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Set Gay Submissive Bottom POV

I'm a submissive bottom that only wants to give pleasure to a hung aggressive top that knows how to use a submissive bottom
bi,bottom only with a man,passive/submissive n bed,not out,very discreet,easy going...very much enjoy playing the submissive bottom role for another man n bed. especially LUV being mounted from behind. dont really have a "lot" of experience but am definitely interested n getting a lot more.
I'm chill. I'm a guy. I like passable submissive bottom shemales. I want to meet a passable submissive bottom shemale in my city.
Submissive, attractive, in shape, 6 ft 200 lbs, BiMale seeking a married couple or female or male to serve in my area. I'm a Service submissive or a Domesticated submissive who thrives on the submissive energy gained from serving others in any way they need. One interest is I'd like to bottom for a woman with a strapon. And or to meet a male top for regular fun.
Lifelong crossdresser submissive for men and women. Possibly transgender mtf. Cocksucker and submissive bottom.
Submissive male, occasional crossdresser, really enjoy adopting a bottom, submissive role.
Hey I’m a submissive white bottom bitch boy who loves black men and worship bbc. I will be in St. Louis want older black men who loves fucking submissive white bottom boys
I am a bimale looking for a couple late 50's or older ! I am a submissive bottom . will please male or female as a bottom .
I like to be a submissive bottom. Being on my knees looking up at dicks being spit on. Being called nasty names being told what to do. Forced to suck dick is the best.
Being a bottom is better the top anyday.
I love it, I am a total bottom to men only years ago with women but my attraction and desires are totally with men I am submissive and love to bottom and play with toys and plugs to keep myself loose and open,,
Hi Sassyv4u,
I have been a member on the site since 03 and find most people on here are children and scared. They are completely afraid of there sexuality and don’t have the courage to explore or share there sexuality like and informed open minded adult. Now I would never say that to someone directly if I thought they could handle it but there it is. I have been bi since I was 20. I went to a co-ed bath house. Shame they don’t exist anymore, (I should say it because it was the only one I ever found).
I think it not has to do with what I said above but also the perception that to “bottom” you are submissive and therefore “feminine.” As we know so many men can not handle that association at all. Being a bottom and being submissive are two entirely different things, you can be one without the other.
Another thing I find with men bi or gay there are far more tops than bottoms. The old trope women say about men is sadly true: Men are more interested in themselves than there parters, they want what they want and don’t give a damn about their partners.
Men have no idea what they are missing, everyone should at least be willing to versatile so that gets their needs met.
I am submissive so bottom for me.


Bisexual Fantasy
Are You Bisexual And Want To Fulfill Your Fantasy?.. I'm a gay white submissive bottom in Virginia..Attention to Bi Males!..If you seek a submissive, gay, white, full-service bottom to service you or any number of your friends, consider this white slut..I will take brutal assfuckings from cocks of any size and many enjoy to use me to see me be used for the very kinky, taboo sex few sluts will consider..Just tell this fag what is wanted..Waynesboro, Va area..
Anal Bottom
Anal Bottom Here..Barebacking, Cumloving, Submissive, Total bottom..I'll bend over and take your load..Plow my faggot ass..Any Real Men looking for a real fag?..Use me for bareback fucking and cum depositing..Use my asshole and pump a condom full of cum and allow me to eat the jizz out..Gangbang my man cunt until it is practically overflowing..
1 Man On 1 Man
I’m a submissive bottom But I also top I do it all And I I like for all to be done to me
All Male Threesomes
Hi guys I'm a submissive bottom . N,J
Couples Searching For Bi Males
Any hot couples looking for a very submissive and willing to please total bottom,,,let me know!
1 Man On 1 Man
Any guys near Niles Ohio who want a submissive bottom dm me


Hey you two, I just wanted to say hello, and thank you, from the bottom of my heart... I never thought it would happen, but I took your advice and followed my instincts. I met a guy 2 days ago on this awesome website that you have created. Thank you thank you thank you! His name is Michael and he lives in Florida. I know, it's a bit far, But I'm going to meet him very soon... I can't wait!! We have been e-mailing each other for the past 2 days, non-stop... well, when we're not working. He's very cool and down to earth... I'm a pretty good judge of character, and from what I can tell, he's being brutally honest and very up-front about everything I have a habit of throwing feelers out there to everyone... Kinda like a test, if you will... he passed with flying colors. I owe you both so much for giving me this chance for a happier life. Thank you again. I hope someday to be able to meet you both. Who knows? Michael and I may hit it off and ask you both to come to a bi-play party that we host. Whoa! I think I may be getting ahead of myself, so I'm going to stop this here. I just wanted to thank you for being the best webmasters around. Thanks again. Much love and respect, Chip aka: mrchipper