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Pictures of Men Jerking off While Sniffing Dirty Panties

Pictures of Men Jerking off While Sniffing Dirty Panties on Bisexual PlaygroundPictures of Men Jerking off While Sniffing Dirty Panties on Bisexual Playground
Sniffing, wearing and coming in womens and other sluts panties.. Contact me if you love dirty panties, dressing up like a sexy dirty whore, rubbing and sucking cock. Glasgow keywords: panties, thongs, knickers, stockings, hold-ups, basques, bras, cd, blouses, boots, wanking, watching porn, getting sucked, rubbing cocks together, sex, slut, whore, webcam, c2c, cam2cam, dirty, pussy, tits, ass
Just an average guy with a panty fetish especially Bbw fullback silky or satin grannie panties and interested in meeting like-minded couples I love to play with and wear panties while masturbating btw I really love sniffing dirty panties as well
I'm looking for a new fuck buddy to suck me till I am going to explode I am so kinky I love sniffing dirty panties and jacking off with panties on my face to smell some pussy and I am so stroking it now and I will send you
Love sniffing dirty panties.
Love sucking my sisters dildo and sniffing her dirty panties
Hello. I'm a pretty regular guy who has always had a panty fetish. For years it was only wanting to see pictures/videos of women in panties then it evolved into panty sniffing. Then I met a friend who wore them and I am just starting to wear them from time to time around the house. I've only had straight sex, but sissy hypno videos and wearing panties has gotten me bi-curious lately.
Love sniffing my wife's dirty panties and other men's wives and sharing... Love to hear from others with the panty sniffing fetish
Love wearing and sniffing worn panties. Then jerking off.
I had a friend that sniffed his mother, wifes and daughters panties. I met with him once and we jacked off in his truck while sniffing his daughters panties while looking at pictures of her.
Doing coke right now sniffing my wife's dirty panties stroking my fucking cock like crazy I would love to chat or look at others
I have always loved to sniff women's soiled panties while jerking off. And I have done so while using the bathrooms of various woman (such as my wife's friends)...I'd look through the hamper in their bathroom and sniff the panties and cum! It is perfectly normal that men get turned ON by the pheromones (scent) in women's panties. That is why dogs sniff each other (to identify the other dog by their scent). As long as no one gets harmed by such "sniffing" I think it is fine.
I been dressing up and sniffing panties since I was a kid and my sister caught me dressing in her stuff and sniffing her and mom panties and we been fucking for years


Dirty Panties
I love sniffing and licking dirty panties
Women In Panties
I have a huge panty fetish and have had it since i was young! I think a woman in satin or silk bikini panties is hotter than being naked! I have jerked off in every way possible to panties, sniffing used ones, cumming in and on them, wearing them during sex with males and females, eating pussy thru them, giving guys handjobs and sucking cock thru them etc. ive swapped girlfriends and wifes panties with other men, pictures and videos of women ive dated etc. i really enjoy cumming on them especially while women are wearing them! I also enjoy wearing panties when im at bookstores, theaters, or having bisex with men! Most guys take them off me right away because they arent into them and want my cock or nice tight ass right away! But once in a while i meet men that enjoy them or enjoy the way i get wile wearing them! Im submissive in them and like being raped or being told wat to do by aggressive guy or guys!
Males In Panties
My panty wearing started when I was 9 and I would steal my cousins dirty little girl panties, she was 8. I would take her little girl bras too. Then I decided to work my way up.your my beautiful aunts panties.... and there was the Holy grail of panties... they caught me and I was only allowed to wear panties while I was at their house from that point, then it turned into family fucking in panties... soooo open hot, makes me hard thinking about it
Panty Sniffing
sniffing & licking moist thongs/panties is so erotically intoxicating...
Sexy Panties
As a young lad I had two sisters and stealing their panties to use when I masturbated was a thrill. One time while playing with my neighbor at their house I saw a pair of his moms panties in a pile of dirty clothes. I took them without him seeing me. I finally had a pair of panties all my own. I was totally fascinated with them. The feel scent, and how they fit my slim boy body. That was my real first encounter wearing panties.
Picture Trading
Pictures are worth a thousand words. Thus, we totally enjoy having pictures taken of us and friends we have allowed to join us. However, when it comes to making pictures available for others to see here on this site and trading pictures. We prefer to just share pictures with only us in them as some of our friends have asked that we be discrete... Kiss


What they like best about the site:  the pictures in the beginning.