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Married Couple Bisexual Experiment Tube

semiretired / youthful appearance/ play piano like music -experiment with electronics/sound systems - tube type communications radios.
We are a nice,outgoing ,open minded married couple lookin to experiment sexually, bicuriously with a gay or bisexual man or bisexual couple. We are clean D/D free
We are a married couple looking to experiment with a bisexual woman.
Very hot and seductive tube couple
Late 40s bisexual married male, looking to experiment and have more fun as a single and also as a couple
we are a married couple trying to spice up our sex life...head over heals in love with each other but he don't have the parts i want to experiment with and i don't have the parts he wants to experiment with there for ....we need to bring in that right person(s) to have a good time and experiment with

Bi-curious guy here who's never been with a guy. Looking for someone to talk to about it, get to know each, and perhaps meet up to experiment. Nervous but excited about it so looking for someone or a couple (MM or MF) I could get comfortable with. I think ideally I'd like to try to experiment with another bi-curious male in his 30's or 40's who has little or no experience, and either single or married. If you fit the bill, drop me an email. Thanks.

We are Asian Indian married bisexual couple, love to swing with bisexual man or bisexual couple

We are a married couple looking to experiment with another bi couple. We'd be interested in a foursome.
Want bisexual boyfriend or couple, we are married Asian Indian bisexual couple love to play with you
I’m looking for a VERY discreet bi/bi-curious guy (25-40) or bi couple (25-45) to experiment with. Nervous & married first timer here
From what I saw in your profile- You sure sound like just the right person for me !

I am happily married. I've only had a couple of very minor bi experiences (with a close friend who I had suspected was bi for a long time!). The cool thing about that was that I trusted him and knew that we could just play around and experiment without any worries or judgements. Also because he was happily married I knew that he wasn't gonna go fall crazy in love with me or something. It was just for mutual safe fun. Anyway, sad to say, we no longer live close to each other so the little 'fun experiment' is over.

So, anyway, I'm just a regular guy who likes a bit of slightly kinky fun on the side. I'm not a crazy weirdo or gay guy looking to score straight men or any other bulllshit. I don't know if these types of concerns had crossed your mind but they occurred to me!

I'm very easy going and discreet! I realize that not everything I'm interested in doing is 'accepted' by society and so it's important to know when to keep things to oneself! I would expect the same. I like a couple of beers, a couple of laughs, and, if I feel comfortable with the person- a little of that 'fun foolin around'. As to the 'looks' department I'm about average in the face. Bit of extra poundage around the middle (which I'm working on at the gym right now).

If that appeals to you...give me a holler and we'll just see if we wanna do this thing.


Couples Searching For Bi Males
We are a happily married couple eagerly looking to meet a single bi-male or bi-couple in Citrus County FL. I love to watch my husband suck another man's hard throbbing cock! We have met with another couple before but the male was not bisexual. Looking for that full bisexual us!
Bisexual Swing Clubs
We are a married bi couple in Eastern NC. We know there is NO Bisexual swing club in the area, however we would like to know the best site to go to to meet bisexual couples. Hug
Male Female Couples
I had my first bisexual (as opposed to homosexual) activity when I was involved with a married couple with a bi man. ...I had a wonderful time with them and had lots of mutual oral with the man and grew to enjoy it, so II sought out similar couples. Since then I have had many good relationships with couples and have helped many a man to learn to enjoy the pleasures of bisexual swinging.
Bisexual MMF
We are a Bisexual married couple looking for the right guy to join us in a permanent 3-way relationship. check out our profile and get back to us.
Bisexual Married Men
I have been married to my wife for 25 yrs and I have to say that it has been wonderfully fun and sexually charged. However, as my wife realizes she does not have a penis and that I enjoy not only Blowjob on a beautiful thick hard Cock but that I Love having a hard thick throbbing Cock sliding in and out of my ass. She has consented to allow me to enjoy myself in this lifestyle with other men and will sometimes join in on the fun if she feels comfortable with a bisexual male we have befriended. Therefore, I am (we are) looking for bisexual single men and married bisexual men who honestly have their wives permission to play and have fun with sexually... ;)
Fucking Wife While Husband Fucks Me
I'd like to experiment with a couple


Hello, how are the two u doing? Well I am doing good lots of studying and typing. I am in my last year of college. I am 28 year old male. I was married for 5 years but I lost her to cancer at the age of 24. I am bisexual and looking for a couple to become intimate with and long term friendship. I love your web site and I feel that u have done a wonderful in helping pursue their sexual interest. Also, I wanted to tell the two of that both of u are sexy and u make a good looking couple. Thank u for the welcoming letter.