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I Like to Watch My Wife Dress Slutty in Public

I am s hot tranny slutty looking for hot men big cock dominant treat me as their whore slut bitch cum dumpster dress slutty on hormones looking to be a man's wife whore
very slutty when I dress. Dress completely and enjoy being fucked like a slutty bitch. Im a size junkie do the bigger always deeper and better. I can handle deep hard penatration for long periods of time. Also I have never been with a really big BBC. LOOKING FOR FIRST and also looking to be videoed getting gang banged by group of big fat cock.
I consider myself a classy sexy but somewhat slutty t girl. I am looking for steady guys or a couple to have fun with now and then. I really enjoy sucking cock and eating a creamy pussy. I'm 5'8" busty, average build and like to dress the way I know that it will turn a guy and some women on. Stockings corsets gloves at times you know the look!! In public I dress classy and love to have my legs touched and make out. Hopefully you will like the way I look be relatively close by and want to get together every now and then.
I am a lil shy at first I am sensual and seductive in private but toned down in public I m private humorous family oriented I'm a one man person iv been single now 6yrs and celibate the same . No children and openly gay in public but not flamboyant inn a relationship I'm female acting and dress I dress well and for the right guy I dress to impress.
I love to dress up like a slutty hooker and go out in public. I enjoy teasing men. I want to go to the next level, and seduce a man into allowing me to suck his cock and fuck my ass. - I love to swallow cum - even my own!!!
Wife is a slut for BBC and I am a cross dressing cuckold sissy. We both love to dress very slutty.
Been waiting to experience a little more sexual.....
Thinking about being a really submissive girly slut, and going to a private party,( if I can find one) or even hosting people who want to pnp a little, watch porn have a little drink, poppers whatever may get you to your sexual point.

Been thinking about being tied, hands behind my back. .blindfolded. .dress in slutty
Spiked heels, leggings hair, d as sexy, slutty as can be. .
And being get a train ran on g / Swallowing cocks/ cum at same time. even being forced to my kness in public, full dressed and being a slut, turned into a slut in multiple way......

Any Advice on how to go about it, or tell me how I can fulfill these wild sexual urges.
i have worn panties bras and sometimes full dress up started when got married wife loved the way i looked never full dressed and went into public part dressed have did meny times would like to try bi as full xdressed wife of 42 yrs . passed on and now i dress more often and want to try bi still love women . if i am wrong please tell me
Cum while a guy is fucking me in my ass while I eat my wife. MFM,MMF,MFF,Public beach sex, Adult theater, orgy, watch my wife eat another female while I fuck her, blowjob from my wife while another guy fucks her
Am I the only one that loves to fuck CDs and Trans. They are so slutty. My wife wants to watch me with one.
How many of you male crossdressers dress solely for sex? How many of you go out in public while dressed?
As for me, when I was younger I used to love to dress up - it made me feel pretty to have on a dress or a skirt, jewelry, make up. In fact, I would actually rather wear a skirt or dress than pants. I find the dresses are less confining and more comfortable.
I would go out while dressed a lot, either alone or with my girlfriend. We both found it totally hot to be out, especially if I was hit on by a guy.
Love both. The wife loves to watch other men fuck me while she talks nasty and degrades me. Then after they cum in me she likes to fuck me with their cum still up inside me. She loves talking nasty and degrading as she fucks me too, telling me I'm a whore and a slut and a fag boi and asking which cock I like better.

That said there's something about that moment when a man cums inside you, the sounds he makes, how his cock swells and throbs, and feeling that cum fill you. Makes me feel hot and slutty. I have a neighbor who fucks me in his basement while his wife is upstairs watching TV. She doesn't know what goes on between us and I love how slutty I feel when I hug her good night with her husband's cum leaking from my ass.


I Love Halloween as that is the only day of the year when a guy or girl can dress as naughty or slutty as they wish and go out in public and no one thinks anything about... :)
Straight, sissy girly slut Who gets very submissive, Very slutty and when pnp will turn into a cum swallowing anal cock slut. I find that when pnping, I get very slutty adventurous and like being turned into aporn slut fucking and sucking g and spreading my tight little ass and sucking cock/cocks while being fucked .Wanting to get into kinky 3 somes public fucking Dressed like a slutty little cum slut, getting my hair pulled while getting facefucked , spreading my legs face down ass and seeing who likes to grab these hips and fuck a sweet tight ass. Albuquerque. N.M . Today Tuesday the 3rd
Forced To Suck In Public
My wife is submissive and an exhibitionist by nature. She swoons over sexually aggressive men and has dated several during our marriage. She has been forced to suck her "man of the moment" in many public situations. It is an awesome thrill for him (and me when I have been there to watch) and a real adrenal rush for her! I She has had her "parts" exposed in public, been completely stripped in the backseat and forced to suck while I drove her and her lover around town and down the interstate. Men have fingered her while she was sitting beside them in busy restaurants and bars. Once while I was driving her and a lover around I got to the tollbooth on the turnpike. I told them well in advance so they could cover up. He was only unzipped but my wife was naked except for her dress which was in a wad around her waist. He just held her head on him and drew her leg up so she was completely exposed as well as sucking. I thought the old guy in the toll booth was never going to get my change My sweet wife has been forced to squat in an open car door with her skirt up around her waist and her top and bra pushed up off her 38DD tits and suck a guy. This took place on a Fri. night in a busy bar parking lot. Several couples saw her as they walked by. She just closes her eyes or concentrates on what is before her face at these times. Her motto is; If I didn't see them seeing me.....then they didn't really see me doing it. lol
Black Men
WOULD LOVE to dress up SEXY & SLUTTY for a DOM/HUNG BLACK MALE..only sincere please...Rachel
Black Men With White Transgender
would LOVE to dress up SEXY & SLUTTY for a DOM/HUNG black male...100% SINCERE/DISCRETE..Luv, Rachel
slutty sissy in NM will suck cock give sissy hole on demand. love to drink cum. will meet in public places and let you do what you want


So far, I'd have to say this site is the complete answer to what my wife and I are looking for, an easy to use, discreet, and yet comprehensive way to meet someone new.