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Age, Preference:
43, Bisexual
Gender, Race:
Female Caucasian
Practice Safe Sex:
Most of the time
I have had a few experiences (still a beginner)
5' 6, 135 lbs. (Average)
Short Brown
Eye Color:
I have glasses, and I wear them all the time
Interested In Ages:
30 - 50
Looking For:
Single Men
Single Women
Will go as far as:
Meeting in person
Short Term Relationship
Long Term Relationship
Interested In:
M-F-F Threesome
M-M-F Threesome
M-F-M Threesome
F-M-F Threesome
Group Sex
I am a very openminded and honest person I have no issues with speaking my mind and will tell a person exactly what i think or feel .i believe in the theory try anything once but I will not be pushed to do anything . I believe the only way to expand ones mind and horizons is to experience as much as you can in one lifetime. Back in the swing of the single life after ending a 5 year relationship a few months ago just looking to see what is out there for a good time these days
Getting Together:
CrazyMountainGirlie has gotten together with someone through a site like this before.
CrazyMountainGirlie can entertain at their home.
CrazyMountainGirlie would like to meet at a Club (Adult).
CrazyMountainGirlie can travel up to 1000 miles.
Ideal Situation:
Chat via email or IM first maybe take it to the phone after a while then meeting in a public place where we can chat more and decide from there if we want to go further.

CrazyMountainGirlie's Rating

8.6/10 by 46 people

CrazyMountainGirlie's Status

people confuse me

CrazyMountainGirlie's Interests

Beautiful profile. Keep exploring and enjoying.

oh i wants see in nova scotia in the summer
reaches deep seeking s with no luck but a lot of satisfaction
Happy Easter from Helen and I

Erin , we wish we could be there to give you your birthday :P and but ..... so till we can we hope your special day is a great one
Dede n Mark
Errrrin!! Looking forward to seeing you next year. Chelle and G
Erin and Happy Boxing Day and ........ may the old fat fart in the santa hat bring you all you wish for
Erin hun ...... we hope the old fat fart in the res suit bring you all you want this year..........have a safe and HappyHoliday season

Dede n Mark
Hoping you are finding some good leads on the "Naughty List!"
errrrrrrr We hope this next year is your best one yet
Well it seams good and I think it's all good:-*
Erin you are awesome and a grate friend so when u coming to Texas? Lol
Always great talking with you in chat. Here's wishing you find only quality people to become not only great unselfish lovers but also to become lifelong friends. Life's too short to settle for less. LOL T
Erin is an awesome person that I am lucky enough to call a friend...I enjoy chatting with her and hope to get to meet her in January. I have met some really awesome people here on BP, but I would have to say that Erin is one of the best of the best!! ya sweetie!! :P:P:P
Really amazing profile, thats the kind of attitude all people should have , open minded and take things the way they are
Erin is a pleasure to chat with and real sweetie who would be very fun to hang with and have fun with. I would love to meet her in person. She turns me on every time I talk to her.

Can't wait to meet you too, You are always a blast! Wanting to see how much trouble we can get in together in public, bible belt or not... You are hot and want to know you before I KNOW YOU and the other half will have a blast getting to know you WINK
hi sweety it's been lonely unda tha blankie w/o ya where ya hiding? love ya...Willy
Just wanted to stop by, to say hey. I haven't seen you in forever!
Erin... Its been a minute but we know that we ya!!

es, Courtney & Baron
hey erin s glad to have ya back .....just me saying ...still showin that shy side heehee ttl s and es
It is really a joy to have met Erin.There are just no surprises with her. She is truthful, and genuine.A pleasure to know. It really feels good to know that you can drop your guard, and not worry about who you are with or talking to. A rare experience by a very special person. We look forward to a lifetime of friendship with her.........Baron
What the hell can I say about Lil Miss Erin? Well plenty let me tell ya. Theres just not enough space on this page to tell you how marvelous, adorable & a bowl of snaps all wrapped up in one nice tidy lil package. It was truly great that we finally got to meet Erin. We laughed as we haven't in a while. I would like to thank you for that . Oh, & thanks for the Booty Pic!! We will cherish it everynight!!!! LOL Perves United we can not be defeated!!!
ya gurly, Courtney
Hot Damn guys!! Very nice pics!!! You look so happy.

