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Educated, attractive couple in their early 40s. Have taken up cuckold relationship P/T. She is dominant and straight w/ fantasy of a black teddy bear bull lover. He is a slut who likes to fuck and be fucked. He is mainly attracted to women, but loves being fucked by women with a strap. His fantasies include sucking a dominant T/S or bull cock and getting fucked in the ass.
Both bisexual, husband likes to be cuckolded, forced to suck bull’s cock before he fucks wife.
I'm very down to earth,very discreet,I don't mind Early morning fucking,car fucks, outdoors fucks,even sneak me in the house fucks here to have fun an keep it between us
I am 5"10 about 180 or 185 athletic build, separated from my wife and separated from her big strapon cock she fucks my tight sexy ass with, so I was thinking I would like to try the real deal I want to be fucked by women and men and I would like to get fucked by a big dick shemale I waiting to suck some cock
I'm a BiWM ver/btm 37 6' 220 7"cut, brn hair/eyes clean shaven. I'm very clean and discrete, D&D free. I love to be oral with both M or F. I love to fuck F's and will do M's, if it's what pleases them. I love to be fucked my M's and F's with strapons! Let me suck him off while she fucks me, and let me eat you out while he fucks me. I just like to play the third and please the cpl in what ever way that I can. I love role play and have even CD for a cpls fantasy. I just like great sex, so long as it's safe and sane. I'm not into the violent/degrading thing, and blood/water sports are out!
never been with anybody tall safe mild manored. Almost out to pasture
I personally do not find being fucked by a woman as kinky. I find it erotic and a dimension of trust and love between two people. I love it when my wife fucks me in the ass with her strap on. She stimulates my prostate and I cum like a bull. I love the sexual act itself, but I love the openness and trust it entails more. My advise is to go slow, make sure your anus is clean, well lubed and relaxed. Don't force it or go too fast or it will be painful and potentially harmful.
Not sure if u mean friends or partners, but I've been caught by both. Long ago ex-girlfriend walked in on me once beating off to videos of us fucking. She fucked my brains out afterward. Got caught jerking to nekkid pics of my best friend's wife BY HIS WIFE once. She loved it. We never fucked out of respect, but she'd call me in whenever she'd play with herself and I'd strip and beat off while we watched each other. Nothing more. Got caught by my step brother when I was 17 and he was 21. I was watching his wife through the bathroom door while she was in the shower. He acted mad for a second then pulled his dick out and beat off with me while we spied. When she got out he threw the door open and she jumped and he laughed. She slapped him and noticing I was still steady jerking, she started sucking his dick. He waved me over and she sucked my dick. He wouldn't let me fuck her, but she sucked my dick while he fucked her. Got caught by my ex-wife once watching anal porn. Ended up finding out she wanted to try it. Did it from then on. Got caught by my mom once when I was 12. That one sucked. Got caught by buddy I went to school with once. After that we'd always beat off together. Sometimes I'd jerk his and he'd jerk mine. We were like 13 though. I still like to be watched and watch people masturbating and fucking. Anybody ever needs to cyber or needs a jerk buddy, let me know. All genders included.
Got caught fucking by first boyfriends mom. Caught by fucking by daughter. Caught in a prison shower getting my ass fucked by bbc.
I wish. Maybe not the humiliation but I'd clean a cock after it fucked her juicy pussy. I'd love to eat her pussy while her bull fucked me.
got caught 69n with my best buddy at 12 yo in his pup tent by his mom.funny she never said anything about it to either of us.when i was about 25 yo i got caught getting a bj from a gay guy in a campground bath house at 2 am but it was just by another ex girlfriend caught me licking her best friends pussy in a hallway and i guess thats why she is an ex,she just couldnt understand.was caught many other times and caught quit a few others myself but ill never tell !!!
Yes, love being fucked. Always been bi but I'm now being cucked by my wife and her bull has started to use me as well


Cuckold Husbands
Mmmm love being a cuckold husband ;) Its soooo hot to watch her getting fucked by a real man with his big bull cock she looks so beautiful getting fucked the way she needs & most of the time i get to clean up soooo hot
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I'd enjoy being a fluffer at a bit orgy...I'd like to suck a woman's toes while getting fucked or be between there legs a suck balls n cock ...fluff the next bull also
Public Masturbation
I love public sex and masturbation, and love being caught. just not by the police. :) every job I have had since being a teen I always let myself be caught my last week before I quit. turned me on coming to work the rest of the week with the rumors flying. I have sucked guy off andbeen caught too, that fun too.
Interracial M4M
I'm an arican american/black single male STRICTLY A "BOTTOM"! I LOVE GETTING FUCKED!!!! wish sooooo frigging badly I could find a CAUASIAN/WHITE MALE who DOES NOT get caught in the whole "race thing" who happens to be a TOP and likes to fucks BUT REALLY AIMS TO "PLEASE" BOTH OF US!!!! lets face and BE "REAL" here........suck, stroke, etc. ANY cock and ultimately what ALWAYS comes squirting out of it is ALWASY "warm", "creamy", and "WHITE"!!!! :);)Laughing THE LATTER IS ALWAYS TRUE REGARDLESS OF WHAT "RACE" THE GUY IS THAT THE COCK IS ATTACHED TO!!!!!!!!
Nude Hiking
I use to have a large farm up north and I would do my chores nude..But there is nothing like bareback trail ride bare
Incest Roleplay
I have a Daddy fetish because when I was about 11 my older cousin showed me porn and loves watching men cum all over girls faces. So about 2 months after that I started feeling myself wanting to be the girl in those movies that's when I started trying on moms clothes and bra and panties. Forward 9 months I was home dressing up in my room well my dad caught me and was mad at first then calmed down and said son you actually don't look bad as a little girl, I was so happy!!! A year later I was 12 and mom was gone somewhere well I was playing dress up and dad caught me again, this time was different he was talking dirty and calling me a princess and things anyway later that day he came back to my room and hugged me and kissed me then told me to suck him off, I dropped to my knees instantly he pulled out his cock and I lost it. I sucked him for like 30 minutes then that's when it happened he picked me up laid me face down and BAM his cock was in my ass pounding away, I was in love he pulled out with one hand he spread my ass apart cummed all over me. So from then on we fucked nonstop even mom knew by then. I would dress up we would go eat then bam hotel getting fucked called dirty names and all, I'm 50 now and he died 10 yrs ago and we fucked up until the month before he died, so I'm always trying to capture that feeling and sex again!!!!


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!