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Perv Bisexual Dads

Perv Bisexual Dads on Bisexual PlaygroundPerv Bisexual Dads on Bisexual Playground
hi 2 all im 29yrs and like sex with man the most but i also like 2 be in3some with man and woman prefer them older 40+ pls do contact me for more info tanx prefer dads and silver dads smart and suit and tie
Im a 23yo male looking for a man thats could be my father in bed. I wanna hear my dads saying. Come on suck dads cocks. Suck ur dad my son. Wow i dream with this everyday.
Well I am a normal dude on the outside, and a hornball freak on the inside. I am new to all this stuff, but I am looking to try everything atleast once. By everything I mean everything... okay, almost everything. I am looking for a fellow perv that will show me the ropes per-se, or someone that is new to this and wants a perv buddy to try things out. Couples rock and you should let me into your little world. I will not let ya down. But dudes drop me a note if you need a perv buddy, I am always lookin for friends. Ladies also drop me a note. I am a shy (not innocent though) guy that is looking for someone to lead me down the path of kinky delights.
Bisexual i,m looking for open mind dads nudist that would meet and go from there i can trvel also
Raunchy anything goes bisexual perv
40yo bisexual Dirty perv
HappyBirthday Ladies.....queen perv and princess perv,from the king of perv,may god bless you with many more...all the best ...Tom HugHugHugKissKissKissKiss:-P:- P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P
It's great having you in the Lobby. I'm glad you feel so good here. It's been great chatting with you & hopefully I'll get to meet the Perv soon. I wonder who's a bigger Perv...him or

Hugs & Kisses & Welcome to the family!
Lisa (aka Rubi)

PS...a :P for you & a Blowjob for the perv!
Thanks Emil I have missed you as well still like perving the pics lol
Thanks Rachel its nice to be home again
Thanks Chelle and G I'm glad the unwanted baggage is gone and i can perv now in freedom :)
Thanks Dede and Mark ... your making me feel loved hunny its an awesome feeling
Thanks Court I hope we can chat some more
Thanks Morrighan and Odin it has been far too long I promise it wont happen again lol

Thanks Teri and Max

my perv addiction is in full force and I have all kinds of new people to perv let my addiction continue although I think Bill and Patti need to create a mobile friendly verison of BP lol so I can perv 24 hours a day lolFlowerHugKiss:-P|8B

love to one and all
And thats what makes Dads like you the real winners!!!! Single dads who do what they should always get my respect. Any fool can make a baby but takes a special guy to be a dad. :)
Be safe and be good ... or at least good at it lol .... which ever you'd rather .... you know we love having you around ad it will not seem the same without ya for a while .... but we will try to manage you are the perv that holds us all together .. you are the king perv so to speak ... much Love and safe journey to you and my favorite perv dog
Dunno - figure if they want to perv but don't want to be perv'ed? Nuts to 'em; they aren't worth my time.



Wives Sharing Hubby's Dick With Men
daddys girl loves to share dads cock
Daddy/Boy Role Play
I always want to suck my dads cock and have deep in my ass. If there are any older man out there that would like to play call me son and come and get it.
NYC taboo perv, looking for fellow local pervs. very open minded and kinky.
Showing Off Your Best Pics
I Love to share my naughty photos and show eberybody what a perv I yam....:-D I posted some of them in the photo section. Check them out and if you like, email me.;);)
Big Booty Shemales
I am James and I am hosting on long Island, NY and will be naked and have a blindfold for a piggy and taboo perv and nasty and no limit time now
Cum Swallowing
I started sucking co ck when I was 12. my step bro taught me how. I would practice on him ... then my step dads friend would buttfuck me in his boat. I told him to cum in my mouth that I wanted to taste it. and since then I always swallow it. yummy!#


Thank you Bill & Pattie, the Bisexual Playground makes finding bisexual playmates easy.