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Mainstream Movies with Bisexual Scenes

Mainstream Movies with Bisexual Scenes on Bisexual PlaygroundMainstream Movies with Bisexual Scenes on Bisexual Playground
Mainstream professional by mainstream life, but very bi in reality and very kinky, respectful and fun to be with
Over the top flirt, very femme with an unnatural attachment to her shoe collection LOL. I like to think I'm funny, sexy, and interesting, but you'll be the judge of that. My morals probably don't fit in nicely with mainstream America, but hopefully I'm not too far out of the mainstream here. Lets talk and you'll get to know more.
hi, I like mainstream activities hi, I like mainstream activitieshi, I like mainstream activitieshi, I like mainstream activitieshi, I like mainstream activitieshi, I like mainstream activitieshi, I like mainstream activitieshi, I like mainstream activitieshi, I like mainstream activitieshi, I like mainstream activitieshi, I like mainstream activitieshi, I like mainstream activitieshi, I like mainstream activitieshi, I like mainstream activitieshi, I like mainstream activities
i am an open guy that enjoys most sexual scenes. like sex with mf couples and mm. groups scenes are cool as well.
very open and honest,clean,d/d free.enjoy doing many things.looking for couples,males,females,tv/ts/cd s,dommies,or sissys love to play roles and should have been in movies.very daring and will try anything 3 times.nasty,kinky and extreme sex is what i like and not falling into the mainstream of life.
Just a chill dude whos down for anything really Mainly lookin for a partner or someone to have fun with every now and again  I like going out for walks  Hit me up if you ever wanna chill and go out and about I'm into any music except country  But don't get me started on the banjo I don't like the banjo  Trying to learn how to play the bass Mainly anything local to Palmdale if you live in la I got some cash for gas if anything I also like watching movies I'm an idiot suvont when it comes to remembering movies  So I tend to remember a lot of comedy scenes from old movies Also I like doing stuff with white powder ;)
I can't think of any examples, but the Eastern European ones tend to have more scenes where both men are having sex with the woman.Hug

you can look at some of the scenes in different videos and see which ones look like the women are more involved. You can see the non-explicit pictures without paying anything. I like this site because you don't have to watch the whole movie, just the scenes you want. It's mostly gay porn, but there's enough bisexual porn to choose from. I spent over $500 there in the past three years watching mostly gay porn.
Thanks for the update on "kink club" Ive seen it all over adam and eve and was debating on checking it out, thanks for saving us the trouble. So far the best bi stuff has been compilations. We like many of the scenes in "Big dick bi's" and "bisexual ass pumpers" only problem is after awhile you keep getting the same scenes in different video's. We both really like the scenes with tina tyler and (don't know his name) a big shaved head guy. They are always pretty hot no matter who the 2nd guy is with them.
three pillows is a bisexual movie site. I have never really watched any of their movies because I am not much of a fan of adult films, but they have a good reputation. I have seen still photos from 3 pillows, and there are lots of MMF and FFM scenes there. good luck I hope you find what you want. willy
My wife, Vixie, of course. And Helen Mirren. Check out some of her earlier movies like White Nights. She was not afraid of doing naked sex scenes when she was young and still does.
The reason why is simple. A lot of Closeted Bi Sexuals feel that being Bi is OK if there is a woman present. The Porn industry feeds off this and makes the movies geared toward what people want. Thus the main stream MM with the W watching. I used to have a membership on an Adult DVD site and rented quite a few, ok over 150, bi movies and found that based on the studio was a simpler way to find the female involvement. The moves that have Threesomes and Group Sex were the ones that showed active involvement by all parties involved and no one got left out by the time the movie was over.

To agree with the ease of finding any such movies, until the Bisexuality of Men is accepted more, the best and easiest place to find such movies will still be on line as most Adult Stores are usually filled with the more acceptable porn of couples and bisexual women.

28. Play with the calculators so that they all spell "hello" upside down. reall think this one should be boobless instead if hello.

and here is number 70
take the gi joes and have them acting out gay sexual scenes with Ken and take Barbie and have her acting out lesbian scenes with skipper hell here is 71

take the gi joes and ken and barbie and skipper and have them acting out sexual scenes with al the farm animals you can find. While batman and robin are playing iwht the transformers


Bisexual Porno
"Bisexual Encounters of the Extreme Kind" #1 in a series is the best Bi-Porn movie I have seen. These people really enjoyed doing what they did. There was so much bareback ATM scenes and they were so into it. That's the kind of group I would love to hang out with.
Bisexual Porno
We both enjoy watching bisexual porn featuring Male Male Female , Male Female Male, Female Female Male sex scenes and when a friend or two comes over its a nice way to set the mood for a night of sex...Cock Pussy Blowjob :-P Sex
Amateur Porn
I'm trying to get started and do a few scenes myself:)
Bisexual Singles
Watching Porn
love imitating scenes with another guy when i wear panties and be the porn slut
Cum In My Ass
I'm surprised there isn't already a discussion in progress. Some of the hottest porn scenes I have ever seen ended with a cum kiss. Do you have any stories to tell?


Thank you Bill & Pattie, the Bisexual Playground makes finding bisexual playmates easy.