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Deep and hard baby. Hug
Having a lover (male or female) whom really knows how to make love to your ass (male or female) is a precious commodity indeed... My first time was about as deep as I've ever had it, and do I ever remember every second... My "cherry" was taken by a very loving Gay black MAN, did he ever know how to please... I met him about five months prior, when he picked me up as I was walking home from a bar. We got together several times, but I wasn't ready to take his cock up my ass - yet, HE WAS HUGE!!! It was in February of 1981, before HIV/AIDS came to be (and modern lubricants) when I agreed to give up my anal virginity to HIM... We began by fondling each other in the car after he picked me. He wouldn't let me suck him as he drove, he only let me stroke his cock and rub his balls... When we got to his house, he had some wine and I had a couple of cocktails (the drinking kind - "Highballs" I think), kissing and making out on the bed... We rubbed each other's bodies through our clothes, get the "feel" of our passion. He put my legs over my head as he dry-humped me through my bib overalls... Then I asked him if I could take an enema before we got too involved - after all, it was my first time and I'd been dreaming of this since I was 16 - I was now all of 19 and wanted to make it a memorable night, both for him and for me... After he lovingly gave me a 2-quart enema (all I could hold before I was ready to explode), and giving time to rid myself of any anal contents, I proudly strode into the bedroom - fully clothed... I then proceeded to do a striptease, taking my time to enjoy watching him watching me (I can be something of an exhibitionist at times)... I got down to my bikini briefs when he ripped them off, pulled me to the round king-sized bed and gave me one of the longest, deepest, most passionate kisses I've ever had from a male lover... He gave me what I thought was the most mind-blowing orgasm of my life with an exquisite blowjob, then he made me cum involuntarily 3 more times!!! Of the three, he first gave me another blowjob; the second and third were when he ate my ass and rimmed me into total sexual elation, euphoria and blissful submission - I do mean total, my body was floating in lust!!! And, he hadn't even touched me w/ his cock yet!!! His cock was almost 11" long, and lovingly thick - I couldn't get my fingers and thumb to touch after I got him hard. Man did he ever look sexy, as I smelled and nuzzled his cock to begin its' transformation into a popsicle... Then I slowly sucked on his balls and intermittently stuffed his huge cockhead into my mouth as I licked his beautiful cock into its' full manhood... When he was fully erect, I could barely get my mouth over that love-giving cock head - what an erotic experience... He sensed my dilemma, kissed me and moved me up to the "head" of the bed, where he helped me adjust some pillows under my head - in preparation for the taking of my cherry... I was more than ready, I was panting and my ass was quivering in anticipation!!!... He rimmed me and ate me out some more, to help loosen my virgin ass muscles... Then he reached over to the nightstand, opened the large plastic tub of Vaseline and got four fingers worth of pleasuring lubricant... He gobbed it into my waiting ass as he kissed me lovingly... He lay beside me, kissing me as he worked his fingers into my ass, asking me if I was ready to feel his cock inside of me - I could only moan something like a yes as I was in too much ecstasy to fully answer conscious thought... He continued to work his fingers into my ass until he could comfortably put three fingers into me... Then he brought the tub of Vaseline to me and asked if I'd like to grease him up - I brought his cock to my mouth once again to kiss it before it took my cherry, then I got a gob of Vaseline and lovingly slathered his cock with ample lubricant and wiped my hands clean, as did my lover, in order to be able to get a grip while making love... He grasped my ankles and placed them over his shoulders as he positioned himself to halve me... He leaned over and kissed me as I felt his cock head press against my virgin ass... He then alternated between gently pushing into me, kissing me deeply and moving his hips in a sensuous, circular motion as I felt his massive cock easing itself into my waiting ass... It was on the third such sequence that I felt his loving cock head slip past the last vestiges of my virginity and into my lustful man-pussy!!! WHAT A FEELING!!! OH, WHAT I'D BEEN MISSING!!! He lay there, letting me get used his cock, kissing me... As we lay there, his chest on mine, gently moving his hips - just a little, then he asked me if was ready for the rest of him - I ground my hips into him and clenched my ass in response... He started to move slowly, rhythmically stroking his cock in and out of my ass, an inch at a time, then two, then three - each time probing the depths of my ass as he played me like a finely-tuned instrument... As my passion continued to grow, he sensed my need as my ass gained in grinding, wanton lustfulness.. His strokes became thrusts as he sought to bury his 10"+ cock into me... Then he slowed, wanting to share my deflowering with me - bringing my ankles up to my ears so I could watch him bury his cock into my ass up to his balls - AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH..... Now that I'd proven my ability to comfortably take ALL of his cock, without discomfort or pain - now wanton lust filled his eyes, as it filled my soul - now the fucking began... He started slowly, deep-stroking me as I ground my ass to meet his teasing thrusts... Then he began to stroke me deeper and faster, alternating between slow and fast thrusts and deep or shallow strokes - occasionally pulling his cock all the way out of me for second before he rammed it all the way into my ass, his balls making loud slapping sounds as they fueled my passion to ever-increasing heights!!! I don't know how many time I came up to this point... We were now reaching a fever pitch, each trying to out-fuck the other.. We were sweating passion and lust as we grasped to hold on to one another to continue the foray into the far reaches of pleasure... My ass began to emit man-pussy farts as my passion was reaching its' zenith, he too had that look of abandonment in his eyes as he pounded his cock into me time and again, seemingly forever... His eyes bulged and his mouth opened wide when he gutturally moaned his pleasure as he loosed his amazingly hot seed into my ass as I deeply kissed the man that was giving me sooooo much pleasure... He continued to fill my ass until I could feel the warmth of his cum running out of me, ooohhhh what a feeling... That was my first time...
I Love feeling a hard cock go deep into me and fuck me hard, I posted 2 photos of me getting my ass reamed by buds:)
I fully agree with BullishlyQUIET that having a lover whom really knows how to make love to your ass is a precious commodity indeed. However, I especially love it when my male lover has not only a hard throbbing eight inch cock, but its also an inch and a half or more thick. This way his cock not only penetrates my ass deeply, but fills me up completely..:)
It feels so wonderful to be filled up by a mans cock....especially a thick, long cock...deeply penetrating me. amber
ram every inch deep and hard
:-P. It is the filthiest thing to be on all fours, nxt to your dirty boyfriend & u r both getting your arse filled up with a great big cock ??Flower
I need a big hard cock to go deep up in me
I want a 12 inch cock balls deep in my ass. I love the way a long cock feels
I love having a big thick cock deep in my Hot asshole
i can receive really deep lets meet
Deep Anal Action on Bisexual PlaygroundDeep Anal Action on Bisexual PlaygroundDeep Anal Action on Bisexual PlaygroundDeep Anal Action on Bisexual Playground

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