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Massachusetts Dating

Massachusetts Dating on Bisexual PlaygroundMassachusetts Dating on Bisexual Playground
Hello, My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year. We are very sexually open people and recently discovered that we share a fantasy of having a threesome with a woman. We've talked a lot about it and are both very excited about the idea but have no idea how to go about finding a person. We didn't want to do it with anyone we know, so I'm trying this site to hopefully surprise him with a match. We are college students so anyone living in Massachusetts, D.C. or New York City would work for us. Thanks for reading!
25 m and 24 f massachusetts
I'm in Massachusetts,
Names mel 31 f Massachusetts want kno more hmu
We are a couple who have been long distance dating for about a year. We have amazing sex together but lately R has become bi-curious and T fully supports his exploring this part of his sexuality. We are both in our 40's and very laid back. Because we are long distance dating and don't get to be together as often as we would like, we usually forgo the "dating" part and head right for the bedroom!
47 swm from Massachusetts looking fwb/long term sex buddy.
HugsKisses Delilah, you have said it all, I agree with you totally. Dating has to lead to liking someone before sex. I guess dating should give us the oportunity to see what a person is like physically, and mentally. Do we have similar likes and dislikes, or is it just a sexual thing. I might kid and joke about sex, but Like dating, and like to see how the date is going to treat me. This is a important part of my acceptance to a sexual encounter. VeronnicaKissKiss
anyone interested in mutual oral leading to mutual anal sex or any order mutual oral or mutual anal or both!! big cocks wanted!! big cummers! in massachusetts, for in the Massachusetts area or near by states!
I am curious if anyone ever just likes to date anymore. I see so many people who are totally preoccupied with just wanting too have sex, but what about dating. There are alot of advantages to dating, including possibly sex if it goes that far.
You learn something about the person you are interested in, and I am talking moreso than just your casual; Hi How are you let's fuck. You can learn a great deal about someone by going out spending time together and enjoying each others company.
There is also the benefit of stability. It is possible for dating too open other doors including forming a relationship which would lead too stability, at least in theory.
There is the added advantage of dating, where you learn about a persons sexual habits, appetites and desires before becoming sexual, thereby reducing your chances of inadvertantly catching an STD or some other type of disease or infection, which is why I don't like to be intimate with someone until I know enough about them, that I can reasonably feel safe, and even though that is my own personal feeling on it, it's actually not a bad way to protect yourself.
So I am curious, because I notice alot of offers and requests for sex, is there anyone around who is actually interested in dating, or is it a lost cause to think so?

Not sure how much this will apply but family law is a state by state (and I assume province by province issue) but in Massachusetts Gay/Lesbian couples can marry and adopt each other's children.

They can also adopt other children (and it is illegal for adoption agencies to discriminate against Gay/Lesbian couples) Which is why Catholic Charities no longer does adoptions in Massachusetts.

Doesn't answer your question, so let me continue, even in Massachusetts there is absolutely no provision in law for more than 2 parents. And given that one of the arguments against gay marriage was that if you let gays/lesbians marry then the next thing you know 3 or more people will want to get married it is unlikely that that will change anytime soon.

One other thing in most states, the husband of the woman at the time of a child's birth is considered the legal father, and even if DNA shows that is not the true biology, he is still legally the father.

There may be things you can do using contract law and such but you would need to work with an attorney familiar with family law
I think Vince sums it up pretty well. You are only 20, I don't know how old the guys are that you are dating, but it does seem they are either stupid, selfish, or just plain inexperienced. I know I am waaayy to old to even think of dating someone like you, but you might want to try guys over 25.
Good luck, I really don't think you will have a hard time finding what you are looking for, take care,
Be Happy
Be Nice
From Ice
What part of: Would like other couples that .............................. .............who want a long term friendship, with some sex thrown in just for fun--doesn't sound like dating? I feel sorry for people that come to this board just in search of getting laid. There is so much more to this lifestyle than just that. How about all the foreplay and dress up that make the act of sex so enjoyable, or am I just an old romantic? Certainly to us, the relationship is much more important than just fucking. Not to demean a couples relationship, but I thought that was what meeting other couples, or singles if that is your cup of tea was all about--putting the fun and dating factor back into existing relationships. Dating should be fresh, and new experiences to add to your current lifestyle, and like the feelings you get when you are first courting. At least we hope that is what WE find when we meet new couples.

Mark & Lynn


Hi all bi guy, single in central Massachusetts here... looking for friends and dating.😉
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
Any in Lowell, Massachusetts?
Glory Holes
Anyone know of any gloryholes in Massachusetts.. The Mrs is very curious.
M-F-M Threesome
I'd love to try an MMF...esp.interested in DP!I'm in Massachusetts
Women Who Like Bi Men
Bi guy in Massachusetts looking for bi accepting female for fun and honesty
Glory Holes
Hey anyone know of glory holes in Massachusetts or Rhode Island?


Dear Bill and Pattie, thank you for your kind and prompt response. Your site is by far among the best dating sites I belong to and will give it a shot for the next 30 days. Thanks again. J-p