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Would love to hear from others who have experienced this very erotic, very special lifestyle.
i have has some family exp.
I have all so had family sex, it was very special..I would like to hear from other to share this with....
i have some family experience--was great ;-p
I had some experiences with my brother when we I was about 17. I would play with his ass with my wet finger while sucking him off and would always blow a big load in my mouth... he was 16 and it tasted so good.
We have experience :)
Some of my best memories from my youth and childhood involve family members. Anyone want to share stories?
I am looking for someone to share family sex stories with.|8B
I have had experience with my sister ,cousin and an aunt years ago would love to share stories with others
Just wanted to share this true story with any interested parties. I am now a 58 year old male. This happened many years ago at my parents home. One night when my parents were out, my older brother and I crept into my sister's room. He was 17 at the time and I was 14. My sister was between us in age at 15. We had done this many times in the past. We would creep up to her bed and she would pretend to be asleep as we would feel her up. I knew she really wasn't sleeping because I could see her eyelids fluttering. Also she would arch her back to sort of make it easier for us to remove her pajama bottoms and panties. This particular night she seemed to be extra horny. When my brother pulled the blanket down off of her she was already naked from the waist down. She looked so hot lying there with her legs spread wide. She was really wet as we felt and fingered her hairy cunt. Her arm was hanging off the bed and I watched as my brother rubbed his big cock on her hand. I saw her hand close on it and she started a slow up and down movement on it. He bent down and started licking her pussy,and I could see her arch to meet his mouth. My cock was stiff like a steel bar. Soon she was moaning and cumming as we both took turns fingering and eating her. We made her cum severals times and went back to our own room. About a half hour later I heard a noise beside our bed. It was my sister reaching under the blankets and feeling my cock. She jerked me off which took bout 15 seconds then she went round to my brother's side. I could see her head bobbing up and down on his big cock as she gave him a blow job. I heard him whisper to her that he wanted to fuck her. She didn't say a word , she climbed up on the bed and I watched as she sat down on his cock and he fucked her good. The next night we both fucked her. This went on for a few years till she got married and moved away. I later found out we wern't the only family members she was playing with. She was having sex with 2 of our uncles a cousin and several of our nieghbors.
I think its natural to be running around naked and even masturbating in front other and all family members
I spent a summer in college in Texas with my uncle... had a ton of sex with both he and his 2nd wife all summer, also my younger cousin. I don't regret any of it, I loved it, Still se my cousin once or twice a year...
For me, this interest means more of a persons family being important to them. To each their own, but I woundn't want to do anything with a family member. I just think that holding you're family close to you and respecting them is very important. Peace and Hugs Ali
very much a topic I love to share with others! feel free to send me a message!
I could never do that ... but boy do i like reading the stories about it. Especially the brother and sister stories. The entire family doing it is just so hot!
I've always wanted to have sex with my sister, but I don't think she feels the same way.
Never done it but pretending seems hotKiss
my sister did me when i was 9, and had me do her. that lasted for about 3 yrs
This is our male talking. When I was 14 and my sister was 12 U got the idea in my head of fucking her. We'd been engaging in oral sex for years. I followed her into the bathroom and she was nude. I spread her legs and licked her pussy until she became very hot. I stood up and started rubbing my cock back and forth on her pussy. I didnt know where her hole was so I was rubbing my cockhead all around looking for it. I started moaning uncontrollably and I shot 7 or 8 mayo packet sized loads of cum all over her 12 year old pussy, thighs, and stomach. It was my first orgasm and it was mind blowing. She was drenched in cum. I never did figure out how to get my cock in her pussy but we had some fun times together
hello, As I am an englisg guy here, I will be using the british way of chatting/expressions. hope this isnt too confusing to our U.S.A. cousins. That said...I would really like to have a long hot relationship with all, who love this very special type of fun .i.e. family fun. Please no timewasters ok? I am 100% sincere and genuine, very very broadminded, and completely discreet. I am experienced. will tell more later.. love role-play and age play too. and more that happy to discuss everything/anything with you, this icludes single and couples remember. So fot those who love this very special topic, get back to me soon.
Anyone know of any free porn sites with family porn?
A very long time ago I was staying over my sisters house with her huband helping him around the house over the weekend while she was gone. That saturday night while sleeping in my nephews bed he called for me to come to his room. He looked like he was reading a book when I went in. He told me to come sit next to him on my sisters side of the bed. After some small talk he asked me if I masterbated I said NO, but was beatn off almost every night but since I was not at home I had not that night. Then asked if I would like him to show me how. I said yes I thought he was going to pull his cock out but his hand went down the front of my pants and he started to get me hard hen the told me to take my pj's off and I did. He told me to lay down and proceded to jerk me off it wasnt long before I was shootin cum all over my stomach and his hand. I the got up to clean off my body in the master bed room bath and looked in the mirrow and saw him lickng my cum off hand. I was 15 then. At christmas that year my sisters family was staying over and I fucked his daughter on the bathroom floor and the again in my bed, After we were done my sister came in my room we pretened to be asleep. she left and We fucked again she was filled with my cum and cuold not get enough.
