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Swallowing My First Load

Swallowing My First Load on Bisexual Playground
I'm 6ft tall into women but really want to try sucking dick and swallowing a big load
I like sucking cock swallowing cum if you want to suck me okay, but I mostly want your load. I don't take anyone after 10:00PM
I love to eat cum filled pussy and swallowing big load from big cocks
Obsessed by the idea of sucking my first cock and swallowing my first really big load.
I’m a man 54 bisexual and I truly love sucking cock and swallowing his hot load
Im a 53 year old man who loves sucking cock and swallowing a huge load!
While I personally love sucking on a guys cock and not only the taste of their cum, but swallowing their load. I guess you can say swallowing cum can be compared to anal sex for a beginner. Its a developed taste (pun intended) that is not automatically acquired, but something one has to work at if the desire is not already there...Wink
I've always loved taking a load and swallowing, right from the start. The only time I spit it out was when I shared the mouthful with a man by kissing or once when I sucked a heavy smoker--his load was acrid and gross.
Multiple loads right from the source love to have my mouth full and swallowing load after load and keep the cock in my mouth sucking every last drop
I really enjoyed seeing the guys having fun. I too am into sucking guys cocks, nothing pleases me more than to having a guy shoot his hot juicy load in my mouth and swallowing it. i too love the taste of cum. ( i eat my own ) i really get off when a guy fuck me and feel his load up my ass.
My favorite is wife and I sucking cock together and sharing the load and big kiss afterward. Second favorite is her and I in a 69 position with me on bottom and her being fucked 69 and I get the front row view ending with a big cum load running out of her pussy onto my face or into my open mouth. My third favorite is me sucking a nice cock and swallowing a generous load.
I don't even think twice about how big a load is, I just keep swallowing.


Cum Swallowing
the first time I sucked a guy's dick, he held my head when he was getting ready to cum, so I wouldn't pull back, so I sucked him in deeper so he would know I was OK with him cumming in my mouth....when he shot his load, I began swallowing and got every drop,and continued til I got the last of it. I loved the taste and the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction from having given him the pleasure and having him spew his pleasure into me. Since then, I have had the pleasure of giving head to a small group of men (7) and swallowing every load....some even came in my mouth more than once it was....dee-lish!
Black Tops Fucking White Bottoms
If u are an older white sub into eating ass and swallowing load after load in north NJ, or orange county Ny, send me a face pic. U must have place
would love to experiance a shemale sucking my cock, and swallowing my load. would like to get a hot load on me from a shemale.:-DKiss:-P
Cum Swallowing
I love the taste of cum. Sucking a hard dick as it grows and becomes more sensitive. The feeling of an orgasm in my mouth is heavenly. The shots of cum on the back of my throat, load after load. Swallowing as fast as I can, while still savoring the flavor. This is the best part of giving a blow job.
Cum Swallowing
I just love to suck a nice hard cock and bring to a huge load shot in my mouth and swirl it around before swallowing it. I really enjoy with a guy when I pump my cock in his butt whole then after I shoot my load I lick his hole clean in and out.
Blowjob Train
There is only one thing that's better than being able to wrap my lips around a beautiful hard throbbing cock. That's being able to :-P and Blowjob on several hard throbbing Cocks one after another and swallowing load after load of their cum... Yummy! :)


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!