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New Mexico Gays

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We are fun, attractive, couple, still new but very open. Like to take it slow until all are comfortable. We live in San Miguel de Allende and in DF Mexico City and travel all over Mexico.
we are open with each other and not just talking.we have had sex with other people before.It started as ceating(i cant spell)then we fought and then talked and found out we were the same.We told each other about the gays and girls i fooled with and gays and girls she fooled with.10 years today 11-04-06 we are both bi have 3 kids love each other + freacking.only girl i had sex with a man(more then once)and watched her have sex with aman .loved every min.(more then once) We are great for bi coulpes.I like to do more with men and so does she
I am a very cute guy from Mexico City. Still in the closet. Currently in a serious relationship but searching for a friend or sex pal who is also very cute, very discreet and lives in Mexico City.
We are a very normal, clean, classy and affectionate non-smoking couple, no D/D, very outgoing and healthy, love the outdoors, sailing, boating, travel, cooking, just returned from a 5 week sportfishing trip to Cabo San Lucas enjoying the ocean, sportfishing and Mexico. We would love to find a woman like us for intimate pleasures and fun, possibly travels to Catalina Island on one of our boats or sportfishing in Mexico or other fun trips.
Hi!, I am a 35 year old ,open-minded male living in Mexico City. Because of the nature og my job I travel a lot within Mexico and the U.S.A., especially to Florida and Texas. I am1.85m high and weight 85kg. I have brown eyes and brown hair. I am an educated person who enjoys having friends, good (and I mean good) music , dining and movies. I consider myself as an explorer, so I am ready and willing to try almost anything, as long as it is safe. As I said before I travel a lot, so I could meet interested people in locations away of my hometown. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Bye!!
what happens in mexico stays in mexico, .....Toby Keith

just try and think before you do.......

In your profile. Interests,Description and Getting Together are very short and lacking detail. Interests list something about a wife yet you are listed as bi male and your wife isn't listed???? see what I mean.?
Getting responses that are not from gays when you are single bi male requires blocking comm's from gays. It isn't easy but I have been doing much better after following some advice from members. They do try to help and are great people for the most part, I am also Bi single male, not interested if there is no woman at the table and I make that VERY CLEAR, in my profile, yet I still get gays contacting me. No harm done.
Although I have browse profiles of members that are living in Mexico, it seems none is saying anything here, if you are here, please let your voice be heard, I will also like to get to know members in Mexico and Texas, couples and singles, men and women, for friendship, relationships or just pure sex. I am up for it.
It does seem so odd to me that the mentality of our military commanders have been so fearful of gays and bi peeps. Like one type of people can not control their lust like others? Like heteros are going to be converted to gay? Like gays can't fight? Like they don't want the hetero men to get good BJs, etc. I believe most people have bi tendencies and those that are homophobic have very strong tendencies. I know pussy straight men and very macho gay men. It is quite obvious who most of us would like fighting along side of us. When you got to keep your wits about yourself it would be nice to be more yourself.
its about time only bisexual no gays respecivly we are diferent and we should be lumped in with gays....... people will b screened to a degree.. its for middle class and up.. sorry but it may sound cruel but go make your oun. club.... people will be screned. so as to make sure we have a piecable club and not worry about others. were not that strick. just cautious. soif interested go to
I am a native New Mexican... my Family settled the ranch in 1530s that my Mom was eventually born on. We have a saying there which is about three hundred years old. In Spanish it is: "Ay. pobre Nuevo Mexico, tan lejos del Cielo, tan cerca a Tejas." the English Translation is: "Oh poor New Mexico, So far from Heaven, So close to Texas" Laughing (yee haw...don't mess wit Texas):)


2 Dicks 1 Mouth
straight bi or masculine gays needing to be serviced
2 Dicks 1 Mouth
straight bi or masculine gays needing to be serviced
Chubby Men
I to like big gay and in joy having sex with big gays. I find that they are more caring do more and go for it all for and them self. I would like meet any big men in mid Missouri.
Womens View On Bisexual Males
I would believe that it were two guy and just one woman she may be a little nervous. Mainly does not know how many different men these gays have slept with in the past. So she could not swallow cum giving them a blowjob and they must wear a rubber.
What Can I Say, , , , , I 'AM' IN NEW MEXICO . . . . And Hey,Life Is Good!:)
Looking For Roommate
Nearly Always Open To A Roommate In New Mexico. . . . Like NOW!:)


What they like best about the site:  it seems like an open meeting place for singles bi's and gays.