, Courtney & Baron
Gld to see Max's name on there gurly gurl You guys make a great couple, and he ain't hard to look at either.
Kudos Kid, , Courtney
Hey...Erin is such a great person! She's been so helpful to me...not sure what I'd do without her!
seeing ERRIN in chat, and talking on the with her. She is as much fun on the as she is in chat. A lovely charming Lady who I hope to meet someday in R/L. Thanks for being a Friend.. and perhaps more sweetie. es, s, and :P for the smile I get when I see you. Tom
Erinnnnnnn....You are one special lady....always easy to talk to and full of laughter.... seeing you in chat and hope we can meet one day... and
s and es Hon. to see your friendly smile in chat and you make Me laugh. One of these days perhaps we will meet in person at a BP party. es and :P
awe..ty erin for such a sweet review comment,,That is so nice..It makes a person feel good when someone has put down a review/comment..I know it does me..Erin is a riot in chat ,and she is fun..I couldnt ask for a better friend to wanna chat with..And someday hopefully meet..s and es.. Brenna
yahoo we got to met Erin & had a good time can't wait to go back to see her again & check out her parking lot lol &
Erin is a lot of fun and a good friend and fellow perv we have alot of fun in chat and I wanna get her under tha blankie and so all the things to and with her that we have talked know what I mean, Errrin :P chillywilly
Yes I know it's me again lol. Erin you have been truely a god send to me. I have been through some terrible things lately and you were one of the few constants in my life keeping me sane and steady. I don't know what I would have done without you. You are an amazingly sweet and wonderful person with just the right amount of wild and crazy thrown in lol. ya lots girlie!!! Don't ever change!! s es and much !! Stacy
A smile, a big , a careing loving sweet and sexy lady is what Erin is...She brings such fun and laughter to chat and just keeps it cumming one thing after another ya girl... and one of us is going to have to give... with the mail


she is a very nice person and has a very big heart
Erin is a great person, we can't wait to meet her I am sure it will be a blast wink wink s erin
Big s and es to ya Hun!!! you Erin Take Good Care of yourself Babe. May you always have that wonderful wit and find s around every cornor you come to es
I had the honor of escorting Erin during her brief stay in NYC while she was changing planes on her way to Virginia. Come back and stay a while next time.
Erin you and Jay are truely great friends!! Don't know what I would have done without ya recently!! Oh and ummmm how did I become the threesome queen lmao did I have to do something special?? Cause I don't remember it heheh. Seriously ya girlie and you too man lol!!
Erin? What's in a name? She's sweet, charming, funny and a great person all around. It's also great to find someone that can put up with me in chat. s & es to you girl! Stay as sweet as you are & never change.

Erin always has a smile to share in chat! Shes an asset to BP s

erin is a very special person. she will always be my kid. and she is always a pleasure to talk to and me knows shes a good person with a big note maker s erin
EEERRRIIINNN, What a Beautiful person w a great sense of humor and a personality that is too sweet. I love to Chat w u. I have seen ur pics and they are sexy. s and s all the is a great shame that the distance between us is so great in the physical sense, but the distance in the mental sense is real close. Ur welcome to Georgia anytime. I am in another world while on this Great and wonderful site, U Sweety only make it that much more lovable ..... T J

Erin is an awesome woman, great friend to have. Wish everyone was like her. I love chatting with you, adn about cyber, if you want I havent tried it yet but you can teach me!! Yuo are awesome sweetheart. you lots. s es Sweety! Oh and HOT HOT HOT on my hot list!
yay for erin! such a sweetheart! so easy to talk to! s and es!
Hey there girl!!!! What a treat in Chat this one and too funny for her own good. Lotsa s and es. You wanna learn to cyber?...this is the girl to show ya...lmao..Be good at being bad erin
erin and jay two very nice people always has something nice to say about you you too make a great couple
Errin is one of the sweetest people I have ever chatted with. I thank you Errin for looking after me and all the people who come into are such a sweet and lovely lady..scuse me if I get all teary eyed....ty honey ty
Erin... What Spunk and quik wit. She is a riot in chat es Never a dull moment with her soo glad we have had the pleasure to meet you and s and es & Take Care Ps. Boss has your tape can't wait to hear your humor in person
I love to be in the Lobby with erin..she is so much fun, keeps me in stitches!! I know we will become great friends.. and
Talking to in chat makes my day, you are great. You keep the room going , and its better than TV. Its a shame distance keeps us from knowing you better........Baron & Courtney

s Erin i always have fun chatting with you and Jays a lucky guy to have you...many s and es..very nice photos Hogan

What can I say! Have known Errin for a good while now! Always sparkly in chat. Harmony with Jay makes chat so much fun! Just good people all around! BP is lucky to have outstanding members like Jay & Errin that really enjoy the site and allow others to feel welcome to do the same!
Always a sweetheart....If you get a chance don't waste it talk to this lovely lady.... you Erin
Erni is a great ladie and I am sooo glad I have gotten the chance to know her!! s es Erin ya hun!! Can't wait till Sept heheheh!!!
Erin is down to earth a great gal
fun to chat with. Hope one day I can give her all the s and es inperson her and glad we met
Erin is a sweetie. We chatting with her, andhope to meet ya'll sometime. Be
s erin glad to meet u and more things happen :P:P:P:P:P:P mommy and daddy dori got some lol u erin s and es
I had the chance to meet erin during the VA party.What a great time that I had getting to know Erin!She is truly a great person,take the time to get to know her.errriiiinnnnn,mommmyyyy and dadddyyyyy drank all the On a serious note erin,your great.... much
Erin is awesome, a sweetie, and a great friend! We are blessed to have met her here, and cant wait to meet her someday and compare power tools hehehe s es

ERRRIN is a very sweet and outgoing individual. She always makes you feel welcome with her poise, charm, quick wit, and sense of humor. It is definetely a pleasure to know. I cant wat to meet her and help her celebrate her 25th Birthday. s and many loaded s for you ERRRRIN.
a fun woman who likes the same things that I do :D She is fun to chat with and almost as much a perv as me. I that in a woman.
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