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Shave Each Others Balls

Shave Each Others Balls on Bisexual PlaygroundShave Each Others Balls on Bisexual Playground
Six feet tall around two hundred pounds shave my head shave my hair around my cock and balls
30yo straight male. I love females that are willing to shave me from waist down and cut my balls off or cut my balls and bag off. I would also like her to give me a blowjob and then I would fuck her and suck both of her titS.
im 28 single looking for single bisexual girls n guys im top n looking for alot of fun up if u wanna.kno more n i also do have sex on the first date n i have a foot fetish so i hope ur ok wit me sucking.on ur toes n i shave my balls n dick so hopefully u shave too
I am 5'8, 190 lbs with a 6" cut cock. I am a total submissive bottom. I have a shave cock and balls and also shave hole. I like to be used for the pleasure of the one who dominates me as well as for couples. I am not into w/s, scat or blood. I am also curious about bondage as well as being used by two men at once or a couple.
I am a naturally smooth male who keeps his cock, balls, and arm pits shaved smooth and would not rule out a complete body shave by the right person before sex. I love the feel of a smooth male body on me, especially a smooth cock and balls and will not hesitate to shave you if you want me to do so. What can I say, I LOVE hairless men.
I'm a 48 yr old crossdresser.I love pantyhose,heels,panties,Cammi' s,teddys, all female clothes.i'm an easy going guy.funny,friendly.want to meet some sexy people for kinky sex in pantyhose and heels.I'm getting older and i'm bicurios. Want to try something different with a man or woman or couple. I'm d+d free. I will try anthing once. I have a slim build,broad shoulders. not hairy.I shave everything below the waist. I love putting on a pair of pantyhose after i shave my legs the way they feel when you slide them on is totally hot. I'd love to bury my face in a womans pussy while she has on a pair of silky pantyhose. I'd also like to see what a hard cock looks like and tastes like in a pair of pantyhose.Looking for someone about my build and weight not hairy and shaves below the waist. If thats you look me up. I hope to hear from someone. Sorry DO NOT WANT HAIRY MEN. MUST SHAVE BELOW THE WAIST, SHAVED COCK AND BALLS.don't like getting hair in my teeth when i suck balls. NO FACIAL HAIR,I LIKE A HAIRLESS BODY. Sorry to some of you guys out there but thats the way i am.
You do have to shave your balls if you want them sucked. I do not like hairy balls in my mouth. I only shave my balls,beause at the gym I do not want to raise eye brows. Most BI are still in the closet,we are not like gays. Our wifes,familey and friends do not know that we are BI.
I recommend getting a shaving gel that’s meant for women to shave their legs. Those contain more lubricating ingredients than the stuff they make for us to shave out faces. If you really want a smooth shave, after you’ve dried off, oil your balls with coconut or olive oil and shave them again.

Also, I prefer the Venus razor for shaving my ass and balls. It has a bigger head, so I don’t have to worry about scraping myself with the edge of the razor head.
I shave my face everyday. been doing it for 45 years, so why stop now. The same with my balls and pubic hair. Since Shower every morning and soap up the area. Take a razor and slide it over the general area. Takes less that 10 seconds. Why let it start to grow back and itch. So trim it up and razor everyday. If you shave your face every day. Then shave your balls
Mach 3 razors and hot water in the shower. Let your balls get really wet so the skin relaxes. I use conditioner to shave mine. I hold the tip of my cock and pull it up so the skin of my balls are smooth. Then shave. Hope that helps
I have been shaved clean for many years, as have many of my friends/lovers. I have found that a major issue to your tolerance for shaved pubes is the curl of the hair. Very curly hair, like yours as an African-American, gets ingrown and irritates the skin a lot if you shave it too close. It's important to only shave in the direction that the hair is growing. You won't get as close of a shave, but you will save a lot of the irritation. I also must shave only in the direction of hair growth on my tummy, but I can shave closer on my cock and balls. My GF, who is Asian, can shave against the direction of growth and get a very smooth shave with no irritation at all.
Ok, I dont get around to reading the forums much so I'm late on this one. But.............I shave my balls right down to my ass. I have light red hair so you dont see it much. But trust me, if it was brown I would look like an ape. Body shave. Nope. Too much work. Waxing, nope thats for the car. I want something permanent. I know that isnt a problem, but I want my balls and all that done also., as does the wife. When we were in Ct they wouldnt do anythin in the bikini area. So, my question is, who does where or would it be cheaper to buy a machine?


Shaved Cock & Balls
I too have been shaving for years. I shave every day with an electric shaver to keep my penis and balls free of stubble and hair. I wish there was a way to remove public hair permanently that didn't hurt or cause rashes or burning or whatever. It feels so good to be smooth, fucking or masturbating or sucking, it's worth the trouble to shave.
I shave my cock and balls now and it makes masturbation SOOOOOOO much more sensual. And if the person sucking my cock will tease my balls?........ I will cum like a volcano.
Shaved Cock & Balls
I shave my cock, balls and ass. I luv the way it feels and looks and the ass smells better without the hair follicles being a magnet for little organisms. When I'm sucking cock, licking balls and ass, the last thing I want is a pube getting stuck in my throat.
Shaved Cock & Balls
I shave my balls, cock, ass every other day. Love he smoothness feeling. Love to lick shaved balls and ass!
Shaved Cock & Balls
My wife loves sucking on my balls, and Iike to think it's due to the fact that they're shaved smooth. As far as the itching bit, I try not to shave too far into the crease between my sac and thigh, so I don't get the stubble poking into my skin. Also, my wife likes the smell down there, all sweaty and masculine (she says). I know, if I got the chance, that I'd prefer a guy's balls be shaved if I were to suck on them...
Looking for someone (male or female) to shave me. Right now I'm trimmed but would really like to have nicely shaved balls.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!