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HOT AND ATTRACTIVE TV/CD ALLWAYS LOOKING FOR FUN view my videos at the following link click on free porn videos, and do a member search for roxanne category blowjob videos
I am very outgoing (sometimes described as loud) and I love to experiment and "play" .. my husband, on the other hand, is very shy, quiet, and reserved .. My philosophy on life is "if it feels good .. do it again .. if it feels damn good .. do it lots!" .. I am somewhat submissive to my husband in bed .. anything he wants .. he gets .. and he is the more dominant one .. but Ive been "experimenting" and testing and Ive found that I like being dominant as well .. so .. I need to find someone who can be both dominant and submissive .. I want someone who will be submissive with me, but dominant with my man (I want him to know what its like to be submissive) .. I want an adventure!
I'm 25, 135lbs. Very submissive, I'm definitely looking for a dominant black daddy. I prefer older men, I'm a bottom only. I love watching BBC SISSY HYPNO videos. I like to be told what to do.
im stacey 36 im 5'6"blonde hair ave build 36c tits i can be submissive or dominant depending on my mood scott is 5'10"brown hair hazel eyes slim build and dominant .we are looking for a submissive bi female 22yo-35yo newbe or experienced to come and join us in some adult fun as im bi curious. we are into light bondage, dvd porn, making videos and scott likes me to dress up for him and i like to dress up for him in uniforms and other attire. we would love to find a genuine bi fem and start the fun
I have PORN videos for sale or trade. I have 10 straight videos including public sex and cumshots and 10 TRANSEXUAL videos. Please email me with an offer. I am a cute laid back guy looking for some safe and kinky fun. I love to watch/be watched.
GWM, 47, 5'8", 220, about 6-6 1/2 " Cut. Disease free. Dominant,, kinky, into BDSM but also happy with a deep throat. Llke to use husbands in front of wife, fantasy of training a husband to be a submissive pain pig. Like white males 20-40 range.
There are plenty of cuckold, bisexual, and Femdom porn sites and videos. In each of these categories you will occasionally see a dominant male abuse the submissive male, but very seldom do you find the dominant male abuse both the male and the female.

This seems a category more people would be interested in, or am I the only one?

I'd love to see videos in which a dominant male takes the lead role over both a male and a female.

Any suggestions on where to find a large grouping of this kind of video?
I’ve recently started exploring in piss play. A nice new submissive has opened some doors. Stories for another day 😉. This new fetish has led me to watching some videos for inspiration, and I have found I’m extremely turned on by the concept of having someone piss in my pussy. The things I’ve read and videos I’ve watched makes it seem to be something that can be hard for a man to do. Does anyone have any experience with this and can give me some helpful hints?
Looking for a Submissive family who wants to please a Dominant Black man.
If you are in Jacksonville FL or nearby areas I would love to train you in being a good Submissive.
Submissive male sub, very obedient and will send pictures and videos of tasks set by you not looking for findomme
Inexperienced 52 yr old inexperienced bi male (sub) looking for local dominant total bi couples where the husband is hung & cut and is bi and into bi men!! and want's to own ME as their total submissive personal sex slave.
Needing trained to obey and and fulfill experienced dominant total bi couples sexual needs.

I am also looking for an experienced dominant hung & cut master that will fully train me and treat me as his personal sex slave fulfilling all of his sexual desires and needs.
I am open to being owned as a total submissive slave and possibly open to light to medium b & D,D & D and D & S and various sex toys and some rough sex.
with me, though, i have mostly "submissive" tendencies, so my role as a bi man sort of competes with my role as a straight man. in other words, when i'm with a woman, alone, i tend to take a more dominant role, unless our relationship is purely sexual, in which case i'm happy and even turned on to explore my submissive side. i guess, as i write this, i'm coming to see my self as leveraging emotional security by taking a more dominant role when i'm in an emotional relationship. but, when i'm in a primarily sexual relationship, one where my emotions are not vulnerable, i'm much more willing to expose my interest in a less traditional, more submissive role. i think i might feel like a fake if i were to expose my submissive side to my girlfriend, being that she's only ever known me to be more traditionally "manly." i'm hardly a "meathead" macho-man or anything, but i think i might feel like less secure with my girlfriendin public if she'd seen me take a more submissive role in private. who knows. but i thought my experiences and reactions might contribute to the overall discussion, seeing that i have wrestled somewhat with the m-m-f situation. i've enjoyed it, but i' also recognnize the male tension that is, at best, dormant in a bi-male threesome.


Daddy/Boy Role Play
Feminine Sissy Girl 👄👠💄💅👗🧑‍ 👜 wanting older dominant top or dominant couple, I have a lot of years of experience. I’m DD clean free been seven years since I’ve had cock to play with. Please teach me train me to be good submissive.
would like to find a bi fem to be submissive or dominant with me. but both females being submissive to my MASTER
Couples Wanting To Be Dominated
Husband Wife looking for clean free submissive. Woman to party with. And my husband. Is very Dom when it comes to controlling. In the bedroom so must be willing to enjoy ruff and spankings and a lot of kinkHug:)
Aggressive Women
We are looking for a aggressive woman that can be dominant but also be a submissive slave that can play both roles, an doesn't mind my husband being a part of any takers?
Filming Couples Fucking
So my ex let me make a few short videos of the two of us and they came out ok. I'm happy to share if you'd like to see. Anyway the point here is in trying to email them to her I accidentally sent them to my mother. Now mom is a cool cat you know her and I are close and open when it comes to sex so when I realized what happened I called her and told her what had happened. She assured me they would be deleted asap. I love my mom but I bet she watched those videos just because she could lol.
Who has made their own videos? Who likes to chat or have sex on webcams? How do you edit your videos? Home VHS recorders changed the way the whole porn industry worked, and now you can shoot high-quality video with a cell phone. I’ve read that most of the technological advances on the internet for the first twenty years or so were driven by porn producers and consumers.


Thank you for such a warm welcome. I am Danielle and my husbands name is Henry. We never realized a site like this existed and have been interested in the life style and finding people is so hard. Thank you we love the site!!!