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Stranger Cums in Wife Before He Can Pull out

I am an educated polite and experienced orally bisexual mixed race English Gentleman. I am a member of a number of swingers clubs in Florida. I love to join and play with bisexual couples. My favorite position, 69 with the wife while the husband fucks his wife. I like to pull his cock out from his wife and have a good suck and lick, before re-inserting into the wifes pussy.
Bi-curious couple. I trying to get my wife to have sex with a stranger
I am a very faithful husband and am only doing this for my wife who dreams about another woman licking her pussy then they 69 with my wife on top and I get to fuck my wife from behind hopefully with her pussy being licked at the same time as she is licking the other womans pussy I am pounding she cums like never before.
Married Couple looking to satisfy a curious pull by the wife.
married couple. Wife wants a little more action in bedroom than husband can give. "cums too quick". Looking for someone who can finish wife off.
Couple seeking another couple to have fun with. We are in a female led relationship where the wife is in charge. The wife cums so much while the husband doesn't get to as he wears his nightie.
we love to watch cum sharing couple's, when the man cums in his wife's. mouth and then she kisses her back and share the cum or two girls blowing a man and he cums in their mouths and they kiss or the husband cums in wife's pissy and he locks it clean
my wife and I are still relatively new to this life style, I'm bi she's not. But we have found she loves to watch, help me give another guy head, not into anything else as far as male to male. Don't care to have him perform oral on me nor him penetrating me. We love to have the wife be done by the other male while I would occasionally pull him out and blow him for a few then he goes back to her. Love to be underneath her while she is being done doggy style and he pulls out and puts it in my mouth then he either cums in her and I eat her or he pulls out and cums in my mouth.
i like doing it while on my back,,i love kissing during,,and i really love gazing into his eyes as he cums,,if you want his cum to stay in you for as long as possible,,heres a trick i have learned,,tuck a tampon under the pillow,,i hide it before sex,and use super plus,,after he cums inside of you,,discretely get the tampon,,and insert it,it slides right in,and helps with that awkward after sex cuddling and stuff,,when you happy that his cums been in you,,simply sit on toilet and pull the tampon string,,,,,all gone
A wife should always take photos and a video of her husband enjoying another man's cock. While the wife realize show sweet and cute it is to see him doing it, the moment needs to be captured for the husband to fully appreciate his efforts. Nothing compares to that moment of anticipation and excitement when a man cums in another man's mouth. It is absolutely precious. Bojjis, you should ask your wife if she can help set you up with two (or the more the merrier) men, so you can suck ones cock while the other is fucking you in the ass. Pretty easy if your wife just acts as a fluff and gets the men warmed up with some fucking or a blow job and then pass his cock over to you. If the guy complains, she can just massage his balls and encourage him to continue and enjoy it. If he's a good boy and cums in your mouth with a nice big warm load, he might have an opportunity with her. Totally her choice, not yours. if he cums in or on her though it is your job to clean things up with your tongue. When doing something like this, should you feel the need to cum yourself, your wife should help you double over with knees over your shoulders while either he, your wife or yourself masturbate you and keep your cock pointed towards your mouth so you get it all.
Never did this but it's my and another guy are naked, sitting on the couch and playing with each other. I am naked but wearing panties, my wife made me wear.
Wife says "my husband is a cuckold, cock sucker" and tells me to crawl over to them. The other guy starts slapping my face with his cock, with my wife's encouragement, and smears his pre-cum all
over my face. My wife laughs and says "look at him, he should have a cock in his mouth" The other guy forces his cock in my mouth and I suck for a while. He then pulls out and starts fucking my wife.
He cums in her and my wife tells me to lick her and lap up the cum, which I do. They rest a bit as I remain naked at their feet. He gets hard again and wipes his cock over her tits and then cums on them. My wife then tells me to lick his cum off her tits, which I do.

Being spent, they retreat to the bedroom and my wife tells me to sleep in the living room, my face covered in the other guys cum and the wife says "rest up" tomorrow, I want to see him cum in your mouth
An elderly couple was lying in bed one night. The husband was deaf and the wife was blind. The husband said we need to figure out a signal in case one of us is in the mood to make love.
The wife said okay, what do you have in mind?
Well, said the husband, if you want to make love just reach over and pull on my penis once.
And what if I don't want to have sex? Asked the wife.
Well.... he said, then reach over and pull on it FIFTY times.


Rape Role Play
I love the idea of being raped, I especially like the date rape idea. One of my biggiest fantasies is that my partner brings home a stranger (to me) and lets the stranger rape me while he watches, encouraging the stranger to be as rough as he likes.
Age Play
i love it when a total stranger cums on to me on the public bus while i pretend to sleep. 1st they fondle me, then bend me over and fuck me right there on the bus
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
I truly enjoy Blowjob on my friends hard throbbing cock, but I especially love it when after he fucks my wife and cums in her. He'll pull it out covered with their mixed juices and offer it to me to Blowjob... Yummy!!! :)
Men Eating Other Mens Cum From Their Wifes Pussy
Ahhhhh...eating cum from my wife's pussy...and it came from some other guy's cock! There's nothing that is more sexy then that to me! I love to watch a huge, hard cock fuck my baby's shaved cunt till he cums deep inside her! Hug Then to have him slowly pull his cock back out, and as soon as it leaves her cunt lips, I wrap my lips around the cock and suck it clean! Then my wife make's me lay on the floor as she mounts my head. Then she lowers her just fucked cunt to my open mouth. She pulls her hand away and the strangers cum runs from my wife's cunt into my mouth!Kiss Any thoughts or Fantasies to add?:-P James & Rae
Couples Looking For Bisexual Men
I'm a bisexual femboy who wants to be controlled by dominant wife forced to suck her husband's dick bent over like a little bitch and take his big dick in my ass and fuck me why eat her pussy she tells me what a good little faggot I am after he cums deep in my ass I want her to tell him to pull it out dick in my mouth so I can clean it like a good girl
Cum Baths
My wife enjoys having sex with a male friend and allowing him to slide his hard cock in and out of her until he is about to have an orgasm. However, sometimes when she gets playful she likes it when he pulls his cock out of her and cums all over her stomach and chest. I also enjoy it when a friend fucks me in the ass and sometimes will playfully pull it out and cum all over my stomach or back...:)


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