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:-P Wow this is my favorite fantasy, to have someone force me to suck them off in a public place, without getting arrested of course! I have done it in rest stops in cars at rest stops , glory holes, love to feel a guy grow in my mouth and hear him moan when I suck him dry!
Jacksonville FL pink satin, sissy sub bi TV who loves to suck off guys, eat their cum and be fucked in any public or semi-public place.
Got arrested back in the fall of 1999 for cruising a park on the westside of Jacksonville and could not talk or suck my way out of it.
i have suck a guy off many times throw glory holes,in-cars,at an x rated movie Love the feel of a gig cock shooting his cum in my mouth.My fantasy would be force to blow ten men at a park in broad daylight
Sounds like fun. I want to suck some cock in public. My fantasy is to be forced to strip naked and deep throat some cock as it hangs thru his fly. The thought of sucking cock and swallowing a load in public excites me but how can this be done?
I love the idea of having to serve at a party for a couple.... suick cock eat pussy anything the guests want. Mayabe I'm wearing jsut a bow tie serving drinks etc...
i think it would be fun to be forced to suck on a huge cock in public or a nice pussy in public
I would like a women force me to suck her husband for guests
i would like to be forced to suck a cock in public
As a early teen, I was given a bj on a dare during a sleepover.
You make me suck you in public/ semi private.
I'll make you suck me/us in public /semi private.
Kiss Hug Flower
force me to eat that cum in front of the whole room
when i was 15 an older family friend made me suck him in front of a back window, i kinda liked it, and now here i am......Kiss
when my ex wife found out i was bi she made me suck some guy off in the park behind the was such a turn on having her caal me fagot and little cock sucking whore..she held my head down onto his cock when he came.then made me swallow the whole load.
I would luv to have to suck cock at a bachelorett party.
My wife is submissive and an exhibitionist by nature. She swoons over sexually aggressive men and has dated several during our marriage. She has been forced to suck her "man of the moment" in many public situations. It is an awesome thrill for him (and me when I have been there to watch) and a real adrenal rush for her! I She has had her "parts" exposed in public, been completely stripped in the backseat and forced to suck while I drove her and her lover around town and down the interstate. Men have fingered her while she was sitting beside them in busy restaurants and bars. Once while I was driving her and a lover around I got to the tollbooth on the turnpike. I told them well in advance so they could cover up. He was only unzipped but my wife was naked except for her dress which was in a wad around her waist. He just held her head on him and drew her leg up so she was completely exposed as well as sucking. I thought the old guy in the toll booth was never going to get my change My sweet wife has been forced to squat in an open car door with her skirt up around her waist and her top and bra pushed up off her 38DD tits and suck a guy. This took place on a Fri. night in a busy bar parking lot. Several couples saw her as they walked by. She just closes her eyes or concentrates on what is before her face at these times. Her motto is; If I didn't see them seeing me.....then they didn't really see me doing it. lol
I'm loving sucking a nice cock in public.
i have been forced to suck a guys dick while he was driving down the road i love it knowing at anytime we could be stooped my the law and having truck drivers drive by us and i would enjoy sucking are being sucked so the whole world could watchs us i think it should be a law where we can be who we are and run naked if we want too and have sex where we want too ........
I would love to be forced to suck a big, juicy cock in public. Especially being seen by a third party and having them consider me a cocksucker. Can'y wait for it to happen.
The first time I sucked a cock was in a club in LA. I went to the men's room and while there got caught by another guy looking at his cock as he was taking a piss. He asked me if I liked his cock. I remember hesitating with an answer, but when I replied I said yea I liked it and complemented him on it's non-erect size. We were the only two guys in the bathroom so he walked over to me and asked me to take his cock in my hand. I took it and it immediately got hard in my hand. He put it away and we went back to our tables in the club. After about an hour he came to my table and asked me if I would like to "suck on his hugh tool". We got up and went to a back stair- well that led to the street below. He dropped his pants and I went down on him right there in this public stairwell. After about a minute or so of sucking and gagging and following instructions from him on what made him feel good I heard some noise in the stairwell. I looked up and there were about 4 or 5 men and woman watching me suck him and having sexual contact with each other. I really got excited when I realized what was going on and really went to town on that hugh cock. He cam shortly after that and I spit out his cum. He immediately unsipped me and went to town on my cock which by now was very hard. The people in the stairwell watched until I cam and then we all went back into the club and enjoyed the rest of the evening.
I love taking my husbands huge cock between my lips. I get a wild rush shen it's in public and there is that constant fear that someone will catch us. I like to suck dick while driving. I twerk my booty up in the air so that everyone will get a good shot as we fly by doing 80 mph in the fast lane!
