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HI ! young 19 year old college student 134 lbs, 5'6' into talking about almost anything. Like a smart guy who is masculine and fit. Not all interested in looks but it dosn't hurt to meet someone attractive. I am into all the arts from writting to drawing and everything in between. Not into the gay scene and prefer straight guys who are curios, bi guys, or masculine gay guys. Oddly enough I am a top...for those masculine gay guys..but give great oral sex to those straight or bi guys..unless you want to bottom. Like all races..but recently been REALLY horny for a fit Asian guy. Discreet and no strings wouldn't mind making friends with those I am sexually involved. Not looking for a LTR just someone to help ease my urges.
im a straight guy who just likes to have sexual fun with guys. i dont like relationships with guys. i like sucking dick, being sucked, being fucked, fucking, getting my ass rimmed, getting my ass fingered by guys. with girls- anything
Healthy straight guy like cars, outdoors,. Im last basically straight and like sucking dick at our own one on one pnp. Orvi just suck you off is goodm. Me and my girl like having 3 or 4 ways and she likes it with men mostly, and likes to dominate giving the men orders, and me. She got me to suck a guys dick. He was a hot man so i did it for her and he sucked me. The best blowjob i ever had hebgave. He cummed in my mouth and i thought i would throw up. But the excitement he was feeling made me take it much easier. I loved it and him got together again alone I guess to see if it was hot that one time because my girl was there to excite us. Ateast we used that excuse anyway lol. I know i did because i actualy loved sucking that dick. It was just hot for me and I wanted it again. And now i want to suck dicks but remain my straight rep. I guess guys know where the tender spots are that make us cum huge. It works for me the few dicks i sucked or got mine sucked shot off bigger than expected. They straight man sucked siad same thing. I could tell too! Anyway i stay discreet. I like like sucking men the same as me a white guy also. you like you can wear a mask or i can wear mask. Im not ugly bit some guys just like the excitement of the mask. I do but will go either way. I want to suck straight and sexual dicks. I will do gay gay men i just not into getting a guy attached to me. I still love pussy to . I do like pnp parting with dicks also. But won't if you don't want to.
I am an easy going basically straight guy who is happily partnered with a great woman who is 100% straight. Several years ago after way to many drinks with a buddy of mine I wound up sucking his cock and discovered I really get into it. Since then I have become somewhat addicted to sucking dick. My woman thinks that's fine as I am not cheating on her if I am with some guy. My primary interest is simply giving oral sex to other guys. I am not looking for a relationship just casual discrete sexual encounters. Prefer younger straight, married or bi guys. Started off looking at the gay scene but really didn't relate to it. Just to gay. I am not looking for reciprocation. Just lay back and enjoy.
mostly straight. ive had a few gfs. played with a few other girls too. pretty much new to guy play but like it alot. sucking cock that is. 3 tasty ones so far. doing it discreet and dl. cuz no one knows im suckng cock. im perfect for any horned guy needing a discreet bj to cumpletion. in in Denver. looking for guys in my area to suck off. local or take a road trip to suck a guys cock for him. cool with like FOCO, or Greeley or C. Springs, Pueblo, Mountains, etc. a fantacy to drive to a horned guy out of town. in town, im cool with giving a guy a bj anywhere he wants. host, go to his place or somewhere. any cock works for me. still new. id like straight, bi or gay. any size cock. any thickness. cut or uncut. a quick cummer is cool but id prefer sucking his dick for a while. and of course, get fed his tasty cum. looking for a guy any age 18 + maybe 60ish oldest. looking for any guy who is cool with a guy sucking his dick. me. good bj for you guys ! hit me up. been months. im horned to suck a cock again.
Grew-up sucking dick and jacking-off with other boys in rural California, openly bisexual since age 15, a hippie in the '70s, lots of college - Asian studies, psych, sexuality, law, etc. Love travelling in Mexico, hindustani music, talking dirty, women who become whores when they're horny, men who eat cum, and playing with nasty little-brother/son/student types. I'm very liberal and open minded, but have little tolerance for Republicans or the French. I don't trust guys over 30 who are "bi-curious", people with nothing in their profiles, or who don't answer the questions in my last email. I do trust guys who tell me they're straight and just want to fuck my wife. Some say I have perfected potato salad and apple pie.
My biggest thing that bothers me is straight guys who says they are straight that clearly are not. I understand if you write straight and your looking for only a bi-female. The guys who come in the chat posting seductive pics, hitting on guys, saying the want to try sucking cock or having a threesome with other guys. Those are the ones i am referring to. those are clearly bi. rather its just being curious or full out bi. One guy said he puts straight incase someone saw him on this site. they are only going to see it if they were on this site looking too. Your profile needs to line up with what you are looking for. dont put bi if your straight and dont say your straight if your bi. Dont give us mixed messages and make us try and figure out what you really looking for.
So, when I was in high school, I had no concept of bisexuality. All I knew was "straight" and "gay." I knew I was attracted to girls, so I knew I wasn't gay. But I also really got turned on looking at guys. It was confusing. This is why when people talk about how "representation matters" I totally get it. I think if I had realized that there was a third option, I could have come to grips with my identity at a much younger age. As it was, I didn't come out as bisexual until my final year in college, and I had only dated women the whole time I was in college. These were the days of the AIDS crisis, and the messaging was basically that all sex was dangerous, and gay sex was like Russian roulette. Then I got married a couple of years out of college, and it took me nearly a decade to formally come out to my wife. She knew that I had very progressive views on sexuality, and that I thought most people were somewhere between straight and gay, but we'd never really discussed my own sexuality beyond my experiences with women. Once we decided to get into swinging, I told her that I'd be open to sex with men, and she's been supportive of me ever since.
I suck off married men and straight, single guys in the Oberlin area (Lorain county). I'm not into gay sex, but I love college age cum, 69 and threesomes with wives and girlfriends. Frequently, I blow guys on a regular basis.
I am 100% gay, and I travel alot for work and that is why I joined this site. I have been forunate enough to meet several men from here, and beleive it or not over half of them are listed on here as straight or bi-curious. I don't really come on to them, becasue I have had straight guys get really pissed when I say Helloe and welcome to the site. But of the straight guys I have met here most of them approached me, and the others I commented on their picture that they were attractive or had a fit body. I think alot of straight guys are just curious and if they happen to meet someone on here that they would be a little curious about meeting and it is someting both sides want to try, got for it. I have met more straight curious or bi-curious guys guys here then bi or gay guys, and to be honest meeting up with a curious guys and giving them their first experience with a guy, is actually a real turn on for me especially when they tell me its only a one-time thing they are just curious and will never do it again, and then they contact me in less than 24 hours asking when we can meet again, it is Great. This is a Great site, I have been very succesful meeting guys on here, and there is something for everyone here.
Senior year college 1986 and was 1000% straight but oddly over several weeks with my new roommate I was feeling something sexual and then one late night armed with a few beers the discussion got to sex and what started as a joke ended up being a full year of major major oral sex and oddly enough I remember just how "natural" it all felt after the fact. My roommate was hung beyond words and frankly that was his identity somewhat in college yet I think because I kept seeing his huge dick daily because he loved showing it and talking about it that it took curiosity to a new level. I went from straight lady killer to having a major top secret bisexual affair with him that lasted after college. He actually taught me exact things to do when I sucked him. All I can say is I know totally totally crave having the same scenario. My wife totally knows the whole story and frankly is totally turned on by all the detail and is awesome playing and roleplaying at times so I can relieve the experience.
What I have learned since college is there are a TON of closet Bisexual married men - a hell of allot more than you would ever guess who crave sucking cock. My wife had several gay flight attendants who told story after story about the blowjobs they received traveling from married men who propositioned them and thats all they wanted. It turns me on in the right circumstance god it was an experience
Just an update:

