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Pricks in Panties

very shy, been into women for a while, think guys are pricks but could use a good cock once in a while.
I love to wear panties especially pink panties. I started wearing panties since i was 10. I love to see a cock in some pretty panties right in front of my face before I wrap my mouth around it as im being taken from behind with a strap-on.
A Straight Guy With Panty Fantasy of Two Men Getting Hard On's In Panties Watch Lesbian Porn and J/o Each Other Maybe More. I really want to chat about panties with another guy for the first time. It's always been a secret that I love to get hard wearing panties and want to see some bulge in a pair of panties.
Hi my name is mark, i am 36 y/o 5'8" tall, i shave my head, i am athletic and have a muscular build, i weigh 185 lbs, brn hair, blu eyes, i have a really nice but which looks good in a pair of hot pink panties. I like to wear panties all the time, i fantasize getting caught wearing womens panties. I like to masterbate with my panties on. Sometimes i will use a dildo and pretend i am the girl and i will fuck my ass.
6.0 wide shoulders, little gut, natural goatee, I love to watch and wear panties....I really get off thinking of my wife doing nasty and telling u, show pictures, wife loves me in panties and loves to grind panties to panties,
I am older man little overweight but love panties. I get so excited when I see cock in panties. I have never been with a guy yet in panties but would like to very much. Would also like female to watch. I am very nervous about this but my desire is driving me on.
That's a lot of pricks Dicks Del !! :) LOL
The women want you men in panties so that they can control there boyfriend or husbands once they get you in panties they know that you cannot stop wearing panties i started wearing panties 1955 my sisters panties i have worn all types of panties styles color's lacey hensin was very popular years ago bails bought them out .bails 2633 are the same panties theses panties are wide in the croch very soft to the skin they wear wonderful don't ride up very comfortable they dont pinch or cut.some women smell there own panties wet panties don't smell only when they are dry.
I think I would have have time for something new and exciting today? It will beat everything you are doing right now and then some.....Now that's a real salesman....gotta over cum those little pricks! LOL Great joke happyhippie....keep em coming gurl!!!Hug HeatherFlower
Why the fuck do you pricks keep raising this topic you pack of fucking filthy cunts ,it's illegal all across the world ,it encourages pedophiles and sick fucks like you keep pedalling this shit
i like to cum in my girls panties before she goes to work so she wears cum-soaked panties all day, i love to eat my cum load off her panties, or someday have another guy cum on them so I can rub the cum-covered panties all over my cock
I am a 67 year old straight married male who enjoys wearing sexy lace panties panties and stroking myself in panties.
Looking for a like minded male in my age group, 50-67 years old, who would like to watch me stroking myself in panties and being watched stroking yourself.
Both of us watching each other stroking ourselves in panties and maybe more.


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POINT of Interest ->->->-> OR Pricks OUR Interest........;):);)
Males In Panties
All small dicks should always be in panties. We dont need all the extra room that mens underwear has to accomodate a full grown cock, so we have no need for mens underwear. When you can not only fit in a pair of panties, but fit very nicely, panties are for you. When you fit in your wifes panties better than she should be in panties. When your tiny dick looks more like a deserve pantiesKiss
Males In Panties
i have worn panties from about 6Th grade. the first time was when i borrowed a pair of my older sisters panties to where under my baseball uniform. running the bases i came three times. after that i use to grab her panties and use them to jack off. later in life i became a truck driver. and from that day to this i have worn panties. i prefer. madinform or vanityfair briefs. now i am looking for my first bi experence. i want to be blind folded and wearin panties and have eight to twelve men feed me their cocks or pull my panties down just enough to fuck my ass and when done have my clean their cocks then leave. what would make this hotter would be if all the men were wearing panties when they fucked me,and somebody video taped the whole thing then sent it to me two years later on my birthday.....John
Males In Panties
My panty wearing started when I was 9 and I would steal my cousins dirty little girl panties, she was 8. I would take her little girl bras too. Then I decided to work my way up.your my beautiful aunts panties.... and there was the Holy grail of panties... they caught me and I was only allowed to wear panties while I was at their house from that point, then it turned into family fucking in panties... soooo open hot, makes me hard thinking about it
Men In Pantyhose
I live wearing panties and seeing men in panties would love to see men here in panties Ladies I want to be seen in panties Hug
I'm a man that loves wearing women's panties everything feminine soft nylon panties satin panties silk panties i wear only women's clothing wished i had more wear leggings sitting in my ♿


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!