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Michigan Heterosexuals

Michigan Heterosexuals on Bisexual PlaygroundMichigan Heterosexuals on Bisexual Playground
I'm a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. :) I'm outgoing, and enthusiastic about anything i put my mind into. I love lesbians although I consider myself only to be experimental/curious with women. Watching lesbians tends to get me hotter than heterosexuals does.
6 foot 2 215 pounds extremely muscular. bisexual male from Michigan bisexual male from Michigan. endowment 7&a half inches and thick.
Married for 2 years. I'm from Michigan and my husband is from Virginia. I go to western michigan university and my husband works at a factory till i finish school. I have been curious about women for a while now and of course my husband is interested in a threesome. most I've done with a woman is make out, and i liked it. So for my husband and myself, we have decided to find a woman for a threesome.
I am always happy and dont let anything or anyone get in my way of being happy. I am 6'2'', I have black hair and dark brown eyes, i am interested in white guys and mixed guys, Im scared of black people so thats why i dont date them, i have always wanted to try having sex with the same sex as me, i tried it and enjoyed it but i still love my women, i believe in Jesus Christ but he made us this way and peopke shoukd accept us for who we are and not for being the heterosexuals they want us to be, i believe if its not their problem they shouldnt worry about it
a good looking 40's cpl in n/w michigan
I'm mainly looking for fun in Michigan must travel to me
i think that each state should have moderators for verifying members......there are many members here in NY that want to become verified members, yet mods that can verify live so far away.......ive been a member now for a year........and love the site..soon id like to start a NY connection verification plan for members in my area in ny....while michigan has the big bp bbq if all goes well i will host the NY connection bbq for the same as michigan for those that can not travel to would be very cool.......lord knows we have members that want very much to be apart of the big bash,however travel is hard for some folks so i want to host for those that cant make michigan this yr.........its a great way for ny members to connect and be part of the festivities...........
Hi johnready

Just go to the Michigan state forums and read the " 7th annual Michigan BBQ " posts.

Mahk and Di are wonderful hosts. It is going to August 4th this year. Might also want to check out the Michigan Party post in the same forum as this.

If you can go you will have a wonderful time with great people. Good LuckClover

Where in michigan? I'm from battle creek. Thick native of michigan and i have all the right curves to please u. no photo yet sorry. but a must see.
This came up in chat a few weeks ago....

Not to take away from the HUGE BBQ in Michigan....

But has anyone thought about doing local ones....maybe State BBQ and we can make the Michigan one the National BP BBQ?
Hello Kitty,

Ed here in Michigan.....come join us at the Michigan BBQ and get the chance to meet a bunch of these people live and in person...
I made a mistake I'm going to be at the Riverview campground and Canoe Livery in Sterling Michigan not Breckenridge Michigan let me know if you want to come up


All Girl Orgy
i am from michigan and i host an all gurls weekend of fun and sex. if any women in michigan wanna get together email me and lets put one together!
Bibrazilmail i also am looking for lesbian and bi men and women friends.i am surrounded by heterosexuals! Ok except im a lesbian and would love to meet another woman and find love again...but rt now. Goddamm im horny as hell and past year have been wanting to just get fucked..yes would sound as tho i am bi but uhh god no man gives me the rush women to chat no i wont attack ya lol and believe i have a bigger heart than most and have alot of good qualities. You all will only know what you read and as far as horny men who just want a naughty slut than get at me..others. Ask about me..i do have a brain lol and can make a dam gd friend. Kiss
Glory Holes Michigan
Hi all. Glory holes are very rare here in the lower metro Detroit area. I've searched for them. Yes there's a few adult arcades on 8 mile and one on Warren Ave. But I asked them why they didn't have any glory holes. Reply was that if they got caught with gloryholes = getting shut down. I guess a law has passed in the early 80's that band the glory holes and wiped out lots of the ABS ADULT BOOK STORE ACTION. Club tabu..... Yes is one. And another one maybe not to far away from that area of lancing Michigan. But it is more than an hour drive from my place. The Body Zone in Detroit is always a good place and yes they have them ( if you want to enjoy exclusive gay action) because of it being a gay bath house. Had lots of fun there. There's a few ABS in the Toledo Ohio area , just across the state line of Michigan and they ( all 3 or maybe 4 of them have gloryholes). The best part of this is that couples male and female are allowed to play in there. Club tabu is the only one I know of that allows couples male and female to play in Michigan. Otherwise the few arcades in Michigan are only male. I was just at one in Toledo Ohio and had the rare occasion opportunity ( because of hit and miss) of a couple that happen to walk in. I casually observed and when they made it to the viewing booths ( glory holes) I quickly made my way to the booth the other side of there's. I saw the action but held my ediqute and hoped I had enough tokens for the time for action ( you are not allowed to be in booths to long without dropping money in the video player). Finally her finger is tapping into the hole and I was quickly taken in. It was a very pleasant and relaxing drive back home to Michigan. I'm totally open to meeting a couple at the glory holes. If anyone knows of anymore. PLEASE LET ME KNOW
Bi-Curious Men
I’m in Michigan
Women Who Like Bi Men
hi, s e michigan here, u?
Men Fucking Men With Women Participating
Im a Michigan man looking for a bi guy


Thank you for creating such a warm, inviting and honest site. I hope to meet some local connections in se Michigan. By the way, what are you two doing this weekend, lol