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My Wife Likes to Wear Very Short Skirts and Flash Her Panties and Garters

My Wife Likes to Wear Very Short Skirts and Flash Her Panties and Garters on Bisexual PlaygroundMy Wife Likes to Wear Very Short Skirts and Flash Her Panties and Garters on Bisexual Playground
im a crossdresser im not yet passable i like to wear panties,bras,pantyhose,garters ,stockings,skirts and blouses andreally tight jeans and shorts
I am 79 and Bi-sexual. I am D&D free, I started late in life as a cock sucker, but I had my first blow job when I was 21 and I didn't return the favor, wish I had! I no longer can get a hard on, due to medical reasons but I still can get the feeling. But I still love to suck cock. I have never had a chance to suck a small cock like mine. I'm a crossdresser, I wear panties, skirts, I think women's clothes are the greatest, Why men don't wear more panties and skirts, then we could all wear nice soft clothes.
Im an easy going guy who likes to wear womens panties, bras garters nylons etc.... Im open for almost anything?
I am a crossdresser who has stayed in the closet since I first tried on my sister's panties when I was 12. I have enjoyed the wealth of pics and videos available on the internet to enhance my solitary enjoyment. Now, I am seriously looking for another crossdresser who shares my tastes in retro style panties and lingerie, circa 50s & 60s. I have a wonderful collection of panties, bras, stockings & garters, slips, skirts, breast form & wigs.
im average hight, slightly over weight but not fat.i have crossdressed nearly all my life and love being a girl,i drerss fairly young adore short skirts and dresses. i have been with a few men but am NOT gay . i like people who like me dressed as a young girl, i like flashing my panties hence the short dresses and skirts.i would like to meet a woman who likes dressing men as girls but i realise thay are very hard to find.
I'm a lawyer, love being in panties, girdles, garter belts. My wife likes that I wear her panties to bed every night and often when we go out on weekends. Still, she doesn't know I'm bi-curious, and would love to be another who also wears panties, etc.
I have worn panties 24/7 for the past 16 years. I thru away all my male underwear, I even wear panties to the doctor appointments and no one says a word, I wear cami's, slips, thigh-hi in public with women's short shorts, and I wear skirts around the house and yard. Its fun if you bend over outside in a short skirt and show the world what beautiful panties you are wearing.

I am looking for others interested in CD, PVC, Vinyl, Panties or me being a sissy in it. I am NOT passable as a fem, but love to wear my shiny leggings, panties, PVC Skirts or PVC Panties.

Looking to connect with others with the same kinks or for someone that is more top and likes a sissy. I want to expand my experiences with others, but want to explore this safely and discreetly.
I love wearing women's panties. I wear women's panties everyday. it doesn't matter if you like it or not I wear the panties for myself. And if she likes it that's great. And if a man likes it that's better. I love pretty panties. Everyone have a good day.KissFlower
is it true that if you are a male who likes to wear panties you must be a sub bottom? I don't think so,maybe we wear them to excite our a picture in panties and see how excited the responses are. your opinion?
I enjoy wearing and seeing a man in panties too. Also love to see women in panties. I have tried thongs but to me they are just not comfortable. Regarding thinking a guy is gay because they wear a thong is generally not the case. I wear panties and I am not gay. I also wear women's bikini swim bottoms at the pool or beach because I hate the long surfer swim shorts which, to me, are totally uncomfortable. Back in the 50's men wore short shorts or bikinis to the beach and nothing was thought of it. Now people see it as strange or weird. Amazing how times and attitudes change.
wife loves me in panties she gets so hot here is a pic for you we have more i am a former crossdresser ( got bored with all the bullshit guys) so I stopped fully dressing just to be used, and now only wear panties for my wife when she requests it


Women In Short Skirts With No Panties
Often wears short skirts and sometimes, when I go to a club , i often wear no panties and amazingly every time i've been fingered by another girl on the dance floor. mmmmmmmmmm Hug
Males In Panties
i'm so good looking and cute 35 year old single live all alone my byself and 5ft 10in 132 lbs brown hair and blue eyesso horny and horny i like to wearing women panties and heels and short skirts and gater belts and blouse top training bra and lingerie i love to dress up as a freach maid and a ballearina and cheerleader and schoolgirl i'm a male love to wear panties fishnet stocking cum suck and like my balls and fuck me too :-PHugFlower
Males In Panties
Wearing panties is becoming more the norm for me. I love the way they feel. I feel excited when I wear them. I'm branching out and wearinf garters, hose, camisoles, and dresses.
Males In Panties
My wife loves me to wear panties. She first put me in them after we had been married a few years. She shops for them and just stacks them in my underwear drawer. They're almost all either pink or black I don't any longer own an option. She also likes me to wear shear and delicate nighties to bed. She's purchased a half-dozen for me over the years. When she asks me to do that, I know she's horny and we're in for a big night.
I've fuck some hot passable shemales. I mean you'd never of known. I love it when they wear short shirts and no panties and just let their cocks hang.
Crossdresser Male To Female
Ok, wife has me wear womens sleep wear every night to bed. and panties to work every day. pantihose in the winter.Flower


So far, I'd have to say this site is the complete answer to what my wife and I are looking for, an easy to use, discreet, and yet comprehensive way to meet someone new.