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Meaning of Thumb Rings for Men

Meaning of Thumb Rings for Men on Bisexual PlaygroundMeaning of Thumb Rings for Men on Bisexual Playground
6'1 165pds, clean shaved from head to toe, ear rings and nipple rings, out going, opened mined, open to new things, love sex and lik it freak nasty, love to have fun
Large cut meatotomy on a very small penis but THUMB fits in
⁶.00 tall DAMNED tired of being a lone WOLF,thumb and her four sisters are quiting!!
Just a regular guy looking for something new and exciting! General rule of thumb is to try anything once. Love to watch and get really turned on by couples.
Im 5' 10 235 lbs football player type body walk evry day I have no thumb which couples find interesting
I'm a very sesative gal... Meaning senasative to others needs.. I'm funny.... I'm witty.. and ~SPONTANEOUS~ I'm very sexual... Meaning loving to touch and feel... I'm also very eager to have a sexual with another girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SexyRose .... awesome - many thanks for the info ... I had heard about the thumb rings and also the fore-finger rings - but never knew which side, etc to wear them ... I will pass this along to her - many thanks :)
It's a funny thing. I think that maybe the thumb ring just appeals to a bisexual's fashion sense. All the bi gals I've known wear them, but they all (except one) say there's no connection. I also remember lesbian girls in college with tattoos on the base of the thumb (the one's I remember: and orchid, the letter "L," the letters "FF." I wonder what those meant? ;-) Thanks to everybody for the input.
Shall we try an experiment and all wear thumb rings for a week to see if we get more same sex hits? Just kidding..
Now that DOES look like fun! Gives a whole new meaning to sucking your thumb!

I'm not too sure about ythe ring being a signal for anything..Most of the lesbians i knew in AZ wore thumb rings so I'm not too sure about it being a Bi signal or anything...Well, just wanted to add my 2 cents worth....Sarah
I have quite a few cock rings, from a single ring, to a double helix, a triple helix , even one that is nubbed. A question I get asked often it looks painful, or is it painful? Most cock rings are very comfortable and have no discomfort, however I will say this that cock rings should not be worn longer than 30 min, even falling asleep with a cock ring on can be dangerous as cock rings cut off blood flow to the penis.
Not to to fear, cock rings can provide,and aid in years of pleasure if used correctly
Hi....I would like some advice on * cock rings*. I have never used a real cock ring and have seen many different styles. Would like to know whats the best or most comfortable or what ones do the best job. I have seen metal rings...rubber rings...and even seen 3 ring cock rings. I say I never used a *real* cock ring but what I have done before is to *tie up * my cock. I usually use a shoelace for this.I loop it around my balls, then my cock and then around both. I love the feel of my cock when it is so hard from being tied up.


Gives a whole new meaning to, “taste the rainbow”
Harley Davidson
this dude has his thumb out
Cock Rings
Rings rule!
Surly meaning women wearing Dresses
Cock Rings
I agree ... cock rings are HOT.
Body Piercing
I Love to have my rings sucked when I am cumming


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