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Robin Quivers Anal Sex

Robin Quivers Anal Sex on Bisexual PlaygroundRobin Quivers Anal Sex on Bisexual Playground
We are a loving couple who enjoy sharing with new friends. We have had one pleasant experience with another couple and enjoyed adding a bi-gal to the mix a few times. Robin enjoys just about anything (as long as it is not degrading or painful). Robin will only participate if Bobby is present. Bobby is free to participate without Robin if desired. Bobby is bi-curious but is waiting for the right people to come along. If that is you - drop us a line.
sup chris n robin here a south ga cpl lookin for fun open ta all suggestion chris is wild n fun robin quite n curious hit us up see wutt happens
35yo straight male. I luv to watch a woman explore herself until she quivers w/delight as she watches me stroke my hard cock and cum. please assist me!
we have tried most everything such as oral, anal, fisting, golden showers, mild spankings, bondage, public sex, flashing and mutual masturbation. We engage in regular threesomes: 2m1f and 2f1m. I take viagra, so our sessions are quite lengthy. we are a clean cpl and prior to sex we both take enemas and then shower. we live for our sex and almost anything goes except for severe pain. we like to watch porn and take pics. i'm very lucky as robin is 15 years my junior. we met a little over 7 years ago. I love her body. she is 5'10", 36B-28-38 and weighs 125 lbs. I am 6'1" and 180.
I'm a tanned white crossdresser in Michigan looking mature crossdresser. I love being with another Cd for adult fun. I'm shaved and smooth. Love to dance real close--kissing-cuddling- candle light dinners. Luv short skirts-silky nylons-6" heels-makeup and I love 69's and lots of oral and anal. Olease contact me. Looking for someone like me who loves to dress sexy and being together. I'm 5'10" tall--170# and hazel eyes. Robin
I'm Robin and I would like to get to know others who are into CD.
Robin came home from her first day commuting into the city. Noticing that Robin was looking a little peaked, her Mom asked, "Honey, are you feeling all right?"

"Not really," Robin replied. "I'm nauseous from sitting backward on the train."

"Poor dear," Mom said. "Why didn't you ask the person sitting across from you to switch seats for a while?"

"I couldn't," Robin replied, "there was no one there."
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Yha,,,Robin is Blond......................... .

Be Happy
D i c k
Hey, iwant2bintn, if Robin enjoys recieving anal stimulation/penetration, you two might want to get a strap-on with 3 dildos. Two inside to penetrate her pussy and ass at the same time, and one outside to use in your ass. Experimenting with different positions, and which one of you is doing the pumping/moving, you should be able to give her - and you some really intense orgasms. I'm hoping that my girlfriend will be able to move in with me so we can try it.
Hug Mark

First of all let me try to explain my opinion on something. Most of us guys are afraid we'll be labled as Gay because we like or want to explore sex with other males. The differance between being Bi & Gay is that Gays are strickly after Male sex. I enjoy both Men & Women, therefore being Bi.

answer to your first questioin is Yes enjoying anal sex is Bi if you like it and continue doing it. wondering about it is being curious. Look up curious in the dictionary.

2nd question: Thinking and wondering about having sex with another male is being curious, trying it and not liking it would not make you Bi, but if you like it and continue doing it then sure you'd be Bi.

I'm in touch with my sexuality and enjoy any type of sex I can. I give head & enjoy anal sex. I put aside all my phobias that were programed into me by our Homophobic society.

Fuck yea come on over to Nevada baby i will hammer that pussy till it quivers
I love anal play and just bouht my first pair of beads which should arrive shortly. I would like to learn more about anal toys, how to use them and their purpose. I have up to know just had anal sex, anal fingering, and dildo play. I am interested in anal beads and the vast amount of varieties, anal plugs and those funny anal dildos. I found out they even have vibrating ones. I am just so lost. Please help. All information is welcome. *mwah* Kiss Joy
My input as an anal loving lady is that it takes a lot of anal foreplay to warm up to an ass! If time isn't spent coaxing down there, then anal is terrible, but if I'm rimmed and played with first... :D!! My man is 8" and he's the first one I've done anal with. I love his hot cum in my ass! Then he likes watching me push it out.


Tarot Cards
Which deck do you use? I use the Robin Wood and DruidCraft decks.
Tarot Cards
Which deck do you use? I use the Robin Wood and DruidCraft decks.
Anal Sex
We have enjoyed anal sex for close to 20 years. Danny has always had a fetish for anal, and slowly introduced Carol to it. We practise anal sex on a very regular basis, and have introduced many men (and some women) to their first anal sex experience. A little twist on anal sex that all couples should try.....take a good vibrator and put it in the guys ass, turn it up ALL the way! The guy lies on his back, and lets the woman get on top. The vibration travels right through the guy, into his penis, it's amazing! ...for both partners. Danny & Carol
Anal Cream Pies
my wife doesnt like receiving the only time i get to eat anal pies is out of mens asses or when we're with a couple where the lady likes anal. and i love to be filled with cum and have it tongued and sucked from my hole
Anal Sex
Anal sex has been something we have been working on for years. You can't just jump into this--or we couldn't. It was something she tells me that was for me. NOT ANY MORE!! After several years of doing anal every now and then, it has become a regular thing now. It starts with my fingers while I lick on her favorite spot. I always lick and play until she has several orgasms. Then I can move on to penetration which is hot, hot, hot for bothof us. We used to go straight to her pussy but the past 2 or 3 years we go straight to her tight ass. She knows in the first few seconds if we can or not. When we can she loves it, talks dirty to me until I'm moving in and out so hard it moves us across the bed. She grabs her vibrators and plays with her clit and will have huge orgasms. She says she craves anal now. I can see why. When she cums having anal its hard to hold on to her. Her body tightens so much I don't think two muscle bound guys could spread her legs. For me it has been an incredible experience. I can honestly say anal is awesome!!!
Anal Stretching
For anyone who enjoys anal sex as much as I do. Anal stretching offers you a good way to prepare your butthole for a hard throbbing cock sliding in and out of it. Over the past several years I have been able to stretch my butthole to where I can now handle an 8" long by 2" wide dildo without any problems. Being able to do this allows me the ability to prepare myself so I can fully enjoy anal sex without any pain at all...Hug


Hi! We are David and robin. We just signed up and are excited to be here. Thanks for a great site!