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Meth Turned Me into a Little Sissy Boy

Meth Turned Me into a Little Sissy Boy on Bisexual Playground
Mistress has made me her sissy slave and orders me to stay in front of the camera as I smoke lot of meth so I look like tiny drugged meth-cock sissy. Do you like my tiny, drugged meth-cock?
freaky dope sissy seeks PnP slavery encounters I'm a little sissy who Loves to party and play. TOTAL PnP Sissy dope slut!!! when I do a big shot of meth it turns into a freaky little slut. I'm trying to become the drug slave of a super hot female mistress, but in the meantime I thought it would be nice to have some freaky “get high” sessions with a female/sissy/couple NOT INTERESTED IN MEN!!!- (except in the context of the female forcing me to be sexual with another man for her amusement my humiliation ] also very interested in getting with a couple where the female is dominant and the male is a sissy cuckold slave very interested in getting together with a couple like that amusement and maybe we can film ourselves… and maybe we can post the footage for girls to laugh at I'm super into humiliation and feminization and Sissy play I'm very anal I'm not bisexual I'm not attracted to men but being with a feminized man is very humiliating and exciting to me. I only do my little transvestite sissy staying when I'm getting high so PNP is a must– You don't necessarily have to party but you should mind that I do and Ira get the hotter and sleazier again: PnP is a must I live in Los Angeles feel free to contact me directly if you like my email if you're interested in this I can exchange photos with you and whatnot please tell me a little bit about yourself as well I am a submissive to women but I can be a dominant OR submissive over other sissys NO SCAT/SNUFF/UNDERAGE/ANIMALS CONTACT: -I don't think they want people to send direct e mails so I put it in code: <it's all one word take out the spaces in between letters> s i s s y m e t h s l a v e {at} g m a i l {dot} c o m PMP meth dope inject slam spun humiliation daminozide demonstration cross dressing transvestite chastity speed Crystal Tina sissy transvestite drug blackmailed pimped spun Coke MDMA dope Crystal meth shards clouds shaved cuckold swinger
I love doing meth and dressing up in cute little panties and pantyhose stockings any kind of cute little outfit you want to put me in I'd love to find someone or a couple that would take me in and have their way with me buy me makeup cute little sissy outfits everything I need to be a cute naughty girl I've always wanted to be stretched out with huge dildos and for someone to stick a big rock of crystal meth in my booty hole and then push it up in my stomach with a brutal monster dildo I'm ready to leave here and never look back if u can take care of me and make me happy
Meth horny girl who wish she was molested by her pervert uncles when she was younger and make her try meth for the first time
I'm 33, 5'6", and 120lbs. I'm straight until I get high on meth. After that I fantasize that I'm a lil boi again. Meth is a must. The older the better.
Sissy bottom in training loves to wear panties and stockings and be trained to only orgasm through anal sex or toy riding and sissy hypno training that's forced and done in front of anyone master or mistress says as I'm laughed at an3d humiliated. Whore me out for you enjoyment. Into partying or being meth trained to help make me helpless and eager to please.. BBC train me. Make me a camwhore.
Get me hi dress me make me ur meth sissy cock slut
i`m looking to be turned purely sissy and suck cock,eat cum and get cock in my sissy pussy, i want to learn about living as a sissy for ever and worshiping big cocks ,to become a woman
true story,
my one time gf from high school met up she wanted to dress me in bran and panties and made her the sissy she wanted she took my dildoes and fucked me in my sissy pussy hole i was so turned on but sadly she left but encougres me to wear lingerie and sissy stuff and sniff my poopers so i can me more submissive to women and trans and men and i really love it.
Don't u hate it when people don't respond because of the drugs,, even know they have their own story to tell about sex on meth or crack ,, I personally fuck for hours on crack my dick get so hard when I take a hit and meth forget about it I will suck pussy for days literally
Was gifted with big tits big ass and a cock sucking mouth that can suck gone 8hr. I fantasy nothing more than to be turned into the Sissy cd bitch to service Men I am totally submissive obedient love sucking dick on my knees I really want to find someone who would show me the ropes help me become the Sissy cd
I love pussy always. Until my friend turned me on to meth. Then I just wear new cotton panties. I really want someone like Bailey Jay or an array of women that are fucking hot I'm feeling it my panties are keeping me on the edge of orgasms


Drug Sex
Hi I love drugs and sex. Especially stimulant drugs like meth. All I ever want to do is smoke meth with people and get naked and ask for meth slammed in my dick, meth shoved down my penis hole, rubbed all over my dick and meth clouds embarrassing my cock and balls. *Sigh* I wish, so much awesome. Especially if they just tie me up and make me so high on meth and inject it into all my male parts. I'd be happy to let them make my cock a toy and cum factory. 🥰 Love
Drug Sex
Hello all you hard docks. I like to get.high on meth and fucked in the ass. I also like it when there's a meth shard in my whole and let it melt a little before you fuck me. Will be anal ladyboy for meth. Inbox me asap
Molestation Fantasies
When I get spun I love to fantasize of me being sold to old Perverted men by my mom for meth and used like a little sissy slut
Sissy Slut Training
its been my fantasy to be made to dress and filmed agreeing to if given a bog rail of meth, ill submit to my inner sissy slut
Sissy Slut Training
its been my fantasy to be made to dress and filmed agreeing to if given a bog rail of meth, ill submit to my inner sissy slut
Drug Sex
I have been known to go for hours, even days with meth. Makes my husband an even worse cock fein than he already is! ! Good times. (No, We don't do meth all the time. But on occasion. ..we party! Anyone in Gulfport? Mississippi? Hit me up:-P


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!