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Sex Party in Nj

Sex Party in Nj on Bisexual Playground
PaRtY pArTy PaRtY!!! Thats basically us. We wake up, go to work, come home to get dressed, party till the weeeeeeeee hours of the night, and then do the damn thing all over again!
We are VERY cool, luv to party party party, jacuzzi crank up some rock in roll oh and did i mention party??
I'm spontaneous, wild, sweet and caring. Trustworthy and honest, looking for some fun and maybe more. I'm a child psychologist, my way of thinking is try anything once, party party party,
we are looking for someone i can have fun with while he only watches........he's never allowed to touch. the fun is all mine. her watching us is of course optional and we are always open to suggestions. we like to party and when we party, we party hard.
im a cool down to earth chick ready for fun i do however need my time of rest , not much of a party animal but when i party i party ... halla back
Well, to tell you the truth I came from New Orleans and that is the party capital city . of all Bi's and gay's. so just to give you an example I'm here to party and have some fun here in Alabama. So where is the party?
This is going to be a KICK ASS Party. Cant wait to get there. Been checkin on flights and so far there runnin about $200. PARTY PARTY PARTY
i can understand all the work involved in planning the next event but the TN pics were up not too long after we got back from the party. at least the members who attended the TN party could go in & view the pics & see which ones they wanted the whole site to see. that's basically what everyone who attended the pocono party wants. the TN party was sept. 17th-19th & the pocono party started taking off in october. i know i had made my reservations & my check was sent on october 27th. the TN pics were already chronologically organized & posted even before that.....even before the 15th of october. that was less than a month after the TN party. now it was only for the members who attended the party to access & view but at least they were posted for the members from the TN party to see. now i don't know how many pics were taken at the pocono party but the ones that were posted from the TN party were in excess of 600. since the vegas party reservations page is up & running & all the rooms seem to be booked we can't understand why the pocono pics can't be given at least a little bit of attention since everyone who attended the pocono party really want to see the pics as well as everyone who did not attend the party. are the pocono party pics going to be put on hold until the next party is being planned & booked? by the looks of will possibly be by late spring or early summer or even later until we get to see the pocono party pics. if the reason is because you are waiting for everyone who took pics to send them in...well...if they were going to send them in they would have done so by now. i know there are more than enough pics that were already sent from the pocono party that will satisfy everyone who attended & be sufficient enough to show everyone what a great time we had..

Hugs & KissesFlower
Ok so I had this idea to organize a party for a few select couples and singles and the twist is the party would be for squirters and every female who attends would be a squirter

The main attraction of the party would be everyone getting squirted on and enjoying being covered in female cum throught the party a big all in style orgy of sex and squirting

Has anyone any thaughts on this, suggestions, comments, any couples or females out there who squirt and would be interested in attending such a party?
I'm hosting a party in ohio. It's gonna be, a masquerade party.. one of my fantasies.. We are still in budget for the party.. It will be the first weekend in august. We will keep you all posted for the exact directions and instructions. I would be interested from you all if you would like to attend..

Those who've never been to a masquerade party.. It can get NAUGHTY.. for real.. so bring your appetite.

marie you did a superb job with putting together the party. i am looking forward to attending the next one you put together. as i told you in chat...if you need any help please let me know because i plan on being there for the next party you throw. i had a blast in TN!! if the next party you plan is going to be in the spring just think how great it's going to be with all the months you have to get ready for it!! you did a great job with only having 2 months to get ready for the 1st party.....good gosh.....we will need the whole summer to recuperate from this next party!! thank you again for all the hard work you put into this & thank you clark & your parents for allowing us to stay in the condos. keep up the good work!! marie you are dubbed the "unofficial party planner of BP" by me. i will bring your tiara & crown you at the next party lol!! thanks again sweetie....i appreciate everything you are doing for BP!!
Hugs & Kisses & a whole bunch of Flowers for you
And yet again, another House party Saturday Dec.10th...this is the same location as our Bi party, so if you'd like to come check it out, is a NON Bi party, send us email or post here in the forums.

We will be there!!

Run with it!!!


Coed Masturbation Parties
Sounds Like Fun! Let's Get Some Discussion Going . . . Has Great Possibilities, , , , Maybe A Toy Party ? ? ? A Pajama Party ? ? ? Or A Come As You Are Party ? ? ? . . . . . :)Hug:KissKiss:)
Being A Party Favor
For black kings only, I am available always for any kind of function as to halftime party's, Batchelor party's,any kind of party or gathering. I'm non professional,always free, I'm a white sissy who simply enjoys the attention of being sexually used as a party favor for any size group or gathering of black kings ♠️
Bisexual Threesome
Lalyjoey63, Where is the party and what part of California are you located. Please let me know I love to join in the party ........HugHug :-D:-D
All Girl Orgy
I would love to join the party in the ATL area just mail me trust and believe aint no party unless im thereKiss:-P
All Girl Orgy
It be nice to have an all girl party n get the party started by lickin, suckin, n nibblin, etc. :-D
Need a dirty top. Let's party (you host) and then we pretend I'm the young girl who comes into your room U r watching porn. You get me to party with you and I am way to horny. Hm


Hey you two, I just wanted to say hello, and thank you, from the bottom of my heart... I never thought it would happen, but I took your advice and followed my instincts. I met a guy 2 days ago on this awesome website that you have created. Thank you thank you thank you! His name is Michael and he lives in Florida. I know, it's a bit far, But I'm going to meet him very soon... I can't wait!! We have been e-mailing each other for the past 2 days, non-stop... well, when we're not working. He's very cool and down to earth... I'm a pretty good judge of character, and from what I can tell, he's being brutally honest and very up-front about everything I have a habit of throwing feelers out there to everyone... Kinda like a test, if you will... he passed with flying colors. I owe you both so much for giving me this chance for a happier life. Thank you again. I hope someday to be able to meet you both. Who knows? Michael and I may hit it off and ask you both to come to a bi-play party that we host. Whoa! I think I may be getting ahead of myself, so I'm going to stop this here. I just wanted to thank you for being the best webmasters around. Thanks again. Much love and respect, Chip aka: mrchipper