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I would love to be put in my place by an aggressive woman. Tie me up , violate me & make me please you while my husband watches. Mmm, good times.
I would love to be w/an aggressive woman. I'm a sub more than anything else and I would love for a woman to be able to take control of me. If therr are any women in the Rockland/Westchester area who would like to try this w/me that would be amazing!
Totally control me....I would love a woman hold me down and just fuck me...
I want a girl to do me with a strap on while I suck her guy he would lay with his head under my balls & play with them as I suck him ans she does me with a strapon from behind he can finger her too
I am such a slut...I want it all. I want another fem to just take me. Teach me .Hug
I have always loved an aggressive, assertive lady that knows what she wants & wants to talk about about it. My ultiment sexual pleasure & goal in to please one or more women. That is much easier to accomplish when she is willing so share with me what from me. Another really big fantasy of mine, is to take part in a female choreographed & directed Bisexual episode, with herself, a couple, a mixed group, one or more men or even an orgy. To give her complete control of every act. To force me into places that I'd never go on my own. To find & push my limits. WOW! That would be Fabulous ! ! Here again, there is very little if anything I would not do for that assertive Woman or Women for that matter. OMG just the thought of it gives me chills............... Have Fun & Be HAPPY D i c k:):-P:):-P:):-P
Kiss Was at a swing club last saturday 13 for 1st time , im very bi,was hanging out in bar area of club with towel aroud my neck wearing purple man thongs. shaking my ass to a good song(guys dont dance) :) a woman came up from behind grabed my ass hard dung her nails in reached around my neck and said nice ass bitch., she spun me around much to her surprise ..... think deer caught in headlights, was a demure sexy brunet secretary that i used to work with.Mastercard(tm) moment!she was embarased, after i told her re embarrased shakin my ass in thongs in a swing club, besides im here to eat pussy , ass and suck cocks! she said REALLY with a evil wicked smile and glint in her eye , she grabbed me by my hand pulled me to tha fantasy room ....hopped on one of the beds, strarted rubbing her tits an pussy teasing me, saying you want this , turing around spreading her ass open , you want to eat this ass, pig? FUCK YES she was atracting quite a crowd of men at this point, she said if you want it prove it! see those 5 guys there? yes i said, get on your knees and suck them off! but crawl there to show ure a pig..she loved man man action. she told them at this point you want this? you have to get sucked off by him hes my fluffer, 2 other woman (other 1/2 of couples i guess ) came in saw thier men face fucking a boypig the woman got on the bed with her to watch guy left too hung up about boy boy action.gals love mansex, the guys loved watching to girls playing , i wanted to but she grabed me by by hair shoved my face back into those cocks, keep sucking whore! at 1 pont she told them to turn me side wasy so the girls could snicker , watch the guys slap my face with their cocks, sucked 2 by 2 at one point, she asked the girls if they ever saw a boycunt get ganbanged! they gigiled and laughed said WE want to see that!! another guy left :( guy sucking was ok but not fucking. me her and the 2 couples were left.the men were gettin rough pulling my nips , slaping my ass, and face the girls spit on my hole and told me to spread it open! ass up hands rubbing kissing me . two guys took truns fucking my mouth, i felt two woman spreding my open an a hot man eatin my hole felt the stubbleLaughing. he stoped and the woman put a condom on him said enjoy it put on a show for us , bitch! beg to take it! I said use my holes you fuckers! i was getting pounded from both ends on my hands and knees. i was concentrating so hard on suckeing the cocks in my mouth that i wa oblivios to everything else. brought back by a series of slaps to the face. The woman said i stopped fucking to start grinding back onto the cock using me, she grabbed my balls sand strted to squeeze tightly ,I w=ont let go untill you show how a bithc needs to get fucked! had to shove back really hard to get her to release her hold, pleasure pain , was so into it that both guys shot thiem cum into my face ! double facial! the girls licked the cum from my face and kissed thier men and me. the guy pulled out flipped me onto my back, I felt the cool air on my abused hole, he shoved his ass into my face, i spred it and ate it out like i hadint eaten in a week! he pealed off his condom got off my face:-P shoved 2 fingers into my mouth to stretch it open he shot a big load into my hungry mouth. the 2 couples and my seretary friend cheered! when they left there was only me and allie left she curled up next to me on the bed, my sweaty used and abused form and her. that was great she said maybe next time there would be more than 5. will definatly go back.....this was the 2nd encountre of the nite was only there from 745 pm sat nite to 7 am sunday (WHAT A SLUT) male nympho but i diegress. Hug
What a hot story mickay67. I'd be all over it. Any such women interested?
Would love to have an agressive woman tie me up, use me and abuse me and make me obey her every command to entertain her girl friends, husband or boyfriend. I will take what ever punishment she deems necessary. I dare you to whip me into total submission.
i want an agressive woman to make her sex slave tie me up slap my ass make me lick ur pussy
i want 5 agressive women to rape me in front of thier men, only 2 get rape by the men after the women bhad their fill
Looking for a aggressive woman in Maine to use me for her pleasure and obey her however she wants and do all told.
Yes! I want to be tied to the bed and used, repeatedly...
i would love a fem studd to talk to,very aggressive,and in some kind of military
live in kentucky eany one want an bitch down for eanything
Hi ladies
Wife needs an aggressive woman. Anyone want to help me out?? :-P
would love to be with an aggressive woman who used me and let men use me to. i love to bottom and very submissive:) if anyone in ohio is interested
I want to have my virgen body dominated by a woman! I want my ass to be destroyed!;)
Need an aggressive female to keep my on the straight and narrow. Need her to insure that I please her. it will be my first responsibility yo lick her fancy.
I like both being used and using. I am sadists and masochist and Domme/Sub. As Domme I find it very arousing to take total control of a female owning her body , mind and uniting with her soul. The sounds and emotion evoked from women make are pure bliss. As a sub I am into extreme humiliation and degradation and I do find it more difficult to submit to a woman whereas with a man I naturally submit. I feel judged more so by a female therefore when I am controlled and taken by one it arouses me more than that of being taken by a man because I feel it is harder to look her in the face when the act is complete.
I dream of being completely owned. By an agressive woman
Want a dom woman for wife my particapation only if invited
Take me beat me use me UK only
Looking for someone that will give me a push I've never been with a woman before
Make me you bitch, so hot damn.
Iam just a baddboy from minnesota in need of an agressive woman to treat me like iam im not all badd just mostly !! Naughty !!+i was born horny shugzz
I'll follow any directions madam
Need ladies who post in topics like this.
I am a aggressive woman
Aggressive Women on Bisexual PlaygroundAggressive Women on Bisexual PlaygroundAggressive Women on Bisexual PlaygroundAggressive Women on Bisexual Playground

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