My story that started me on my sexual appitite I guess was my uncle.Moms side of the family came from Holland and they had a farm.Incest wasnt a big deal to them then.Uncle joe was 44 I was I think 7 or 8.He had me tickle his back then belly lower and lower til well I felt a lot of hair and his really big cock.I pulled my hand out he put it back said play with it.I resisted a bit then just did it.He took his pants down man it was big.Wiered thing after a couple months of it almost daily,I got to like feeling it.He liked all kids and sex haha Linda my cousin was unfortunate to be with him a lot.Sometimes her and I would be together with him.Linda was 2 years younger than then I was 9 she was 7.He did a lot of oral sex on her and me,sorta embaressing having her watch haha.Sorta funny when he'd make us suck him we would wipe his cock with a rag to get our silliva off before we sucked it haha?Ok to suck him but not our spit haha kids?I tell you Linda reaaly liked the sex a lot more than i did.HAHA I was older but she molested me a lot,Funny i was did a lot of sex with him ,aunt,mom used to jack me off sometimes,and Loved linda but I was so shy and they would have to Initiate it.I was to shy or unknowing.Probably why I love small boobs now and when in the service let guys suck me a lot.
I can understand others and people that get hooked on dif types of sex.My childhood was consumed with a lot of sex.Was always easy to get a friend or cosuin or girl to touch and be touched.Now days it's a lot more dangerous.When I got married had 3 daughters.At times it was hard to do things?I masterbated a lot,esp we lived in a townhouse.Accross the way a family 12 and 9 yr old girls twin boys 15.girls were naked a lot you could see into the bathroom and her bedroom.The boys I loved watching them masterbate all the time,so I would as well haha.Daughter caught me a couple times.Hard to hide a hardon quickly.
i`ve had experiences with both my sisters. ones 18 months older than me and the others 10 years older than me. i only had a one off with my oldest sister but still think about the incident and always end up masturbating intensely thinking about it. she was in her bedroom sitting on the floor reading magazines and i walked past. i was about 8 at the time which makes her about 18. she beckoned me in and i sat on the floor facing her. i had the most amazing view up her skirt at her panties. she had blue cotton panties on mmmmm. she lowered the magazine she was reading very quickly and caught me looking between her legs. she took my hand and placed it on the crotch of her panties and i remember feeling her slit and i was following the contours up and down. she eventually slipped my hand inside her panties. i remember my hand feeling her pubes then she directed my finger onto her clit and it was soooo slippery! i can remember her bud sliding around as i moved my finger then eventually she guided me down to her hole. she was soaking! she slipped a few fingers in mmmmmm but unfortunately it ended abruptly because someone came home and it never happened again wiv her. to this day i lust after her!
Dad of two here... learned from my uncle
I enjoy jacking off several in my family. including my daughter, eleven nieces and three sisters
I have experience in "family matters." Had non-penetrating sex with girls from 5 to 11 when I was young. I love to tell others details.
I was a little boy when this happened. Got to make that clear.
Not my first time having dex, but early on. I spent my summers with my grandparents as my parents worked and did not want me unsupervised all day. When I was 9 Grandma went on a trip with her sisters so it was just grandpa and me. I woke up and went to the family room to watch tv. On the coffee table was a gay porn magazine. I had already sucked a few boys off and played with men too, so I was very turned on. I realized grandpa like gay porn. I was looking thru the pages and rubbing my tiny cock and got hard, my grandpa came into the room and he said I am so sorry I left that out, do you like what you see, I told him yes and he sat down next to me and took over rubbing me, after a while he opened his robe and was naked his cock was hard and he asked me to stroke him. when his cock was so wet with precum and he got off the couch and sucked my little dick when I had a dry orgasm, he asked if I would do the same for him. I sucked him to orgasm and was going to spit it out he kissed me until we both drank all of his we played again and grandpa told me that when he met grandma he was in the closet and trying to live under the radar. He worked in an office and one of the ladies in the secretaries was rumored to be a lesbian and was spurned by the other women because she was outed by a woman who said grandma had come on to her. Grandpa knew he could help her out and keep himself off the radar. He asked her out and said I understand you have rumors about you and I propose we go out to stop the rumors you see I am gay, if we date and then get married we will both have proof we are not gay. After being married they decided to try to have a baby which would better prove they were straight. After having sex many times to get pregnant they decided they like bisexuality. It got me excited that not only grandpa would understand and love me being gay but grandma would also still love me to even if I got outed. Grandpa and I continued to play everyday and one evening he said some of his friends were coming to have a sex party, and I was welcome if I wanted to join. I chose to join and I was so excited to see all the men sucking and fucking each other. I had been told all gay men were either top or bottom, but you guys are doing it both ways. The men laughed and said we are versatile meaning we like fucking and being fucked. I liked this and I said my dick is to small but when I get older I would like fuck as well. All the men said I could fuck them anytime. I liked that grandpa had a party every week and I joined. When grandpa noticed I was sad he said what's wrong Well grandma is coming home and we won't be able to play like we have. He said don't worry she knows what has been going on and can't wait to watch us while she masturbates. I was so turned on you mean I get to see a real pussy. He just laughed and said yes. The next day I was sucking grandpa's cock and I heard the door open and the men came over often so I was not alarmed. When I felt a guy rimming my ass and the side his cock in me I continued to suck grandpa's cock and the man slidehis face next to mine and he took grandpa cock and started to deep through him as my eyes focused on his face I saw dad sucking his dads cock. What a surprise. Wow dad I never even considered you did this too. The next day grandma came home and dad grandpa and I drove to the airport to pick her up. Once home the 3 of us had sex while grandma masturbated, then dad fucked her and he told my to lick her pussy clean of his cum. I could not believe it I was seeing my first real pussy and not I was eating cum from her pussy, when I finished grandpa fucked her and I ate her again
I have always enjoyed fun
Would LOVE to meet and join with a family in the Midwest!!!!
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