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Panty Crossdressers in Nylon Panty Briefs

Panty Crossdressers in Nylon Panty Briefs on Bisexual PlaygroundPanty Crossdressers in Nylon Panty Briefs on Bisexual Playground
46 year old white male small thin frame.Bi--curious luv to wear nylon granny panties.I have a huge panty fetish and luv to see cd's,tg's and bbw in nylon panty briefs.
I am lingerie sheer nylon panty lover, who loves to satisfy shemales ..and love being taught new things..if you like real panty sissys let's get together ...I am real.
I like to dress in panty girdles, nylons, or garter belts, nylons and nylon gowns while having sex either by myself or with others. I like to wear panty girdles with nylons crotch's so I can do the pantie rub........
Male feminine panty gimp slaves. Panty hose masks and boobs all skin tight panty. Can take 10inches and 4 wide up ass. Pull a 5inch butt plug outta my ass fast, you and your white girl of the week can laugh as I go into a faggot convulsion or piss all over myself
Mid 50s panty boy. Would luv to play with others who are into vintage nylon lingerie.
Straight guy with a huge panty/nylon fetish
I am seeking a bi man to share my panty collation with, I have well over 300 pair of silky nylon briefs to enjoy. I live in the IE.
Used to think Forums like this were not useful (the orig poster is no longer a member, "$," since probably Fall 2019 YET, here WE (panty lovers) ARE in Dec 2022 enjoying "panty-raderie" bi noting 91 members as of this moment who have checked this post out and allowed WE (see above who WE are) to enjoy this wonderful fantasy.

I think it's popular with we "frustrated MWM's" because another man wearing panties is a SUBSTITUTE for an otherwise dis-interested wife! ..... Just sayin ... :) ... fun to SEE who the current panty lovers are on BSP!
I prefer boxer briefs. With an occasional panty.
Does this count? I have some men's panty-style briefs, but I don't have pictures of those.
I am a long time panty wearer . I am looking for like minded guy for mutual panty fun
ooh yes. it sounds like we could have lots of fun. I would love to bring my panty collection (well over 300 pair) to dress in. I am very bi when in my panties. I especially enjoy giving oral to another panty lover.


Males In Panties
I would really like to find a friend who is into mutual panty play, a fellow panty lover. Stockings, garterbelt add to the fun. Nylon silky panties are a super turn on for me. You?
Panty Boys
you freaking panty boys turn me on so much.... i love all the different styles and colors.... and here i thought i was alone in this world with my panty fetish
Males In Panties
I have been wearing panties for about 40 yrs now can't shake the feeling of nylon on my ass and cock sure would like to meet another panty wearer in Northern Delaware
I love to see a guy in briefs-lounge in briefs with a excited cock poke'n out-feeling each other in our briefs-male bonding-in briefs-I have been excited by guys in briefs for a long time-when i was in hs-i loved seening the other boys all in there briefs & then when i joined a gym-it was even better! Guys in all kinds of briefs & jockstraps-all the differant bodies & types of briefs they wore-an how there cocks bounced in there briefs!I love to chat about guys in briefs & underwear-socks-t-shirts-singl ets-speedo's-nudity! Erections in briefs-while changeing-or relaxing-outdoor guys in briefs!Lets chat!
Men That Want Crossdressing Guys
I have to admit that I enjoy sex with cross dressers. I enjoy running my hands over their panty clad body and the hosiery on their legs. Sliding my head under their skirt pressing my mouth against their panty covered cock. Pulling their panties down and taking their cock in my mouth. And watching as they fuck me while all dressed up in their sexy clothes.
Sexy Panties
I love wearing pantys. Satin are my favorite to wear love the feel of them. I use to wear them just around the house now i wear them all the time. Even when i go panty shopping i wear them an trust me it feels sexy. Kiss. :) Flower. I have tons of pantys an love wearing them. Hehe. An yes thay get me hard, even when i panty shop. Hug Kiss


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!