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Men in Thongs with Hard Ons

Men in Thongs with Hard Ons on Bisexual PlaygroundMen in Thongs with Hard Ons on Bisexual Playground
We are an active couple and we love the outdoors. We both started wearing thongs in our teens, my wife at 13 and myself at 16. We have amazing thong tan lines and only wear thongs as underwear and at the beach. We are both college educated and work full time. We are both bi sexual and are very open sexually and love group sex with couples, men and women. Just wear your thongs!!
I always wear thongs/strings i love it in the arse by hard cock or a hard dildo ;), and i love giving blowjobs ;)
Im into mens g-strings, thongs (no womens panties) like to show off in thongs tight and tiny!
Tall Tan love wearing thongs and seeing thongs..........just checking things out......
Work out regularly so have a nice body. I'm interested in others that are in shape, mainly into stroking and sucking. Have many thongs and I love to see other guys in there thongs!
I'm an easy going, very open minded, fun, clean, and discreet male. (((MY MEMBERSHIP WILL EXPIRE SOON SO I WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO CHECK MAIL))). If you haven't noticed I love thongs and I wear male thongs all the time.
I was 16 and had been wearing thongs for about 6 weeks and my tan lines were really good. My bf And still in had me over we surfed and I wanted to show him mr thongs and tan lines. When he saw the tan lines I could see his cock getting hard. I took off his sweats and just went at it. I came really fast as I sucked him and he came and stayed hard for 3 more loads, one in my mouth and two in my ass
My wife likes my thongs, and I think they'e very comfortable. In fact we get a catolouge every couple of months from a company called Prevail Sports. They specalize in male underware, not just thongs, but jocks, briefs (bikini, regular, ect.) boxers, and others. My favorite are stir-ups. Thongs that go up over the shoulder. They look sexy and they're thongs!
I like stretchy thongs and get very turned on by other men with hard smooth bodies and asses who wear them as well. They look sexy on a man and accentuate the male body. ( Women who are shaved and wear thongs turn me on too ! )
Love wearing thongs, male thongs looks soo nice with a huge package behind.
Women thongs looks so good with a pussy behind.
Both works just fine to keep plugs in place.
Let me know if u enjoy my pics.
I love women and men in thongs . I love how women have wet spots in there thongs and how men have to tuck there cocks into them with there wet spot . So hot I'm getting hard thinking about it !
I LOVE wearing thongs and g-strings! I have a few male thongs and thong bathing suit i got in Miami but mostly I wear womens thongs and g-strings. Only issue is when I get excited and the material cant hold it in. hehehe...but that makes me more excited.Kiss


I love to wear thongs, haven't got any other underwear anymore... I do however only wear men thongs... also on the beach it feels great to show off your butt and that sexy thong tanline after days in the sun is amazing...:)
Panty Licking
licking moist thongs/panties makes my 7" cut cock hard as a rock...
Cock To Cock Rubbing
We both had silky thongs on, we layed on one another and were rubbing each others cocks like crazy, both got so horny we started french kissing each other. ( Neither of us liked kissing before!) We layed in bed, fondling, kissing, licking and humping for almost a half hour. We both came so hard, we just held each other and kept on lightly kissing each other, on our necks, chest, thighs...we started deeply frenching each other again, got rock hard and started humping all over again.
Men Wearing Thongs
I love wearing thongs
Love to sniff thongs as i JO...
Men Wearing Thongs
I prefer wearing thongs or nothing at all...:)


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