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Mistress Latex Pantyhose for Men Forced in Full Slip

Mistress Latex Pantyhose for Men Forced in Full Slip on Bisexual PlaygroundMistress Latex Pantyhose for Men Forced in Full Slip on Bisexual Playground
im 39yo man full bi 180cm 90kg. Im very intelligent and have somewhat good economy. i have never been married or have kids. i dont get nothing from normal vanilla relationship. thats why im looking for cruel sadistic mistress for me as gf or 24/7 realtionship etc. im really looking for leader who controls and i want to service her so shes happy an im very into beatings, torture if you need sadistic desires meeted. im not still maso i think. into body worship and making mistress happy. i have somewhat good economy and can support my mistress etc . im very into chastity. Heavy cuckold and full toilet forced feedings. and clamps ps im really looking for my owner please.
submissive sissy cuckold with limited experience. have been dominated,sissified,and somewhat cuckolded by past girlfriend and X . neither was all that into it.have had bi submissive feminization fantasies for years and crave the real thing. would like to find couple or possible dominant tv/ts to put me in my place (on my knees). would love to be forced to give oral service to master and mistress, especially when the mistress has a pussy full of hot cum. enjoy being dominated, feminized with sexy lingerie, humiliated,and forced to serve sexually and otherwise.some mild pain ok nipple torment etc. but nothing too extreme. USE ME!
i am a male 48 yrs old and i want to be forced into submission forced into feminization and most of all b forced to get on my knees and service my master or mistress of what ever he or she desires
sub sissy seeks mistress couple with dom female and sub males other sissies who desre tto suck my 7 inch cock and or get fucked. Seek femdoms into dildo worship ass worship foot worship smothering pussy worshippering couples with sissy husbands i would like threesomes me submitting to female and me dominating the sissy .also enjoy heel boot licking latex licking and dressing in sexy lingerie latex maid outfits short spandex dresses stockings or pantyhose corsets with garter straps But no footwear enless you have a size 17 womens shoe.
I am a 21 yr old male who is curious about crossdressing and serving a Female Mistress, i would like to be forced into sissy outfits to please my Mistress.
I am a submissive sissy. I am 5"5 and I weigh 234 pounds I'm a bigger guy. I am looking for a daddy or a mistress/ dominatrix. I am into forced feminization and being forced to suck a cock or eat a pussy
yes! I stole my sisters pantyhose, a silk slip and a bra! when i was a teenager! It was such a turn on! to this day I will go shopping for nylons and panties and garters and a silk slip. When I slip into a pair oh thigh high sheers and a garter, I actually feel more nude! makes my cock hard and dripping wet with pre cum!
sex in pantyhose is so hot and erotic. i love to shave my legs.cock balls slip on a pair of silky sexy sheer to waist pantyhose and panties and heels and cun in them from pantyhoseaddict
OMG Mistress Saylenia, spank me beat me make me wright bad checks. Your a hot Little Mistress. Whoops I'm sorry Mistress, forgive me Mistress.
Hug Flower Petee A little Victorias Secreat
I'm straight and not a full on crossdresser, butI love to wear panties 24/7. I wear pantyhose during cooler months and in the house I will parade in my undies and a slip. I have been doing this for more that 40 years. Lots of good stories.

If you like the feeling of panties on your dick, try wrapping a pair or two around your cock and stroke. It is awesome to come in panties.
Slowly introduce her. Buy her some sexy thigh high stockings then pantyhose and tights. Tell her how sexy and erotic they look on her smooth legs. If her response is good and you’re progressing well in the relationship, please shave your complete undercarriage and legs (very unattractive being in nylons with hair) slip into a sexy pair of pantyhose or tights under your pants 👖 and let the evening progress!
I love nothing better than put on a pair of my pantyhose and slip into one of my wife's dresses and high heels.


I wear all latex 24/7 I am a rubber master iove to see others in latex lovr to fuck in latex :-P
Woman That Like Crossdressers
i'd love to be in full enfem,makeup and all that,and have wet pantyhose sex with a hot babe,in the hoy tub.
Forced Sissy
Hi, full time sissy boi seeking black/white daddies or a Mistress
Forced To Suck Cock
I'd like to be forced to suck off a room full of big hard cocks. Wouldn't take much to make me do it. Just whip their cocks out and I'd suck all of them dry and enjoy every mouth full of cum.
Men In Pantyhose
Got turned on to pantyhose after stumbling upon A stiff cock in pantyhose really turned me on so I tried my girlfriend's on. They feel wonderful against my skin and cock, would like to rub my foot up and down another in nylons. Would love to drop to my knees...
Men In Pantyhose
Hey there...I'm wearing nothing but suntan sheer pantyhose right now...I love wearing pantyhoseand knowing another guy islooking at my nylon cock butt n legs..cock looks hot in pantyhose


Right on, definately a full profile, that's the main reason why I joined here, I think that feature is wonderful and if someone is serious about their desires than it pays to be open and honest up front, in fact I wouldn't even consider contacting or responding to a person whose profile is full of n/a's, why bother, they obviously don't want to be honest with anyone in the first place. I want you to know how I think so you will have a good idea if you want to pursue a conversation, life is too short to bother having to take the long way around determining if you have something in common with someone.