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Old Men Sucking Cum and Swallowing

Been having Desires of Sucking a guys Cock all the way through Orgasm. Sucking and swallowing all your Cum. Bend over in front of you and let you fuc** Me. Eating my GFs pussy after she's been fucked well and cum fflooded
I am a calm and easy-going person who loves long sexual sessions. I like to thoroughly pleasure the one I'm with. I like oral and swallowing and might like some anal as well. I enjoy sensuality as well as raw, fast sex. I am six feet tall and not very hairy, with a few extra pounds, but nothing out of proportion. I really like sucking and swallowing and having it done to me. I am not into kissing or lots of intimacy. I want to pay more attention to what's in your pants.
Everything works and in fair health. Passionate about sucking cock almost an obsession. I preoccuppy my mind sucking and swallowing large amounts of sperm, yum.
Very Good "/Brown Eyes/Black Hair/225#/Athletic/and nice to be with. I CUM from a good family & will always treat my partner right!!! I have good & fun to be looking for someone that is understanding of my cock sucking ways. Ideally...I'm looking for a female hat loves sucking cock as much as I do. I love sucking off cute smooth Boy Boy TWINKS & swallowing massive loads of cum :-P
heavy set, love to kiss, naked body contact, sucking a large cock, fucking top and bottom, sucking cock and swallowing cum
I enjoy sucking dick and eating pussy. I like swallowing cum. I like sucking nipples, men or women. I enjoy bottoming for a hard cock man. Will bottom for strap-on woman too.
I love swallowing cum either drinking it out of a freshly fucked pussy or out of my own cock and of course other men, been doing it since I was 7 yrs old .

I am still looking for the fantasy I have of a group of men drowning me down my throat with as much as they can cum.

Good sucking and swallowing to all that like cum.

Bernie :-D Hug
While I personally love sucking on a guys cock and not only the taste of their cum, but swallowing their load. I guess you can say swallowing cum can be compared to anal sex for a beginner. Its a developed taste (pun intended) that is not automatically acquired, but something one has to work at if the desire is not already there...Wink
Hi I am a 66 y/o bi swm in San Diego I enjoy sucking (and swallowing - why waste all that good protein)... I am disease free - I am hoping you enjoy sucking also. I live alone in a house....check out pic if you like what you see..lets get together for some sucking

I have been sucking dick and swallowing cum for over 50 years. And I agree, every one is slightly different. But in general, I think they all have a woodsy, nutty flavor. My last FWB consistently shot huge loads and I found they were very tasty and I enjoyed savoring them in my mouth before swallowing. But that is not always the case. Some are stronger than others. I believe diet affects the taste. So does medication and what you’re smoking.
My first cock sucking was when I was about 16 or 17. I t was my cousin, we sucked each other. I loved the taste of his cum. Love sucking and swallowing hot cum ever since.
I love sucking cock and swallowing all that warm cum as a Bi male get the chance to enjoy sucking cocks


Fucking Wife While Husband Fucks Me
Also great is riding a nice hard cock while wife is sucking me while I was sucking and swallowing a super hard thick 9" cock. Indescribable the feeling of feeling a hot load shoot in your ass while swallowing one and shooting in wife's mouth. Wish I could have fit that large cock in my ass too.
Cum Swallowing
Question,this may sound silly but as I'm a beginner at this cocksucking bussiness,can you put yourself at more risk of catching something,by the simple act of swallowing another's cum ,verses not swallowing another's tasty cum.Can one of you in the know take the time to write me with the answer to this age old question of cum swallowing,fact or fiction! discreet57
Cum Swallowing
I have sucked cocks from small 4 inch thin ones to 12+inch super thick choker ones!and have enjoyed swallowing the loads from everyone of them i absolutely love the taste of cum and i always try to keep sucking after the guy cums some let me continue on while others pullout immediately after cumming which i hate them doing i love to linger and gently suck and lick the head after swallowing specially the hole i do this to let him know how much pleasure he just gave me and as a sign to him if he wants to go again i am ready willing and waiting for it |8BKiss
Cock Sucking
Love sucking and swallowing
Giving Men Blow Jobs
I love sucking and swallowing!
Big Cocks
I really like sucking big cock and swallowing cum.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!