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Large Vegainas Photos

Large Vegainas Photos on Bisexual PlaygroundLarge Vegainas Photos on Bisexual Playground
harley rideing bad boy waiting to find sex and games and a man who can teach me the man on man experence or a woman who can show me how to enjoy a amn or a transexual to let me experiment ; im fairley open to suggesstions and willing to learn have girlfriend who will partisipate or not if you prefer come on teach an old dog new tricks send photos i love photos untill i know you no photos of me but im sporting a big 9 inch toy 4 u
we WANNA PLAY ))) ((((((( we are real just no BS we know what we want )))))))(( we want to play & take photos )) and we would like you to be a couple and play together but single girls please write i like to play & take photos with guys & girls so if your cam shy then your not for us we are looking for a bi female or couple to play with and out of the bedroom!! no single men and no husbands that play alone. we like same room sex since he is a voyuer..and he will be taking the videos or photos when i play,, we are always looking for long term friendship.. with the right couple or a bifem........ ---------------- we love sex as much as the next . we like too meet first .then go from there you don't have to be barbie & ken. (( sorry but iam into white only )) not into (( Interacial ))) SO please DON'T ASK ME .... "sex is best when you do it with some one you love and we know what we love..hehe my hubby is a photographer if you need photos call us we will shoot you for free for your own use .or you could pay if you like you will always get your moneys worth.. I am in the OCT 4 2004 Issue of GENENSIS & 12/04 Issue of HUSTLER & in the Best of BEAVER HUNT 2004 YOU WILL GET COPYS OF ALL PHOTOS ,,
Hello, I am Cindy. I am an 18 year old bi female. I am new here..not really sure what to expect. I have placed some nice "shaved pussy" photos in my Private gallery. Just ask for the photo PIN. Soon , I will be adding a few nude "girl-on-girl" photos (probably around September 1st) ; the purpose of these photos is to show how I interact with another female.
Married Indian weatish FAIR skin seek BIMALE with No Hair , Smooth body>shaved/ Waxed for 3some husband BI would want me to be satisfied ... Fucked as he can't. We are in South London, Can Accommodate, Late evenings Nothing Kinky or Painful. Reply with full Facial photos in Clothes, few photos in NUDE of Front > Cock, Body, Bottom, Back Photos when u reply. Genuine Ad.
I'm my 50 tall stocky good attitude large thick 8" cock needing daily riders from ebony women with large tits large nipples and large ass anal. I live alone 8n Spokane love to masturbate shooting massive cum loads
When browsing/searching I would like to see icons next to a person's name indicating if they have photos. There should be an icon for free photos, an icon for paid photos, and an icon for locked photos.

It would also be cool if you could search on who has free/paid photos, so you don't get profiles with only locked ones. I also think it would be cool to search on audio files, just to see what people are posting.

Finally, another site we're on has a once-click "new photos" search that will show the newest photos posted to the site. A nice feature for the voyeuristic!

Thanks, otherwise this is the best site we've seen!

Above all please include photos of you. If you don't want to show your face that's understandable. Even a clothed body shot is something. I pretty much ignore profiles with no photos or bs photos like your car.
the html tag for using thumb nails to access a larger photo is really very simple and I think it would be great to see large sized photos on the site. I have no idea of your available storage space or any of that, but it would be so cool.

I'd rather not allow photos to be attached to emails for a few reasons. First of all being that I already allow each member to upload 50 photos to their profile. Knowing how much mail gets sent on this site every day, the storage requirements for being able to attach photos to each email are tremendous. It's a great idea in theory, but it simply requires too much storage for such a minor enhancement (people can already attach photos from their profile). Members can attach photos from their private section if they want them to remain private.

hi, i'm Ron, and I only have the one photo (the one in my profile) problem is, I have not the technology nor the knowledge to post other photos.

ok, if someone, living near me here in Glen Rose, would be kind enough to help me by taking some nekked photos of me...FOR me, and help get them on-line, I would thoroughly suck your cock, or eat your pussy...and whatever else you would like.

if a couple could help, that would be even better (I would love to have photos of me giving a blow-job) !!!

Bumping this... my photos have disappeared. I've gone through mail and open "photo comments". The comments are posted but photos are gone... today I tried to take New photos and as soon as I tried uploaded, I would get kick off server. I then log back in and try again with same results...


Posing For Pics
I have been a photographer for over 40 years, and I have been known to participate in some of my own photos ;) you may have seen some of my work in various forum posts, and for sure if you have looked at my profile photos :-D Billy: we need to talkLaughing
Interested in takeing nude photos of men in and out of thier boxers or briefs be at least 40 or older wm hwp I.m in Kenosha Wi and can host no face in photos unless you say ok
Men Eating Cum While Women Watch
my gf Marge used to watch me sucking men and took photos she has seen me eat alot of fresh hot semen and she enjoyed it we always had hot oral sex after the guy would leave :) I have posted some of the photos she took of me with men :) enjoy
We love to take new photos all the time and he loves to look at photos of others
Flower I am new to this group and have a photography Studio in Fenton, MO. I would like to offer my services to all who need good quality photos to post. There is no charge for this servoice, The photos will be posted on a disc for you to take home with you. BenHug
Digital Photography
I'm mostly disappointed with the posted photos I see on Bisexual Playground. Digital photography is an exciting new way for one to control the quality of the photographs one takes and publishes. There are thousands of helpful sites on the Internet that teach digital photography technique and processing. If one loves to take photos of one's wife or husband in sexual action, the digital camera is a new "freedom" tool that allows us to do that. My wife loves to shoot photos of me with other men (when they agree) and she promises to protect their identity and not show their faces unless they agree. We have thousands of great photos in our digital scrapbook. She has posted a few on our profile here and we change them often. Unfortunately, most of the women she brings home won't let me photograph or even participate, for that matter. We have met a few great couples over the years with whom we get involved in four-way sex play. We have some photographs of those couples.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!