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I want top be fucked in a public restroom...I have thought about a woman jumping me in the restroom and fucking me silly. I also like the thought of my man and another man fucking me silly too! Kiss
I would totally love to be fucked in public by a male friend(s) while my wife watches and takes pictures...:)
this is so much fun. my last experience was with a man, we went into a ladies restroom he bent me over the sink lifted my skirt, i never wear panties when on a date just in case, he stuck his big uncut dick in my pussy, and pounded away, i was dripping wet, so much that it started rolling down my legs, just before he was about ti come he turned around and shot his Cum down my throat. best time ever.
I sucked him under a street-light - till he had to have me... He turned me around, told me to grab my ankles (while standing up) and fucked me for a good ten minutes, until he filled my ass with his warm cum until it ran down my legs...
Me and a bi buddy of mine suck each other off in a hooters parking lot then go in and totally make it obvious that we are checking out the hot waitresses(we want them thinking bi not gay), and when our waitress comes by we talk low so she has to get close enough to smell the cum on our breaths. Some girls freak some girls are intrigued but we always get some reaction. We also never go to the hooters in our area, just to keep some level of anonymity.
i am def game to get fucked in public ... what would get you off the most? let me know ... philly area here ...
I have been to the nude beach in San Francisco at Devil's slide and given blowjobs behind small dunes. anybody walking closer than ten yards get a full view as do those on the cliff above the beach where the voyeurs hang out. It is nice to know my skills are being appreciated by those watching as well as the guy whose dick i am sucking. In a couple of hours i have sucked up to a dozen guys off and many came to me and asked if I would blow them after watching me suck others...:-DFlower:-DFlower|8B FlowerLaughing
I was fucked in public I was at a gay bar and I was shooting pool and I was bending over to make my shot so he started playing with my ass and I started getting horny so he had me go out back with him and he started playing with my ass some more so so he pulled out his cock and I started sucking it then he told me to bend over end pull down your panties then he rammed his cock up my ass till he cummed
Fucked In Public on Bisexual PlaygroundFucked In Public on Bisexual PlaygroundFucked In Public on Bisexual PlaygroundFucked In Public on Bisexual Playground

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