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Illinois LGBT

Illinois LGBT on Bisexual PlaygroundIllinois LGBT on Bisexual Playground
well im a fun 20yo guy who likes to play poker, drink, party, chill with friends...i like goin out but i like stayin in as well and just not too picky if we hit if off then its all from rockford illinois and will be going to western illinois in the spring of if i sound like someone you wanna get to know better...let me know and we can see where it goes...later
im lisa, 26,f,Illinois. jeremy, 29,m,Illinois
I have one experience with a woman but she had went back to her home town in boston mass. But i am a black woman who is looking for someone that lives in around were i live at which is Lisle illinois or NAPPERVILLE ILLINOIS and we can get to know each other and then if we click and then we can really have some fun
We are ... pornstars. Don’t believe in LGBT just believe in busting nuts any which and every way we can. It’s called a sex bucket list.
Kinky Bi Australian Guy moving to San Francisco for the LGBT lifestyle and looking for friends for laughs and fun !
I do not speak english very well. I'm shy I like to know more about sexuality. I like to read stories and imagine about LGBT I don't know what else to write....
I don't know that it is wrong to look them up. They gave you their name. That is if they gave you their real name. Seems suspect if their FB is anti LGBT
As far as the anti LGBT posts it would definitely give pause to meeting them. Are they so far in the closet/afraid of being outed they have to make such posts? Do they have a different agenda for meeting?
We would most likely move on.
In July, we attended the local meeting of the LGBT organization that puts on the PRIDE fest here. I say PRIDE fest, because it supports the entire LGBT community thus its not GAY PRIDE fest. After 2 hours in the meeting feeling like nothing was accomplish, I voiced my opinions to the Co-Chair and reminded him every time I spoke, email or saw him that there were bisexuals out there. After the 5th or 6th time, he agreed and changed the web site to display not only the rainbow flag, but all 4 flags...LGBT. So many times the bisexual community gets lost in the gay community and clumped together. We are not gay, nor straight. We are BiSexual and have our own place in culture. I have changed all my icons on chat services to proudly display the BiSexual flag and answer all questions when asked what it is. In today's society, there is room for us all...LGBT and Str8 and more than enough respect for all desires and people. Next time you see an event hosted by the local community, look to see if indeed there is a BiSexual flag flying in the breeze just as high as the rainbow. If not, ask "Why isn't there a BiSexual Flag flying?"
I will be in Union Illinois at the Illinois Railroad Museum Monday August 1st until about 4pm then we will be heading to Rochelle Illinois to the railroad park. To observe trains of the Union Pacific and BNSF at there transcon crossing's. Stop by talk and about railroads or sex I am up for ether it is going to be a nice day and evening. Just ask for Ron.
I'm a sixty-year-old straight male looking for males between 35 and 80 years old I want to suck a straight male dick that sits around the house naked when he gets home from work at 3 a.m. till about 6 in the morning I live outside Sheldon Illinois in Danville Illinois in Watseka Illinois just over the Indiana line on 24
Thank you for your post Sassy. I too am disturbed by so-called Christians who advocate bigotry and hate. I was a Christian for more than ten years and I learned "Judge not lest ye be judged yourself." and "Love the sinner and hate the sin."

I'm not saying being LGBT is a sin, but a "good" Christian would know better than this church who's endorsing the bill.

And it seems lately the preachers who seem the most bigoted towards LGBT turn out to be closeted homosexuals themselves, so it is pure hypocracy. There's no other word for it.

Sorry if I got too preach.

Let us know what area of Illinois you are looking to move to. We are from Granville, Illinois and believe one can never have to many friends.



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Looking for a male that wants to suck a straight male c o c k that lives between West Lafayette and Rensselaer Indiana in between Sheldon Illinois and Danville Illinois in Watseka Illinois 60 years old looking for some between 35 and 80
Hello, I'm Ron, in Glen Rose (south of Ft. Wort about 50+ miles)...i would love to meet men, women, , any and all LGBT !!! i live alone, and can host 24/7...i'm a bisexual male, dad...
Bisexual Swing Clubs
My husband and I live in remote farm area in Illinois looking for bi clubs in Illinois Iowa and Missouri
Visiting southern Illinois till August Any truckers that pull in the metropolis rest area on I-24 in southern Illinois just across from Paducah Kentucky needing some head and or butt (safely) let me know
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I'm looking for somebody around Goodland Indiana I can travel to Lafayette Indiana Monticello Indiana Watseka Illinois Kankakee Illinois I just wanted sit around naked watch adult movies a girl sucking huge dicks I get my dick sucked and not have to worry about getting dressed if somebody comes over but you most host
Glory Holes
are there any glory holes left anymore??? i can't find any in n. illinois/s. wisconsin area all the way up to green bay...most adult book stores are more sterile than an operating room these days...i miss the sleazy days of glory holes in private video booths....if anyone knows where any are in n. illinois/s. wisconsin, please let me's rather dangerous health-wise in this modern day and age, but still...thrilling annonymous, no strings quickie fun if done right....


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!