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Home Toy Parties Ft Lauderdaleadult Sex Toy Parties Fort Lauderdale, Florida Adult Sex Toy Parties

Home Toy Parties Ft Lauderdaleadult Sex Toy Parties Fort Lauderdale, Florida Adult Sex Toy Parties on Bisexual PlaygroundHome Toy Parties Ft Lauderdaleadult Sex Toy Parties Fort Lauderdale, Florida Adult Sex Toy Parties on Bisexual Playground
Hi, my name is Joanne. I am a Full time MatureTransgender lady from Diamond Bar, So cali.. I present and host large Adult XXX parties each month, and host many parties at my place weekly.. these are Adult parties and I cater to all.. and adore entertaining people in all ways ((winks))
Attractive ex-model. No longer having to work. Quiet, somewhat aloof, but great sense of humor. Born with a serious need for sex-loving. (Seldom have sex, rather, I make love!) Am a giver and bathe in pleasure as partner writhes in my hands. Generous. Intelligent. Educated. Always ready. Love 3somes and 4somes. Am voyeur through and through and love home made adult movies, having adult parties at my home and watching adult "demonstrations" at my special parties. Love the woman (or man) who can make me plead with her (him) to let me orgasm.
I am an individual that loves adult sex parties for all persons. I want to set up these parties all over the state of minnesota. If your interested let me know. I love to give pleasure more than receive it.
Hello. Erica and I are looking for people with an open mind, who enjoy being around other positive people, like we do. We have monthly parties. You are invited to any of our parties. We offer carpool rides to and from our parties, but you have to let us know ahead of time.
I am a very discreet 43 yr old male.I'm not a ken doll but like to have fun like everyone else. I just broke up with my bi-girlfriend.So I'm in the market to meet a new girl to have fun with,maybe even go to adult parties with.I like all kinds of parties,straight/bi-couples/sw appers/orgies etc... Don't be affraid to email-me. I don't bite unless you want me to.
New to San Jose, I actually used to Host Private Bi sex parties in San Diego and Oceanside for 3 years. It was a great break from the Swinger parties, nothing taboo here. Im very Masculine Latin guy looking for another bi man or couple to hang out with, maybe check out some swinger parties in the Bay Area. Love sex if im on im looking....................... .....
We hold swinger pool parties and dinner parties at our home in Naples Florida
I saw a buddy on here posted who is from Florida…many put comments on there about bi groups or parties or hotel parties. We put up a posts about a bi hotel party and not one response. Our parties are legendary. We’ve had to turn away people because two adjoining rooms can only handle so many people. We never charge for our parties and it’s because we have met so many great people that we not only okay with but enjoy dinners and going out vanilla style, although sex always seems to join the fun. Here’s your chance to tell us what kind of fun you would like to have some night!
We just had a bi party last week and even though it had 38 people it was a disappointment. Are there real bi males out there? We only want bi males who are into oral and at least being a top. We are not interested in bi-curious unless you are ready to go all the way. Our parties are turning into a few hand jobs and then on to the ladies at the parties. We want the whole bi male thing or the parties will end. We have 5 parties a year but unless we see some bi male action we will end the parties and that would be a shame since we are getting 30 to 40 people every party. We are not singling out single guys either because the male half of the couples were just as disappointing. We will have in March what could be our last party. We held parties in Colorado and Michigan and we never had these issues before. Here's to hoping there are still some real bi males out there!
We put on hotel parties but it’s been a little while since I had 4 surgeries and a bout with cancer. We get 2 couples from here that are regulars and 4 or 5 bi guys from here that are regular as well. I’ve had the good fortune of playing with several single bi males from here. I think we have an edge because we have the parties and let me tell you something… our parties start out with meet and greet in our 2 adjoining rooms and then it’s 4 beds along with a couple of couches with action going on everywhere. The women seem to really get off watching the men sucking and fucking each other. I’m telling you our parties are legendary! Bob and Lisa
We have had 6 parties a year for the last 15 years from Florida to Ohio to Colorado... we have bisexual hotel parties. We are not looking for bi curious who might or might not play in same sex fun. We are looking for serious bisexual swingers. We expect the male to be bi and oral both ways and at least a top for anal. We get between 30 and 40 people to come to our parties. We have adjoining suites to make sure we have plenty of room for everyone.

There is never a charge for our parties and we have sodas and snacks but if you like bring a plate to share. If you partake in adult beverages please bring your own. It is meet and greet for the first hour or so and then play usually gets started a little after that. Again, we don't want people who will sit around all night and not even take their clothes off. We want people who want some hot and wild bisexual fun.

Any ideas or suggestions would be great, let us know if interested in this party as we are going to keep it at a max of 30 people to make sure it is comfortable for everyone. 38 people at the last party was a bit much! I know people from outside our area will make comments but if you could please state what part of the country you are in so that we know whether or not to private email you more info. Lisa and Bob
Ok... honest request. I'm looking for a female to attend lifestyle parties with me as my wife or girlfriend for the night. No strings, We don't need to play together, I'm merely looking for the company and for my "in" on the cool (exclusive) couples only parties. My wife went to one of these parties and has vowed never to do again. I a free to attend, She encourages it for me actually, I will cover all expenses and will get you back home safely, I don;t care if you are married or whether you are cleared to go or not. That's on you kid. :)


Bisexual Swinger Parties
really looking for bi swinger parties/house parties in the northern Virginia area for some good dick sucking
Sex Toy Parties
Now from what I hear [color:Pink][b][i] SEX TOY PARTIES [/color][/b][/i] can be losts of fun and some of them turn into sex parties. hmmmmm think we will have to go to one. Posted some pics of some Sex toys as well. IconU4DragonnIconLRWolf
Bisexual Swing Clubs
If you are in Southern California.....check out They have the best bi/tranny/CD/TV parties that I have ever been to.....San Diego all the way up to LA and Riverside. I have had many fantasies fulfilled at these parties....once I was being fucked by a bi guy while he was being was awesome!!!!! ~Ladibug ;-)
Bisexual Swinger Parties
MWC looking for bisexual swing parties/house parties in Ann Arbor/Jackson, Mi. or surrounding areas? We would love to hear to hear about upcoming dates/locations. Please let us know. Thanks. Kiss
LOL, house parties are the best! Been to a many that where staged as swinging. Never as a bi house parties. And those partys were full of 30 people enjoying each other, not just 3 or 4. So yes orgies would be very fun in if they were with a lot of folks fucking and sucking each other no matter the genders!
Circle Jerk
I hold a couple of parties every week....a circlesuck on Saturday nights, and a circlejerk on Thursday nights. At both parties all sperm goes on my face, I LUV seeing a spurting cock and feeling that warm semen hitting my face :) Anyone near Woonsocket RI is welcome to attend!


HI and thanks for the welcome. I feel at home already