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Old People Fucklng on Bisexual PlaygroundOld People Fucklng on Bisexual Playground
Fun loving, genuine, emotionally sound people who're looking to explore threesomes with equally awesome people in Barrie. We like people who are smart, but not arrogant - who can be silly or serious, or both at the same time. We don't like dramatic people and often stay away from people who create drama. We like honest people.
We are very honest people who try our best to help people in need. We are both professional people at work, and at play. We are looking to meet new people who share the same values, interests as we do. We will not associate with dishonest people. Life is hard enough. We would like to have fun and experience single females or couples who are interested in alternative lifestyles. Hope good people respond for adult fun.
i am a 35 y/o swm who is interested in the lifestyle. I have not had very many sexual experiences and am really wanting to explore my sexuality. I am especially interested in being with a couple. i believe that people should not hate, and that if you want to do what you want to do without people judjing you then you should afford people the same courtesy. I believe in helping people and not putting anyone down. To be a human is to have compassion and understanding, not to put other people down or to want power over people.
What can i say. I'm an easy going person that likes to make people happy. I'm opened minded, and would try anything once. If I like it. I will keep doing it. I'm very attune to what people are feeling. I don't like to see people hurt or down. I can be a little shy at first, but once I get to know people I open up. There are alot of people out there that are player. I'm not in to head games. I'm looking for some people to have some fun with. Watching their faces as they start to cum. That makes me happy, knowing I caused if. sex is a two way street. You give a little, and get a little. If you want to know anything just email me. me.
I am very fun to be around.. I enjoy making people laugh and seeing them smile. I have a VERY OPEN MIND. And i like to say what is on it...LOL I love red roses and the sound of the rain falling down. I love massages and being intimate with people. YOU BE GOOD TO ME ...I WILL BE VERY VERY VERY GOOD TO YOU!! Dislikes are rude and uncaring people...people that cut you off on the highway....people who think they are better than everyone else and try to act so and most of all people who dont put there CHILDREN first!!... I love you all!! ; )
I am a very out-going individual. I love being around upbeat people. Everything I do I do because I want to not because I have to! I have been in very serious relationships ,and I've been in not so serious relationships. So I guess you can say I know the games that people play. On the other hand I've met alot of people that are just as real as I am! I am ready to find someone who takes life just as seriously as I do! I also want people to know that I'm not all serious though. I do enjoy my life as much as posible, but their are only so many things to do in a small a town as I live in! Their are also a limited amount of smart people who understand the way I work! so lets talk people!
I wish to tell all of you , I don’t take this with a grain of salt but I thought that people should be a ware of what is out there , I think that a lot of people don’t say anything about it and I not one of them! So don’t think I don’t care because I do that’s why I brought it up! But if all the people that have it then you probably have been exsposed to it and never even been told about it ! As many people have said that many people have this ! I just wish more people would be open to let others know ! Sam 1356
I know gay people and straight people...but I don't know any bi people. It'd be nice to make some new connections with some cool bi people in the area. I love sex, a lot...but i also like people who are just real. Looking for people to hang out with, see and experience some new things with. I'm from San Diego, but since i've moved to LA, i've grown a little isolated. Anyone relate?

Also if your HOT and want to have some safe fun...hit me up? VGL guy here, genuine and love making girls scream and guys cream :-)
wow.....thats unbelievable. why would people like that even be on a site like this? or if they don't want contact from a certain type of person or people just use the blocking feature? that's what its for people. hope the rude & anti-social read these messages & get the picture. we're all here to get to know other people & because we're all supposedly open-minded people. sorry some of you have gotten lambasted by the ignorant.
I do want to say thank you for your feedback on this subject, I feel that most people have very little knowledge,on the subject and I want to be open with people that I might meet,I do believe that most people are up front with each other but,if that was true I probably would not have this now, but who knows, I could have gotten it when I was a little kid, from a drinking glass ,or other ways ! I just hope more people are more willing to let people know things so this doesn’t half to happen! Thanks again to the people who gave me feedback! Sam1356
Yeah we agree, if you don't trust the people you are playing with with your life, then condoms are a necessity. We always know the people we play with very well, and not usually people who play with a lot of other people, so we are very careful. The threat of S.T.D.s is still out there just as bad as it has been, but i think people are a little numb to it now. - Chris
There are people out there looking for all kinds of body types. If you're not afraid to use what you've got, then people will notice that confidence and heads will start turning. I'm not going to say that everybody has to have a picture and full physical descriptions, but not posting any information or photos makes it seem that people are not comfortable with their bodies (even if they are), and that's a big turn off for most people. Don't be scared, people. You don't want to be with somebody who's going to judge you for your appearance anyway, and you might be surprised how many people are just looking for honesty and confidence. You've only got one body... work it!


Womens View On Bisexual Males
Bisexual men who are "out of the closet" are a major turnon for me. They own their sexuality, are adult enough to think for themselves about what turns them on, as opposed to being a slave to uptight, puritanical concepts of masculinity. What I REALLY like is a polyamorous 3some in which 3 people kiss, 3 people have sex, 3 people get it on, and of course, I'm the Monkey in the Middle and the Queen of the Beehive. If you do have a 3some, women, make SURE the men have sex too!!! I recommend it highly!
We don't watch porn because it turns us on, on to masterbate from watching it.. Just why not watch something where people are all naked rather than wearing clothing? We simply like to watch people just for the sake of watching them.. We're VERY picky about the people in the porn, if they don't meet standards, we turn the page or flip the channel!
I love to travel, and we do it for a living too! Its nice to meet other people on the road that way we can get to know other people other than ones that live near us.
Friends Masturbating
I love to masturbate with other people, guys and girls. Great fun watching people enjoying themselves! ;)
G-Spot Orgasms
Ok, there are how many people on this site... and only eight people interested in g-spot orgasms? I just refuse to believe that. Must be a computer glitch!
HI People. I didn't know there were some many people into rimming. I love it when men and woman rim me. anyone interested? Tania


Well thank you for putting up this website. I just started to look through it last night and will continue as time allows. I am a grad student out here in VA and about ready to move to AZ and well this seems like a really good place to meet like minded people since I will know just a few people in AZ, namely an old buddy of mine and an old friend from my undergraduate days. I thought you guys did a great job on the questionnaire, it was longer than most but it was very complete and I am sure will make me a much more informed person when I choose to send out a hi ya to some people. Again thank you for putting up this website.