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would realy love to try an all day fuck session
we are free in the morning
I really need and al---------day fuck session now!!!!!!!!
I would really enjoy an all day fuck session with my girl or another girl with her too ;):-P:-D;)KissHugFlower
I would like to fuck a guy for 24 hours straight. Any takers email or call me
Just do it. My girl and I have spent allot of time apart over the past two yrs. Our time together has been apart more then together. But when we get together after weeks of being apart we plan for our first 24 hrs or more to be spent making the other orgasm no holes bared fuck session. It so doesn't stop there but we are so together planning our first 24 hrs. Sex, Sex Sex Love Sex we do.
Ready for all day,night or weekend in Maine KissHug
aw those are great......Flower could use another one.
i need dome cock all day!!
All day every day!
I'd like to aexperience a full day session of sex with a all girl three or foursome where everyone is "on - board"!! ONEDAY...
I don't know about fucking 24 hours straight, but, fuck a while, lounge around nude a while, maybe tease a little, fuck a little more... Mainly a situation where the primary purpose was pleasure with the other person or people, and no need whatsoever to get dressed at any point during the proceedings...
3bi men looking for a female to have a all day mmmf fuck session in TN
I totally enjoy having Sex all day long with friends. The more the merrier..:-) Wink. Hug
We have so very much in common, I love everything about your profile and you could do what ever you want to my body, I love it all" Fuck me abuse me, I wish I had a 3 some with you being a playmate, I prefer being a bottom, taking all I can get from men and women.. Check out my profile, I love that big cock of your's & I would love to suck that big cock of your's and take every inch of your big cock in my tight little ass for a couple of day's.. I ain't super experienced, I have been with 4 men in my life & I Am in need of a good teacher like your self" I like having oral sex 69ing sucking each other's cocks I really get into rough anal sex.. Happiness is a large cock in my little tight ass.. I do like performing oral and anal sex sex on my playmate's.. I am so fricken horny right now....:-P Hug :-D Kiss ... If I could find someone with a great impressive profile like yours I would probably hook up with them." Sammy
I am a small white dick male. I am 67 years of age. I have Wished, That, I was able to Suck the Cocks of 4 men, the Whole Day. Being Photographed and Video Taped. Without reciprocation.
Full Day Sex Session on Bisexual PlaygroundFull Day Sex Session on Bisexual PlaygroundFull Day Sex Session on Bisexual PlaygroundFull Day Sex Session on Bisexual Playground

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