It's been close to 6 years since we first made this post, and just a few days ago, on Saturday night, we had a Gang-Bang with all the same guys as were there back then! My old BP friend came in for it, and I actually had 2 other guys that I met right here on BP also show up. All together, there was 7 guys ( well 8 including Danny)

We had 4 Bi Guys and 4 straight guys. Lets just say the "straight" guys can no longer be considered "straight". By the end of the night, all 4 had sucked at least one cock, and one of the guys even let Danny fuck him in the ass! But the problem with playing with so many Bi-Guys is that they end up stealing all the CUM! I only had one guy finish in my mouth!

I just posted this as I thought it was quite fun having all the same guys 6 years later, and not even as a plan! :)

Carol xoxoxo


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I’m a nice mature married who discovered cock sucking around 40. I have found that most young college guys really appreciate getting their dicks sucked by eith male or female to get some relief ! We have a jr college in town and I’ve found once your offer get passed around the guys they can keep me pretty buddy!
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I have become addicted to sucking men's cock, after being stuck home alone indoors during the crisis of 2020-2021. It was as if when I could finally be around guys, I didn't want to shake hands or hang out. I needed to blow them. I became so in love with the idea, I actually installed a Glory Hole in my place and advertised every where I could. It not just gives me endless cock, but every variety, and dozens of straight guys who would never let a guy suck their dick. Just that bit if anonymity made guys not care who was sucking them, and I've never been had so much fun and pleasure.
Younger Guys
I like 22 to 39 year old guys. Had a group of 4 college guys bang my throat a monthly ago. 8t was a surprise had no.idea they were at bookstore.
Men Sucking Men's Dicks
I love having my face close to a guy's balls and feeling his dick in my mouth! But I'm not very good at going up and down on a big, hard cock, so I actually prefer to suck a guy when he's soft, just half hard, or has a small dick. I like playing with a big piece of meat and licking it, but I really love sucking off a little 4" or 5" boner because it's so much easier to swallow the whole thing! Sucking and stroking is all I do with other men, which works out nice because my wife has a major turn-on to seeing a man with a dick in his mouth. We've had great 3ways with straight guys who wanted to get sucked by another guy but not do anything else. I have no problem being the only guy in a 3way who wants to suck cock, or getting together 1-on-1 to suck another guy off who doesn't do me -- I have told guys that what I want in exchange is for them to cum in my mouth, and I'll consider that a fair trade. My wife will cum immediately if she sees another man nut up in my mouth and I love letting women watch me eat a guy's load! So I say admit it if you like sucking cock, and if not, let the guys who do suck yours -- often you don't have to do anything to them, so just take advantage of guys who suck and get off!
All Male Threesomes
Very bi curious but straight man, had one gay experience in college, but years later I find myself thinking about it when I masturbate. Would love to have experienced gay couple get in on in front of me while I watch.
Men That Want To Suck Cock
I am interested in sucking well hung guys (8 inches or larger and black guys welcome) to completion. I prefer straight or passively bi guys who only want to recieve. I do swallow. I am very discreet and travel all over north and central Fl. including the Panhandle. I especially enjoy having a woman watch. I am also willing to service women orally. I am bi and for REAL. Message me and let's get to it!


Thanks. I always have good conversations in here! I don't even log on to my other chats anymore, just come straight here.