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Swallowing in va.
If I Didn't Swallow, I Haven't Really Given You A Blow-Job, Now Have I . . .:)
if i am sure you're clean and safe... i will swallow every drop.... nothing hotter than when a guy starts to cum.....
You know it. A nice load
The reason I suck cock is I love the reward when he cums in my mouth and I swallow every drop.
Being apart of the whole process is awesome. From sucking a soft cock, having it grow in your hands and mouth, hearing the recipient moaning, squirming, getting it in your mouth as he begins to stiffin rock-hard with a full on explosion of cum spreading over your taste buds, heading down your throat... :-D
I love to swallow cumm!
i would love to suck a cock tell it cums in my mouth
Love waiting for that hot load or loads to shoot in my open mouth and tongue swallowing all that delicious cum for my reward!
I am a Cock Sucker and Pussy cleaner because I relish the tast of Cum I am a Sperm addict
I genuinely love sucking dicks and have since my first 3 when I was 12 yo. I swallowed the cum of my first one then the next 2 and have loved eating sperm ever since I continue to love it since then and wish I had some now I have never refused to suck off any one who has asked me to or even it they demanded it. I consider the phrade suck it bitch to be an offer of pleasure to me because I truly Love it Brojpb
Sucking a nice cock and getting that warm salty reward when he cums in your mouth is always amazing! Swallowing it just comes naturally :)
I really Love swallowing your Cum Gentlemen and I am a very good Cock-Sucker with No teeth at all In my mouth And the best time for me to be swallowing your Cum ? Is - at the same time my hot little ass hole is being filled with Cum, Cock after Cock I Love to Suck and to get Fucked ? In Pahrump Nevada feel free to ask to meet up sometime ...
Men Swallowing Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Swallowing Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Swallowing Cum on Bisexual PlaygroundMen Swallowing Cum on Bisexual Playground

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