair. Hug
I love nothing better than being with a couple. I am constantly suprised by the amount of women who want to see me fucking their husbands. Flower
I think we all got off the subject here. It is amazing on the responses tho and all are very interesting. I love sex with couples in most anyway. But when a lady wants me to "Bang my husband" and watch or participates its total bliss for me. I'm a great 3rd and love you all, KISS KISS AND LETS PLAY!Hug
Bang My Husband on Bisexual PlaygroundBang My Husband on Bisexual PlaygroundBang My Husband on Bisexual PlaygroundBang My Husband on Bisexual Playground

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