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I personally think that bisexual men are HOT! I find it sexy ass hell... Nothing turns me on more than having an uninhibited man (or two!) that will play for all its worth with out any hang ups! Well okay bi women turn me on too, but thats a different post LOL
Very HOTT!!!!
I Love the fact that Billy is uninhibited and is willing to have sex with another man as I find it to be sexy ass hell when I watch him having sex with another guy...
to me i love the fact that my man can grab a cock and suck it then turn over and lick a pussy also its great having a man that can hang with men and woman in bed and please them both it makes me soaked when i see him going down or gettin a bj from a man

I love bisexual men..they are sexy, hot and make my mouth and other parts of me water..hehehe
Bisexual men who are "out of the closet" are a major turnon for me. They own their sexuality, are adult enough to think for themselves about what turns them on, as opposed to being a slave to uptight, puritanical concepts of masculinity. What I REALLY like is a polyamorous 3some in which 3 people kiss, 3 people have sex, 3 people get it on, and of course, I'm the Monkey in the Middle and the Queen of the Beehive. If you do have a 3some, women, make SURE the men have sex too!!! I recommend it highly!
Damn, I love being in the midst of YOU ladies. Please spread the word.

~ ~ ~

WE are all sexual human beings & if WE would be honest with Ourselves and overcome all the hammered & drilled in social Brainwashing imposed on us every day of our lives, the world would a happier place to live.

IT IS 'NOT' the Free-Thinking, Uninhibited people that are the perverts, it is the up-tight, near-minded, Taboo-fearing individuals in our society, that are sick & need help.

Sex is Sex ! Sex is embedded in our very nature. Sexuality is a personal choice & 'honesty-with-self' is is the key.

That goes for men, women & everyone in-between.


BE HAPPY, (I highly recommend it, It works for me)
D i c k
It turns me on more than anything to watch as my hubby slowly swallows a huge cock,,especially when he gets to swallow those huge loads of cum,,,,YUMMY
I want to know where the hell are all you women at? Where can I go or do to find them. Don't get me wrong I am more attracted to women and if there is a guy he has to look a certain way. Just like two women turn me on as well. Its finally great to see there are some women that think the same as men. A woman got me into this she used to lick my ass and fuck me with her dildo, then she left and moved away I was depressed haven't been able to find another sense!:(
I would love to find me a woman who would want me as I am a bi sexual male who loves sucking another mans cock.
im newly into bi sexual mean as im getting older in life i find them extremely sexually exciting. i have not had the pleasure of experience to bi man yet. i have that in the making hopefully.. it is a super fantasy of mine! if 2 bi black or white young or old skinny or large wants to play in the houston, or wisconsin please drop me a line. TO ALL BI-MEN OUT THERE. KEEP SUCKING DICK AND PLEASE SHOW THE LADIES THE CORRECT WAYINCLUDING ME.. LOL
I jusxt wanna know where all the biguys are I cant seem to find any that wanna get together an my wife is so into the fact i told her she is so cool with it and is so ready to watch :-P Hug Kiss
im in VA and would love to find some playmates
Fanbloodytastic! Major turn on! Im new to all this and its freeking awesome!! :-D
this is so hot, and something that i really want to do, if you are in the NY area let me know i want to do this so bad. been fucked with strap ons but i want the real thing. contact me
need a Sacramento, CA woman with a big strap-on to fuck me deep, fast and hard! if you are with a bi man he can face fuck me til we all cum!!!
i get turned on and rock hard just writing this!!!
get at me i would love to talk and maybe meet! :-D
Pittsburgh PA area bimale looking for a female for a short possibly long tern relationship. Serious replies only need to reply. Would love to find a life long mate with a little spice in our lives. :)
Looking for woman who wants to be friends nothing else and would love to wear a strapon and give me good deep hard anal sex she will also be fucked very well .
I find bi-sexual men so sexi. Love watching them get it on then pleasuring them and geting pleasured by them!
I would love to have a hot chick help me suck off a black man,and oh my she can direct how me and him start messing around until she tells me what position she wants us in,and how she wants me to get that cock,would love to find me a girlfriend that felt this way,:-
Are there any women out there seeking bisexual men!
I would believe that it were two guy and just one woman she may be a little nervous. Mainly does not know how many different men these gays have slept with in the past. So she could not swallow cum giving them a blowjob and they must wear a rubber.
Womens View On Bisexual Males on Bisexual PlaygroundWomens View On Bisexual Males on Bisexual PlaygroundWomens View On Bisexual Males on Bisexual PlaygroundWomens View On Bisexual Males on Bisexual Playground

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