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Men Looking for Sex on the Beach and Sand Dunes

Men Looking for Sex on the Beach and Sand Dunes on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Looking for Sex on the Beach and Sand Dunes on Bisexual Playground
I like to have fun, go out to the beach, sex outside is always fun, movies and cuddling, sand dunes, dirt bikes, cooking....
love theout doors, hunting, fishing, campin love the sand dunes, hangin out with my buddys.
I'm a tomboy at heart, girly sometimes. I'm shy at first but once you get to know me, I'm a cool person, love to laugh and have great time! I want to have respect in every ways with everybody, and I expect the same. Hot summer, I love to go to the beach, walk on the sand as water waves on my feet, write in the sand and decorate it. There is nothing better than share your moments with one you like!
fun-loving libertarian couple. Love naked outdoor anytime we can. Like to be watched & watched at the beach n the dunes.
sexy couple looking for fun on the beach with sand in her butt and sun in on her chest
Live alone in need of a close friend like to travel beach and sand
In response to such a pretty face I have had sex outside several times and it is exciting and exhilarating. They were one time I did it behind the sand dunes in the middle of the day on the beach and the beach was crowded
For me it was with a girl. we had been camping which mean drinking and smoking so we went in the woods, and wondered through some trails. we decided to go off the trails and ended up on the beach front behind some dunes. rather than head for the top and to the beach, we decided to strip down and lay out nude, as we were laying there, she kept messing with me, and eventually started giving me head and shortly afterwards i was fucking her in the sand...ended up half dressed walking back covered in sand...

For a guy it was on a cruise, i met a cpl in the steam room and we instantly hit it off...ended up giving head and getting head while there
Guys... I've done the beach sex adventure a few times..... unfortunately in NJ, can't build a bonfire, and have to be very discreet!!!! Just a word of wisdom, and not sure about the beaches around the rest of the country ..... if you're gonna get busy, do it on a blanket. Sand in the wrong spots is not fun, and the sand fleas are a bitch!!!! Having done the beach thing, I'd prefer a hot tub in the rain or snow - the water jets, temperature sensations... so erotic
Another great weekend at the beach, any Ontario folks or people with and hour or so drive you should really check out this beach in port Burwell . You pay to park in the provincial beach got to lot 5 and when you cross the board walk turn right and walk until you are out of the park bounds. A nice clean spot, warm water and lots of friendly naked people. You can enjoy the sun and scenery make some friends - there are some extracurricular activities if you are looking and know but it is generally kept off the beach it’s self to pop up shade tents or in drift wood huts and behind the dunes.
For all of you with foot fetishes ;)

Plaster of Paris
Small bucket (may be needed to carry water or sand)
4-inch lengths of string, optional

1. Go to the beach or make up your own box of sand big enough for your want your sand to be moist and hard packed

2. Firmly press both feet into the sand. The prints should be about 1/2 inch to 2 inches deep. (If your child or you can't press down that hard, you can use fingers to dig down into the print, following its shape.)

3. Mix up the plaster, according to the directions on the package, so that it has a thick, creamy consistency. Pour the wet plaster gently into the footprints

4. To make hangers, tie a knot about a half inch in from each end of the pieces of string. As the plaster begins to harden, push the knotted ends into the plaster and let dry.

5. After 20 to 25 minutes, gently dig the footprints out of the molds and brush away any excess sand. Set sole-side up in the sun for about an hour to let harden.
I propose a party beginning on June 1 2008 that can last for as long as we decide to stay, maybe 2 to 6 days, depending on availability, this location offers a campground so we can either sleep there or get motels and drive to the beach, depending on what is more comfortable for each person. I propose that each member can make his or her own sleeping arrangements and we can all bring whatever food we wish to share.

Horseneck Beach State Reservation

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR THE 2008 SEASON: To accommodate electric line repairs in spring 2008, Horseneck will offer walk-in camping only between May 2 and June 19, 2008. Reservations may be made for dates of June 20 – October 12, 2008.

Horseneck Beach
Rte. 88, Westport Point
508-636-8816 The Campground Phone number

Spread across nearly 600 acres of barrier beach and salt marsh, Horseneck Beach is one of the most popular facilities in the Massachusetts State Forests and Parks system. Located at the western end of Buzzards Bay, the sandy, southwest-facing, 2-mile long beach is breezy all year round, providing excellent wind surfing and a dependable respite from sweltering inland temperatures every summer. The combination of ocean beach and estuary habitat makes Horseneck one of the premier birding locations in New England. Behind the dunes near Gooseberry Neck (a rocky headland at the eastern end of the Reservation), is a 100-site campground.

Things to know before you go…
The campground office hours are 8am–10pm; the regular camping season is from mid-May through mid-October. Swimming is only permitted at designated beaches in the reservation, and pets are not allowed at beaches and swimming areas. All the sand dunes are protected-entrance prohibited.

Park Directions
Horseneck beach is located in the southernmost part of eastern Massachusetts.

From Boston: Rte. 93 south to Rte. 128 north. Follow Rte. 128 north a short distance to Rte. 24 south. Follow Rte 24 south to Fall River and the intersection with Rte. 195 east. Follow 195 east to exit 10 and Rte. 88 south. Follow Rte. 88 south 11 miles to the end and follow the signs.

From Providence, RI: Follow Rte. 195 east to exit 10 and Rte. 88 south. Follow Rte. 88 south 11 miles to the end and follow the signs.

From Cape Cod: Take 495 north to Rte. 195 west. Follow 195 west to exit 10 and Rte. 88 south. Follow Rte. 88 south 11 miles to the end and follow the signs.

If there are enough interested persons, i will follow up with a posting here of motel and hotel phone numbers and any other requests for information


Nude Beaches
There is a great nude area on South Padre Island, Texas. Just drive north from the hotels (Atlantic side, not Laguna Madre) and drive along the wet sand about a mile or more til you see naked people. park on wet sand and avoid the dry sand you will sink to your axles and need the 'land sharks' (tow vehicles) and they are costly... In Northern California, the best one is Stinson Beach on Rte 1 in Marin county :) there are many others, but these are the best I found:-DFlower
Fucked In Public
I have been to the nude beach in San Francisco at Devil's slide and given blowjobs behind small dunes. anybody walking closer than ten yards get a full view as do those on the cliff above the beach where the voyeurs hang out. It is nice to know my skills are being appreciated by those watching as well as the guy whose dick i am sucking. In a couple of hours i have sucked up to a dozen guys off and many came to me and asked if I would blow them after watching me suck others...:-DFlower:-DFlower|8B FlowerLaughing
I'd love to go back in time when we would ride our horses bareback down to the beach. Strip down naked and ride into the surf. Ride back up on the beach, all wet, and fuck our selves silly. Covered in sand. It was great. Lindawantabe
Nude Beaches
I love nude beaches! Haulover Beach is my favorite. Since I moved to South Carolina I have found that there are not any public nude beaches. Does anyone have any suggestions? With a beautiful coastline there has to be a place to take off your clothes and enjoy a day in the sand and sun.
I Love heading out to the pool, a nude beach, or a secluded beach where clothing is optional and I can get naked. That way I can get an overall tan and if its at a beach listen to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore as I bask in the sun...
Nude Beaches
We love the Red White and Blue Beach north of Santa Cruz, CA. It's a private owned beach and campground. We go there often. Have had some good sex there. The Aubrun Ravine near Sacramento is hot too. We are anxious to try Black Beach and San Onofre.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!