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I find my nipple piercings to be very erotic.....just give a yank....and I'm ready!:)
I Love to have my rings sucked when I am cumming
I just got both nipples pierced the other day. I kept it secret from my spouse because I wanted to keep them all to myself for a little while. It feels so good sliding the bars in and out and licking them. Tonight we had arranged to have a threesome with one of our best friends, both of them said they didn't care for them.....coulda fooled me because neither one of them could stop playing with them!! I am definately happy that I got them pierced (which was extremely pleasurable all by it's self!!) My only regret, that I didn't get them done sooner!!!
My left nipple is piercied and so are my cock and ball sac and I love them.Kiss
My hubby wants to get a frenum (jacobs) ladder.He would like to know from anybody who has gotten it done, how bad does it hurt and how long until he can fuck me again. Now I would like to know from anybody that has felt this inside them how much does it enhance sex???? thanks everyone Kiss
I have my tongue, belly and nose peirced. I Love to suck on Cock with my barbell in.KissFlower:-P
Body Piercing on Bisexual PlaygroundBody Piercing on Bisexual PlaygroundBody Piercing on Bisexual PlaygroundBody Piercing on Bisexual Playground

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