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Homemade 6 Inch an 2 Inch Thick Rubber for Penis Stretching

Homemade 6 Inch an 2 Inch Thick Rubber for Penis Stretching on Bisexual PlaygroundHomemade 6 Inch an 2 Inch Thick Rubber for Penis Stretching on Bisexual Playground
Attractive 6' tall 200 pounds SOLID A A male shaved head I have a 34 inch waist 22 inch thighs a 48 inch chest 8" long and thick. Medium skin color
Very submissive into all kinds of kink and role play I really love puppy play and adult baby play with lots of tight restrictive leather rubber and steel bondage and I am also a huge latex rubber fetishist, I love the idea of being encased in layers of hot shiny wet black rubbersuits locked on so I can't escape and turned into a helpless rubber puppy bound down on all fours. I have all the gear needed to be transformed head to toe in a rubber k-9 sex pet, yes even my 7 1/2 inch puppy cock and balls sheathed in rubber and teased until I am rock hard and then I am tightly bound in my rubber, ball strap harness and then squeezed in my rubber clock ring harness
7 inch penis and relatively thick
24, 10 inch thick penis
6 feet tall 190lbs blue eyes blond hair 6 inch penis uncut 3 inch round.
Five eleven thin warm thick 61/2 inch penis.
Thanks y’all. I use a 9 inch long, 2 1/2 inch thick dildo now but am ready for an upgrade to 3 inches thick maybe 3 1/4.
Thank you chillaxdude.
I had read the same information myself. 6 inches can be quite an adequate length if one has some girth to it as well (not TOO much) which makes for a nice balanced penis.
I don't know why there is such an emphasis on 7, 8, or even 9 inch cocks; some women have told me large equals discomfort.
I would prefer a 6 inch cock and a large ejaculate versus an 8 inch one and a tiny disapointing orgasm.
I'm 44 Bottom looking for a chocolate 10 inch or 12 inch cock the thick the better
My 7 1/2 inch thick cock loves attention.
I'd love to pop my penis in all your sweet wet openings.
5 inch or more girth at 6 1/2 inch - 7 inch long for anal... and for size, heavy cummers are the best.
hiy gang;
I was chatting with my B/F Victoria the other night after way to many glasses of wine and we had abit of a disagreement. i was hoping i would get some input for everyone man and woman.
So bottom line. what do you consider the average length of a mans penis?
i had heard the average is about 6 inches/from my many years of experience I tend to think that's about right. There is always exceptions but on average i would say mos the men i have been with are about 6 inches long and under two inches in girth.
so guys would you please let me know what you are packing in real time. if you dont want to post it here you can mail me. Women, its up to you also to put an end or prove to us that the six inch average is about right. Victoria is say she thinks its more like 6 1/2 to 7 inch
please be real here. I don't care is you are 1/2 inch or 12 inch as long as it is truly your size checked with a measuring tape from the base at the abdomen to the tip. . I will check in after afew days since i am traveling right now and have another story to put down about last nigh with Max


7 Inch Cock
A 6 inch dick is just a little on the small side. I'd like to see if a 7 inch dick will reach the top of my throat. Feel it grow and stretch in my mouth. Taste his Cum as it goes down my throat. Feel it stretching my white ass. Lindawantabe
Deep Throat
I was born with the ability to take big thick up to 11 inch cock down my male sub slut throat. I say 11 inch because that is the biggest I've had the chance to try. If you posess one bigger drop me a line and lets make arrangements to make history...
Deep Anal Action
I fully agree with BullishlyQUIET that having a lover whom really knows how to make love to your ass is a precious commodity indeed. However, I especially love it when my male lover has not only a hard throbbing eight inch cock, but its also an inch and a half or more thick. This way his cock not only penetrates my ass deeply, but fills me up completely..:)
Bisexual Black Men With Big Dicks
Big dicks are great youbhave to lick the shaft more I can deepthrought 12 inch cocks it's a challenge I prefer a 6 to 8 inch dick to suck its not so hard on the throat I sucked a 6 inch tranny cock yesterday and it was awesome, I forgot how much I like sucking a cock it had been 3 years since I had a cock in my mouth I'm not waiting that long again
10 Inch Cock
I have yet to meet someone with an actual 10-inch dick, thick with nice balls for me to suck. I currently have a 10-inch dildo named "Bruiser" that i got from an ex about 3 years ago, right before we broke up. Despite my waning sex life (voluntarily), I'm never lonely. I have a nice collection of sex toys, but "Bruiser" is 1st in command. I'd love to share him with another bi female. Kiss
Cum Swallowing
I have sucked cocks from small 4 inch thin ones to 12+inch super thick choker ones!and have enjoyed swallowing the loads from everyone of them i absolutely love the taste of cum and i always try to keep sucking after the guy cums some let me continue on while others pullout immediately after cumming which i hate them doing i love to linger and gently suck and lick the head after swallowing specially the hole i do this to let him know how much pleasure he just gave me and as a sign to him if he wants to go again i am ready willing and waiting for it |8BKiss


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!