Depending on the location, I don't think I'd have to be forced, an invitation wuld be sufficient :) ;)
thats a great way to get over nerves
when my wife and I first started dating we were out parking in the country,when a cop walked up to the window shined the lite in and caught us fucking.He made us get out of the car.We knew we are going to jail, I am buck naked she had nothing on but her panties. When he told us we could choose, we were both going to suck his cock or go to jail.And in a small town in Texas where you know everyone well guess what.He pulled out a 9in uncut cock put his hand on my sholder and pushed me down on my knees and told me to open my mouth,and he pushed his dick as far into my mouth as it would go and held it there until I was gagging.Then he started to fuck my mouth slower.My face must have been three shades of red I had never even thought about sucking a mans dick.And I heard my girlfriend, future wife moaning I looked up to see him with two fingers in her pussy.And her watching me licking her lips.After a few min.she just dropto her knees and started licking his balls.We traded and she made him cum in her mouth and then she snowballed his cum into my mouth.Then we got married and the three of sucked and fucked eachother for five yrs after that.GOOD OLD DAYS
that was a hot story
I love to suck cock and have mine sucked in public my girlfriend loves to suck my cock while we are driving. I once got sucked off in a moive while a guy watched us and I jacked him off. I love to fact that my girl loves to see me suck cock and that I love seeing her eat pussy a nd get fucked
Me and Cindy love sex out in the open...we have a favorite alley downtown...can and have gotten caught. She also loves sucking cock in the car.
I knew a gay black cop once and he had always wanted sex in the squad car.
He had a huge cock and I'm always up for a little danger,so I let him handcuff
me to the steering wheel,in the state police car,by the side of a busy braod daylight...and got out of the car,came around to my door and pulled my legs out of the car and pulled my pants down right there.
He then went back around to his side and made me suck his cock with my knees inthe passenger seat,ass in the air,while I sucked his black,State Trooper cock and handcuffed to his steering wheel.He thencametomy side and fucked my asshole deep,with his big 10 inch cock.
i love sucking cock in public last time i did it was in an adult movie theater there were about 15 other guys watching as i kneeled down and took my friends 9 inch cock into my mouth i have shoulder length blonde hair and he kept brushing it back and to the side so everyone had a terrific view i was also wearing a print flowered dress and a sexy top which was even more of a turn on for me he was sitting down and i was kneling between his legs as i gave him the best blowjob i could give deep throating and him holding my head down till i choked and gagged on his beautiful cock he finally gave me a terrific load of cum to swallow which i did we then stood up and walked to the back of the theater with all eyes in there on me i knelt down again and proceeded to suck him hard he fucked my mouth going deep as he possibly could until he shot another load of cum down my throat mmmmmmmmmm so yummy and so much fun doing it to in public!!!!!!!!!!:-PKiss
The only problem here is it is impossible to force someone that wants to do it so bad and thrilled at the opportunity. Of course we do play act at being forced for the audiance don't we.KissHugFlower
i have never had the chance to suck cock in public but would love too
When I was 16 a friend of mine'd dad who was a very big cop working vice caught me coming out of this older gay dude's house. Some days later when he came by the park where we all hung out, he confronted me and forced me to suck him and his black partner off right there on the spot. Both were 12" or more - then they gang bang's me in the back of the Cruiser - all while several friends who had been hanging out watched - one of whom was his daughter (my friend)...Needless to say I was outed forcefully.

Anyway still one of the greatist sessions ever and his daughter used to hook me up regularly - the two of them obviously were done yet ..either
What a turn on!. I haven't sucked a cock in public but would sure love to. I would love to be forced into sucking a huge cock in front of people.
I have had a fantasy for a long time now. That would be to have 10 guys force me down to my knees and force me to blow them all. Whew I can just imagine having that much cum to swallow yummy!:-P
how can one be forced to suck cock?Do they not know there is teeth and jaws in there?LOL,i prefer to suck cock on my own,don't need to be forced,don't try that!
I would love to suck a bunch of big cock in the mens room
this would definitely be hot , always wanted to be forced or taken advantage of
I want to be forced on my knees and suck an entire frat house, swallowing all the cum, then being forced out the door naked on a leesh and being made to suck every guy that passes by no matter what the age.
i want to be forced to suck on a big dick
I want to be in the bathroom of a truck stop on I-10 east bound just in Miss this exy hard body trucker pushes the door open having to piss bad tells me open my legs with this semi erect cock in my face. ne sees me staring at then right when he finishes he commands me to open I do then he jams it down my throat. Starts pumping grow to 9 inches I was loving every inch of his cock started to come said get up grabed my hand lead me to his truck. The rest is waiting to be completed Kiss;)Hug
i would also love to be riding in one of my married friends car out of nowhere he has his 7inch cock in his hand he starts to pull my head down then says if you don' i will tell all our men friend you tried to force me. He didn't know that I have been dreaming about sucking his cock since high school when finished he said you have sucked many cocks before me, I said almost all of our friends he said best blow job ever he started calling twice a week he even started sucking Oh I was sucking him while driving down the interstate daylight going slow passing trucks blowing his horn
I TrueType love sucking cock publicly wishing to slushed by a group of studs black and white several while others watch and made to swallow so much cum and piss that my belly is bloated all on video and pics taken to show all what I am which is a no limit cock sucking fag cock slut and relish cum from a cock or used pussy
Wanting fully used your way
Forced To Suck In Public on Bisexual PlaygroundForced To Suck In Public on Bisexual PlaygroundForced To Suck In Public on Bisexual PlaygroundForced To Suck In Public on Bisexual Playground

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