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Age, Preference:
75, Bisexual
60, Straight
Gender, Race:
Male Caucasian
Female Caucasian
Practice Safe Sex:
Only when it's requested
Once in a while
I have a good amount of experience
I am a newbie (no experiences)
5' 8, 242 lbs. (Overweight)
5' 2, 140 lbs. (Muscular)
Short Grey
Long Multi-Colored
Eye Color:
I have glasses, but I don't wear them often
I don't have glasses
Interested In Ages:
40 - 99
40 - 99
Looking For:
Single Men
Single Women
Single Men
Will go as far as:
Meeting in person
Short Term Relationship
Long Term Relationship
Meeting in person
Short Term Relationship
Long Term Relationship
Interested In:
1 on 1 Sexual Relationship
M-M-F Threesome
M-F-M Threesome
M-M-F Threesome
UPDATE: Vixie is temporarily, we hope, unable to enjoy sex due to severe arthritis and sciatica in her hips and legs. So she cannot participate.
We are a newlywed couple with matching strong sex drives and Vixie enjoys indulging Doc’s bi side with threesomes with bi men. We always play together, but we want a guy who would be fine with just getting into a hot 69 with Doc by himself. Vixie is not bi. And she did not want Doc to touch other women. But she now has given her blessing for Doc to play with couples. Couples with bi men are definitely preferred. But Doc is very respectful of boundaries and would never make anyone uncomfortable. Honesty and trust is essential to intimacy. It goes without saying but we evidently need to say it-- If you list as straight but tell us you're bi, you are not creating a good basis for a sexual relationship with us. We're happy to chat however. We do not ever want to be the cause of collateral damage to an innocent wife, so she must always be aware if not involved. A moment of naughty fun should never risk heartache. It's just not worth it.
Doc is a big furry teddy bear with full beard and more than a few extra pounds. Vixie is a very sexy woman with a great figure and incredible eyes. Doc is a retired health professional and Vixie is an artist and full time mom. We have a 14 year old daughter living with us so meetings are when she is in school, or staying with friends or relatives. This usually takes planning but sometimes is spur of the moment. So we are very discreet and private about our (and your) sex life
We are healthy and clean. And generally very horny. Don't let our age stop you. We don't.
Getting Together:
BiDocAndVixie has gotten together with someone through a site like this before.
BiDocAndVixie can entertain at their home.
BiDocAndVixie would like to meet at an Other....
BiDocAndVixie can travel up to 60 miles.
Ideal Situation:
Becoming acquainted by email, then meeting for coffee to check out the vibes. We prefer to meet at least once with no sex that time. We generally have good instincts and have learned through a bad experience to trust them. We both have right of refusal. We don't need this for a full sex life. But we like the fun and excitement it adds sometimes. We are very careful about STDs and will have you take the 20 min. home test which we will provide. Don't worry, it's just an oral swab like a pregnancy test, and if you pass, no condoms are necessary and we can get right to the fun. And if the test is positive, well, no hard feelings but we can't risk our daughter's security. So as soon as the test shows negative, we get comfortable (naked) and get it on. We like to take time, with lots of soft caresses and foreplay. Leading to passionate rolling around. Vixie has a couple of restrictions but within them we will all have a great time . Let's roll around like newlyweds!

BiDocAndVixie's Rating

8.4/10 by 69 people

BiDocAndVixie's Status


I have been friends with Doc for awhile and I can only imagine what vixie would be like?
I wish I could get in my car and join them!
A kinda Vixie sandwich between two large buns!
No offense Doc !
I want you too !
I hadn’t read their profile in awhile and it is exactly like I picture them
You can’t go wrong with being friends with these two
Or maybe more?
Nice profile

Great profile.
Amazing and sexy

your profile. We are much alike in that our age difference between spouses. it
very thoughtful profile and super cute couple!
Hi would luv to chat, Nice couple
Super thoughtful profile. This is how a profile should be written folks! I learned more about this couple from reading their profile than is possible after weeks of half hearted back and forth email with some other members. I also find everything believable.
Cheers to Doc and Vixie!

such a hot and sexy couple
Yummy titties
Awesome couple would love to join them 😋
A wonderfully honest and open couple whom I hope to get together with very soon. They respond to polite inquiries and don't play any games whatsoever!
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