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Mom Lets Dad Fuck Daughter Stories

Mom Lets Dad Fuck Daughter Stories on Bisexual Playground
Sexy and fun. Bi. would love to hook up with a couple who's into sharing some huge black dick. NSA. Super Cool uncreepy dude. lets fuck your wife. lets fuck your husband. and all smile happy.
I like daddy daughter rp where the daughter seduces or forces daddy to fuck her
24 virgin(means bring lube) bottom looking for a top, if you're not into thick guy then don't bother, DL down to fuck on or off cam my place or yours or your car and if really discreet I'd fuck in public, Lets fuck or don't bother 7863748152
we have a 8 yr old daughter and he does not know im on here so please ladies lets keep it too us LOL hes very jelous but at some point in life he may let me have fun and share me lol Only with a sexy lady though
Well lets see... How would I describe myself? I am fun and outgoing. I grew up to fast but I wouldnt change it for the world! I had my daughter at 16 and got married at 16 also. I am VERY much in LOVE with my husband. I am also Bi, hubby knows and is very much ok with it! Currently seeking a girlfriend, Im in central Texas, about 45m from Austin/Waco. I have 2 children so you will have to be OK with that if you want to get to know me. My children are my miracles and I thank god for them everyday! My daughter was born at 25wks and my son was born at 32wks. Both should not be here but are! My son has autism, so you will need to know that first. I am a professional photographer, on top of a full-time mom! I have a passion for Child/Infant photography! I have probably left some stuff out but feel free to message me about anything!!!!! I am a VERY open person!
Outgoing kind likes to fuck nobody to fuck on i have a girlfriend but lets be lowkey
His 10th grade daughter is dating a 11th grade boy. Dad thinks she knows nothing. My daughter his daughter and wife are close. Her daughter wants thong panties ... my daughter said she does to but does not want to go with her mom. Last night his wife asked me if it okay to take them both thong shopping and explained. She says I am sure u get it my husband is idiot. I wore at their age.

Now it's been 3 weeks. He puts his daughters thongs in wife drawer. His daughter makes fun of him with mom and my daughter.

He has not fucked her in months ... how do you tell a guy to fuck his wife ? If he needs a warm up first I will jerk him off.

I even told him I feel bad for his wife.. just fuck her.
He said would you just fuck yours... I laughed and said yes.... she would insult me and I would fuck her ....

Just fuck your wife it's a pussy. I do not think you would... I said to be honest anyone else's wife I would have already fucked her.

I already fucked and I gave list....
YesPatience is a virtue,and I have none,lol.I understand the attraction,and I can understand the predictament of being courious, We all go through the talking and setting up meeting with others that don't work out.And when you meet someone that is in real life and interested in sharing sex with you,you get interested.To each,his own,is the way I feel about it,but when it affects my family,my daughter,my son. I'd fuck him silly and let him be exposed for what he is.So lets get real here.I was just kidding.I'd by truthful to my daughter and ban his ass.Can you feel me now?
Ok…. Wife and daughter both naked facing washer/ dryer sorting clothes. I came up behind them naked with a hard on. I stood behind my wife and pressed up against her ass until she felt my cock against the crack of her ass. She jumped forward turning to see me naked and hard. My daughter laughed and then I said to her, pointing at my cock… this is your fault too! I can’t take you guys anymore. My daughter laughed and kiddingly bent over showing her ass! So I poked her ass with my cock and she jumped forward. Both my wife and daughter laughed as my wife said… I figured you would do this sooner or later! I told them from now on when you are naked so am I! My wife went to get some clothes from upstairs and my daughter asked if I was hard watching her body or my wife’s? I said yes 😉🤪 Then I pressed my cock against her, and she asked if I wanted to fuck. I told her I’m gonna fuck your mother when she comes back down. So my daughter went into living room as my wife came down. I kidded with her about being naked, then I turned her around and bent her over the washer. I slid my cock in her and started to fuck her as she said what if xxxxxxx comes back in room? I said who cares…. Guess she was a bit horny as she let me continue to fuck her as I came in her. I left the room before my daughter came back in but my daughter told me later my wife said to her…. Your father just came in me….. I thought that was hot!😉
They have daughter and son a year older then my two oldest. Mom is normal and realistic, dad is my bf but out to lunch. tonight after dinner she walks in family room. holds up a thong and says this look like my size.... i laugh and say no that your kids I assume... she said yes.... he says since when she have those... mom says she is dating a senior, is popular, she wears yoga pants. I laugh and say they took my daughter shopping with them.... she says, your son asked me how to masturbate... she said I told him to ask you... I taught our daughter teach him...
He looks at me you gonna teach your sons i said if they ask.... his wife says... he offered to teach your kid. i smiled and said group classes,

She said his ex wife used to tell me how he would lock the bedroom door on vacation and just fuck her silly.... I said we both loved sex.... its not love its fucking... his wife says he has not fucked me in 9 months... I need it.... I looked at my buddy and said get up and fuck her she wants you to,.. he said you are here... I said so what I close my eyes... she stood up and turned around and pulled up her sundress. she said he right fuck me... she had no panties on.. he looked at me.. I said okay I will leave... buddy fuck her.... that is great pussy fuck it.. she wants your cock... I got up and left
I've always wanted to fuck both of my daughters i have asked them but turned me down I've even video my daughter fucking her dildo and my oldest daughter gave me some nudes of her but that's it I'm always hoping they change there mind
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Any step daughter stories?
Father Daughter Role Play
older gent 58 here looking to exchange hot stories about father daughter role play
Cyber Sex
:-P Lets get in on boys! Your stories always make me cum, just el me what to do - I'll be happy to make sure you blow your stack too. Email me, lets hook up. Just tell me how things are hangin' and I can make sure they are not when I am finished!
Sex With Male Cousins
My cousin and I used to have oral sex he was 16 and I was 13 - lets share our stories boys!
Sex With Daughter-in-law
I had sex with a girlfriend's dad in high school. VERY hot and loved having the secret between us. Huge cock and loved to take me doggystyle. Of course back then I took all the cum he could pump into me and he loved hearing stories about me & his daughter having sex, including the first time I took her ass.
Sex With Daughter-in-law
I had sex with a girlfriend's dad in high school. VERY hot and loved having the secret between us. Huge cock and loved to take me doggystyle. Of course back then I took all the cum he could pump into me and he loved hearing stories about me & his daughter having sex, including the first time I took her ass.


I'm going to post something in the place where I found success stories. We had a meeting last night, and I was quite satisfied. Wow! In less than 36 hours.